17 Teachers You'll Meet in Every School

Sep 12, 2021
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New teachers have joined the Titan Academy. Here are a few teachers you'll see in every school!
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  • Do you guys like the new teachers? 🤣

    JianHao TanJianHao Tan15 days ago
    • Um hm

      Wai Hin Adrian WONGWai Hin Adrian WONG3 days ago
    • Can you make an episode of titan acedemy that Cleverly comes back? I miss him

      o_Lolla_or _galaxy_oo_Lolla_or _galaxy_o5 days ago
    • why not just burn the entire school?

      Victor ChungVictor Chung6 days ago
    • Yes

      OpheliaOphelia6 days ago
    • Yes!!!!!!!!

      An TranAn Tran6 days ago
  • The shy teacher is me when i become one this is why I don't want a job

    kitty kittykitty kitty28 minutes ago
  • i love mr. mabuhay

    Alexander Kristoff S. ALIPONAlexander Kristoff S. ALIPON3 hours ago

    Rucus BuzzmanRucus Buzzman3 hours ago
  • Miss Sherly has Advanced Observation haki from one piece

    Rucus BuzzmanRucus Buzzman3 hours ago
  • Pare Pare Pare Pare Pare Pare Pare

    Brilliant ImBrilliant Im12 hours ago
  • I hate new teachers beacuase every time when a new teacher comes a teacher leaves :(

    Lilyboo CoxLilyboo Cox12 hours ago
  • 2:55 My library class😂

    MYSTIC—BSMYSTIC—BS13 hours ago
  • it so funny ha ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ovini sanjala 1570ovini sanjala 157013 hours ago
  • Omg, even 辉哥also come already

    takumi haratakumi hara14 hours ago
  • The grumpy teacher is the best especially when she say Philip philp philip I watch this video every day ur videos are fun

    Noor ul Eman ZahidNoor ul Eman Zahid16 hours ago
  • 16:23 she looks like twice jihyo

    Shiela CahigShiela Cahig17 hours ago
  • At 5:00 and 0:00 how did the teacher knows that nicole is late?! I think she has a power wich it was reading minds!

    Rolando MiderRolando Mider17 hours ago
  • Ummmmmm

    kinman lawkinman law18 hours ago
  • Huh i did not meet these teachers

    kinman lawkinman law18 hours ago
  • So today was my first day in fifth grade and so I met my teacher and so she's a lil (confused) BUT REALLY (nice

    sweet_chxrry ♡sweet_chxrry ♡18 hours ago
  • Miss Shirley is the best mind reader lol🤣

    AtishPlayz TooAtishPlayz Too18 hours ago
  • ok

    Lennox AkihikoLennox Akihiko20 hours ago
  • Mr P-Lip is so funny

    The vogue dollThe vogue doll20 hours ago
  • Wait mr mabuhay is in the philippines?

    jihan pogijihan pogi22 hours ago
  • Oh the part where the teacher lifts vincent, it has happened in english class before when i was around 3rd or 4th grade because a student was being very rude in the english class that our teacher who is usually very nice actually got mad and lifted him up in the air and yelled at him but he didn't just help him to reach the AC or the Projector like what happened in this video

    The Gaming SpartanThe Gaming Spartan23 hours ago
  • No i dont

    Ralph CabrerosRalph Cabreros23 hours ago
  • That Filipino guy was cool lol

    destroy u2 MLBBdestroy u2 MLBBDay ago

    💊CYAN1D3💊💊CYAN1D3💊Day ago
  • Sup my 'Pare's'

    Ninja01GamerNinja01GamerDay ago
  • 3:20; Teacher: Name a better tragedy Me: Your class

    ツIcalloneツIcalloneDay ago
  • Principal : Go to the Principal's office Jian Hao : Okay Me : wtf how the hell

    ItzOzer 123ItzOzer 123Day ago
  • Theory:there is gonna be a new class called named S9RY2

  • The way JianHao said “Mr P-lip” LOL

    KamKamDay ago
  • Wait crocodile eating homework

    ictoictoDay ago
  • what about how was starry made sis

    Fourth Grade BFourth Grade BDay ago
  • Plot twist: She is acting evil so that the organisation can let her be a teacher. But she is actually saving the students...😏

    Deepti ShalikaDeepti ShalikaDay ago
  • Sofia is the best teacher

    LeonLeonDay ago
  • To Pare : Broooo sobrang pog I mo!

    BR0KEN J4YBR0KEN J4YDay ago
  • Why is the emotional teacher’s makeup not coming off when she cry

    Hmone and PhoneHmone and PhoneDay ago
  • Who else misses the “Loh yeh Moh yeh”

    Hmone and PhoneHmone and PhoneDay ago
  • Love the comedian teacher🤣🤣🤣

    ThatoneSurge BSThatoneSurge BSDay ago
  • it was nice to see madam soot beng make a comeback!

  • name a tragedy greater than romeo and juliet Me : Have you ever heard the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?

    MemezyMemezyDay ago
  • Trading ball room entrance queen, glittering jelly platforms, lollipop candy,stained glass rose and two thousand diamonds for a FAIRRRRR torso or FAIRRR heel!!!

  • 16:46 shes back

    _Dodge_DodgeDay ago
  • Ben is like a BTS member

    Yanpeng ZhangYanpeng ZhangDay ago
  • Im from Philippines

    Really BGReally BGDay ago
  • Im Filipino to

    Kathleen AbbyKathleen AbbyDay ago
  • The start was absolutely HILARIOUS.

    🍌Eva Banana🍌🍌Eva Banana🍌Day ago
  • I like how mr damian seems like he's getting angry but he's not 😂

    M SirigeriM SirigeriDay ago
  • 14:00 is he filipino?

    bryce roquebryce roqueDay ago
  • The good teacher will be ms sherly, the principal, mr Dan , mr pare and Mdm soot Beng all the other teacher are just acting good and pls make Mdm soot Beng good

    Adam ElfiAdam ElfiDay ago
  • I too started to fall asleep when the passionate teacher arrived.But the eye candy teacher was great 🤗😄.

    Misty D SMisty D SDay ago
  • Ben is just like this during drama: 👉🏻👁👄👁👈🏻 Why so boring 👁👄👁 💧 💧

    Bacon 🥓Bacon 🥓Day ago
  • The passionate teacher is more worse than mrlakosh hahahahaha lol

    Youtube GORDYoutube GORDDay ago
  • What happen to scoot Beng face?

    En Hui LimEn Hui Lim2 days ago
  • miss soot bang is viceys or what ever s mom and she has anohter mom

    Nancy DomingoNancy Domingo2 days ago
  • Pilipino Pride!

    Gacha YohannanGacha Yohannan2 days ago
  • Oh

    2 days ago
  • 14:04 My favorite teacher

    Jared Daniel CunananJared Daniel Cunanan2 days ago
  • Teacher: How about you my child! Name a better tragedy than Romeo and Juliet Denise: Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Me: Harry Potter? Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald? Percy Jackson?

    Ayaana ShaikAyaana Shaik2 days ago
    • Lol

      JkLoLIDKJkLoLIDK13 hours ago
  • Just came here to say that the teacher at 15:17 looks 99% like TWICE's JiHyo and you can't change my mind.

    ᵇᵉᵒᵐ-ʸᵇᵉᵒᵐ-ʸ2 days ago
  • From 2 years or more , she is still PREGNANT

    ph_vxlturph_vxltur2 days ago
  • 14:03 ayyy the filipino one Chill🤣

  • Hi

    Amna Usman ghaniAmna Usman ghani2 days ago
  • Name a better tragedy than Romeo and Juliet: JianHao: Infinity War Vincent: Fast and Furious... Furious 9... Fast 5... 9? Denise: *einstein's theory of relativity*

    Marcus MoMarcus Mo2 days ago
    • Me, as a Gundam nerd: Zeta Gundam, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00 First Season

      Marcus MoMarcus Mo2 days ago
  • 17:30 so 😍cute

    Gaming channel IntroGaming channel Intro2 days ago
  • No pe means physical eating

    Riff ROtsRiff ROts2 days ago
  • I don’t know why but I think Mr. Fakkah is Mr. Dan’s brother because they hugged in a brotherly way.

    Ayanna G.Ayanna G.2 days ago
  • 0:02

    James BurbridgeJames Burbridge2 days ago
  • The indian woman is scary

    munkh-orgil zmunkh-orgil z2 days ago
  • yes

    Shopner LondonShopner London2 days ago

    KGUVisionKGUVision2 days ago
  • I live in the Philippines 🇵🇭 i love the chill one

    Missyqueenzoe ZoeMissyqueenzoe Zoe2 days ago
  • I think in the principal office is HAOHAO because he go to principal office

    I Am EllisI Am Ellis2 days ago
  • I will be happier without the pineapple anyway

    Vatsal RanaVatsal Rana2 days ago
  • Theory: Terry will save the school because he dosen't appear much in class T1T5 and is probably trying to figure out how to save the academy because he is actually quite smart. Or he could be working with the organisation

    Gilyana GilyGilyana Gily2 days ago
  • mr p lip is hilarious

    Xothecat7Xothecat72 days ago
  • What is Nicole full name is can someone please tell me her full name please

    Zack Shahm003Zack Shahm0032 days ago
  • Bruh Denise needs to chill with the timing and saying YES remember she’s not the only person in the school

    Roomi Saadi ArfeenRoomi Saadi Arfeen2 days ago
  • Mr ppppp-Lip Is he mad 🤔 I meant Mr Philip 😀

    Aravind IyengarAravind Iyengar2 days ago
  • Abbie best friend is her water bottle she always keeps it

    Nasim AkhtarNasim Akhtar2 days ago
  • I feel like this is di ja vu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thomas A.O.Thomas A.O.2 days ago
  • Oo a Filipino Teacher

    Taylor TorresTaylor Torres2 days ago
  • If i have teachers like this i think i would go to school everyday 😶😶😶But not the grumpy teacher

    Ashly HayllieAshly Hayllie2 days ago

    Raiyah Amber MediodiaRaiyah Amber Mediodia2 days ago
  • The fact that Mr Fakkah looks like Jo Koy who’s a stand-up comedian 😂

    Raiyah Amber MediodiaRaiyah Amber Mediodia2 days ago
  • 1:13 I think Jianhao is starting to run out of ideas

    StarBoltStarBolt2 days ago
  • 16:48 when you hear the drums, you thought it was a dramatic scene until Madam Soot Beng makes the school time even longer

    ilaggedilagged2 days ago
  • I know I a better tragedy than Romeo and Juliet. Us having to listen to this teacher read to the class

    Lynn TanLynn Tan2 days ago
  • THE return of the king

    zYy gamerzYy gamer2 days ago
  • Wow I like teacher Philip- I mean P-lip

    Low Yue EnLow Yue En2 days ago
  • usplane.info/done/5ESVwLuXp38vBMNIN_ENdg.html

    Armaan RavishArmaan Ravish2 days ago
  • Favourite is Mr Mabuhay Im totally not bias just because im from the philippines 🙂✌️

    AraAra2 days ago
  • YOU KNOW MANNY PACQUIAO I mean I'm not a big fan of him BUT HE KNOW MANNY and I'm a pilipina

    {Sky And Blue Gaming}{Sky And Blue Gaming}2 days ago
  • I like Mr. Mabuhay his cool and all of them too..

    møçhî - såñッmøçhî - såñッ3 days ago
  • 3:20 the teachers birth

    chordsyreylichordsyreyli3 days ago
  • UMMM

    Lex NLex N3 days ago
  • Yes madam soot beng is back

    Laxmi MaharjanLaxmi Maharjan3 days ago
  • Retired Transport Minister joined education industry to get pass his retirement

    Ser. stallone tai rongSer. stallone tai rong3 days ago
  • Did anyone besides me yawn in digital marketing

    Mackenzie RMackenzie R3 days ago
  • My Teacher Is Definitely Miss Sophia She’s Nice And Can Be Mean I At The Same Time🤣

    GiaPlayzzGiaPlayzz3 days ago
  • he is so cool and dope

    Thelma ValenzuelaThelma Valenzuela3 days ago
  • I love Mr. Mabuhay

    Thelma ValenzuelaThelma Valenzuela3 days ago