48 Hours in Asakusa, Tokyo | 6 Things To Do

Sep 12, 2021
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Asakusa is one of Tokyo's most iconic quarters. We spend 48 hours in Asakusa and eat, drink, bathe and explore our way around the city! And unfortunately, we're doing it with Ryotaro.

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  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Are you ready for Ryotaro and his hidden jam?! I'm not.

    Abroad in JapanAbroad in Japan15 days ago
    • Bo-Taoshi please go and watch the next game and take us with you. Are your viewers ready for this Japanese spot 😀😀

      NatalieNatalie6 hours ago
    • Lmao I'm late

      Dio BrandoDio Brando2 days ago
    • Someone made a video about you singing, obviously fake, but funny: usplane.info/match/video/mWLPqZKOpm9on6w.html

      A. BlancA. Blanc7 days ago
    • Waiting for him to roll you on mud and set fire on you

      Chin JetChin Jet7 days ago
    • RIP USplane Outdoor Videos. usplane.info/match/video/l26yx8KMrZ5s4LQ.html

      Harry McAllisterHarry McAllister8 days ago
  • These videos always make me want to take a road trip after having been stuck inside due to Covid for so long

    Aric MontgomeryAric Montgomery58 minutes ago
  • I enjoyed watching ❤️❤️❤️

    Miss RahMiss Rah2 hours ago
  • You’ve convinced me to visit Japan with confidence. Hope I can go soon. I’ve even tried learning Japanese. ありがとうございます !

    Skeptic FoxhoundSkeptic Foxhound2 hours ago
  • Ay yo. Alex??

    Dekus NotesDekus Notes3 hours ago
  • Gah is always best when served live 6:32

    RundFyrkantRundFyrkant6 hours ago
  • Bo-Taoshi can you do something on this mind boggling Japanese sport please please

    NatalieNatalie6 hours ago
  • Well, hidden jam is always good with some hidden cracks and tea. 😄😁😄

    Jeffrey GruntzJeffrey Gruntz7 hours ago
  • When I was visiting Tokyo in 2017, my hostel was located in Asakusa and I loved to stay there, it felt so special and magical! Truly one of my fave districts in Tokyo ♥ Can't wait to come back one day!

    Denise S.Denise S.9 hours ago
  • I love it how they sat back on the wrong side again for the ice cream without even mentioning anything

    gradhitogradhito11 hours ago
  • Chris I can't thank you enough for your great videos. These are relaxing to watch. When I am stressed with school and family problem I find your videos as ways of escapism. Thank you so much Chris and Ryotaro!

    MaiMai14 hours ago
  • more footage of Alex eating

    sweet okolesweet okole14 hours ago
  • Im here to ask what is the name Natsuki USplane channel?

    HO SHI!HO SHI!15 hours ago
  • They talk about the right position to sit with a friend, next scene eating dessert "I didn't see nothing"

    Alex BAlex B16 hours ago
  • Hidden Jam sounds like a great product

    Frejth KingFrejth KingDay ago
  • Stop being mean to ryotoro :(

    MeowsyMeowsyDay ago
  • There's this interior design channel I occasionally watch and the new episode features a designer who looks just like Ryotaro. usplane.info/match/video/q26wzs18iYaC0aw.html

    taromitaromiDay ago
  • Do you have a list of the names mentioned in the video in this video description? The dessert place looks amazing ❤️

    Ziryn IceZiryn IceDay ago
  • Is Ryotaro his boyfriend?

    euvucaneuvucanDay ago
  • Ohh you are still fat. Nothing changed except now i am fat too when i rewatched your good old fat video.

    MeduMadwardMeduMadwardDay ago
  • ** ->> VIDEO CHALLENGE! . ~~** >>>>> You Need to Survive Shibuya Crossing on HALLOWEEN! . ** AMAZING VIDEO IDEA** (I did it a few years ago and it is one of the best Halloween celebrations in the WORLD!)

    MichaelMichaelDay ago
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    AmandaAmandaDay ago
    • @joyce julie Yes of course his services are global. He earns as he is making profit no service charges.

      AmandaAmandaDay ago
    • @Amanda Does he trade globally I am from Australian.

      joyce juliejoyce julieDay ago
    • I just messaged him now.

      Jeremy SanchezJeremy SanchezDay ago
    • @Amanda You have shared so much knowledge on here I'm glad I came across this god bless you ma'am.

      Mia MateoMia MateoDay ago
    • Some story here with me I'm not retired yet, I love how people share their life with me daily experiences after work, will having a drink makes me fell happy.

      The MoonThe MoonDay ago
  • Hey Chris, have you been to Tsushima Island??

  • youtube.com/c/WestPacWx

    nandi's top12nandi's top12Day ago
  • have you been to Shimoda and Izu penninsula?

    zoe weirzoe weirDay ago
  • Traditional japanese...Hawaian.... Me:ugh?

    Naxamar ViceroyNaxamar ViceroyDay ago
  • Love these videos! I learn so much from ur videos! I can't wait to go to Japan!

    Nye NyeNye NyeDay ago
  • we neeed more Alex Cam in future videos!!!!!!

    Jaztin De JuanJaztin De Juan2 days ago
  • Whatever happened to tian tian and masato?

    Aidan OsborneAidan Osborne2 days ago
  • Hi Chris and Ryotaro, great work in making a sponsored video about super touristy Asakusa interesting to watch. I specially loved the scene in the underground shopping area, exceptional production work, making a banal scene interesting.

    RyoriRyori2 days ago
  • i love it when you do on your show eeven when you do your hate mail

    dum redneckdum redneck2 days ago
  • Dear Chris, I am going to Japan as soon as tourists are free to enter the country and I was woundering which were the best places to visit during one week? Thanks

    Afonso O`NeillAfonso O`Neill2 days ago
  • Name of song at 4:56? Thanks.

    Magical ImageryMagical Imagery2 days ago
  • Bleedin ell... 635... Meters?? Have you gone metric?? Clearly some kind of cultural damage...... ;)

    John BrulandJohn Bruland2 days ago
  • "He's on this side and I'm on that side and we always bang each other"

    cookiicookii2 days ago
  • That blue soda with ice cream is what Calpis Soda tried to emulate.

    DJ PâtesDJ Pâtes2 days ago
  • Nice to see the person behind the camera :)

    John DromgooleJohn Dromgoole2 days ago
  • Have been a while since I last saw a video of your channel. And Ryotaro's English is significantly better!

    CoLightCoLight2 days ago
  • when we visited Tokyo, we stayed in Asakusa, it is BEAUTIFUL, miss it so much. !!!

    jonlong42jonlong422 days ago
  • +2 points for Chris, for being left-handed 👍🏻👍🏻

    NufarellaNufarella2 days ago
  • have a question i hope can be answered; i noticed the camerawoman has tattoos and is asian. i have read/watched that tattoos are extremely taboo in japan and asian tourists who have them might be scrutinized more than white tourists. to what degree is this accurate? im aware that onsen and gyms are mostly off limits but what about everything else. i am more curious how japanese locals feel about tattoos; like are they so stigmatized that it would be difficult getting to know people there?

    starfoxstarfox3 days ago
  • The officers in the Koban right next to the shrine in Asakusa are very nice. My friend lost his phone and we had to struggle to communicate to fill out a lost items form so we could get his phone. Was honestly a very fun and weird experience I had in Japan

    YanarniaYanarnia3 days ago
  • I love eating Raspa!! My favorite flavor is Milk with condensed milk!! 😋😋

    RebirthRebirth3 days ago
  • I would like to have onsen as immigration checkpoint

    Iwan ChandraIwan Chandra3 days ago
  • I'd love to see Natsuki play this guitar rendition of " Ordinary World" a song you once featured in one of your hate mail videos. 😊 usplane.info/match/video/e6u9z6SpqKSl07Q.html

    kindredseraphkindredseraph3 days ago
  • JAM ......LOL

    Jason CunniffeJason Cunniffe3 days ago
  • *Chris Walks in to Bathroom * Ryotaro: Welcome to Japan, what's your purpose for visit Business or Pleasure ? Chris:.....Disappointment....

    Rafael TRafael T3 days ago

    Jordan MichaelJordan Michael4 days ago
  • I think I have a poster of that pagoda in my room!!!

    Kabir KumarKabir Kumar4 days ago
  • 13:00 - The onsen manager just creeping about is hilarious, he's like, oops, don't mind me, just going to slide back out of your b-roll shot, as you where chaps 😂

    AudioGemAudioGem4 days ago
  • Drinking with the cap on at 6:20? Magic?

    An eyeAn eye4 days ago
  • I love the gritty roughy around the edges places. The historical meets modern by way of neon and grime. Love it.

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 days ago
  • I think your channel is awesome. It was my 13 year old son that subscribed on your USplane channel and when I saw one of the episodes, I was hooked. I’m 55 years old and I love every episode. Great work Chris, keep on doing what you do. //Hans Z a Swedish fan

    Hansolovz ZHansolovz Z4 days ago
  • Cool. Now we wait until 2025 when Japan will open up for tourists again...

    Do the nae nae epic swagDo the nae nae epic swag4 days ago
    • Blade runner ... with jam! 🤣

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 days ago
  • I hope I can explore Tokyo too,,since I am living here in Japan countryside😍👍🚶🚶

    Japan Islander Walk TVJapan Islander Walk TV4 days ago
  • I would totally go there if I was allowed to enter Japan.... covid restrictions are insane

    xcreeseseater38xcreeseseater384 days ago
  • After the noodles they instantly sat on the wrong side again. They never learn haha

    Benji LaverackBenji Laverack4 days ago
  • I can't wait to wander the undergound street on my next visit to Japan..

    LassieMELassieME4 days ago
  • Damn Covid pushed back my Japan trip by 2 years. I WILL be there in Fall 2022. The Asakusa area is on my list while Tokyo. Thanks for sharing some spots to look at. How much was the Ryokan per night?

    Adventures Of A Traveling DonAdventures Of A Traveling Don4 days ago
  • Hello, Mr. Broad. I am a big fan of your series. I enjoy each video. I was wondering if you could start making like 2 q and a videos a month. I enjoy the while series, but the comment videos are the best in my opinion. Thank you either way

    eyeBet MastereyeBet Master5 days ago
  • He's quite witty isn't he, this chris

    MarkspcMarkspc5 days ago
  • Yo Yooo when you gonna start making Hoodies in UK sizes?? im tryna buy some but the sizes are too small -_-

    ZeroZero5 days ago
  • Never big

    PeasantPeasant5 days ago
  • Has anyone told you that you would make the perfect Arthur Dent?

    Between Two JointsBetween Two Joints5 days ago
  • Hey man, could we chat? I’m planning on visiting Japan from UK some time next year, probably around April and was just looking for some travel advice regarding Covid etc, let me know ✌🏽

    baddam903baddam9035 days ago
    • you can watch his video about how covid is affecting Japan. Although it is from like a year ago, the stuff you can get from it are still quite informative if you do still plan to go to Japan with the Corona all about.

      Razor MawRazor Maw4 days ago
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    TheStig22TheStig225 days ago
  • Watching Ryotaro's masked face talk like a sock puppet is gold.

    James EllisJames Ellis5 days ago
  • Blade runner ... with jam! 🤣

    aloi mehaloi meh5 days ago
  • Who else noticed the "Goverment-Resistered Hotel"?!

    MalwinaMalwina5 days ago
  • Happy to see Ryotaro again!

    Jakub VosahloJakub Vosahlo5 days ago
  • That hotel definitely has an incredible view!

    me no.boukenme no.bouken5 days ago
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    softwareblade 01softwareblade 015 days ago
  • alternative title: Ryotaro is insulted by a constantly disgruntled British person for a full 16 minutes p.s. btw great video, beautiful shots)

    bilinas minibilinas mini5 days ago
  • Notice me Senpai. 😅

    RivenRavenRivenRaven5 days ago
  • the girl in this vids look like a female chris usplane.info/match/video/eq64zpiGhaWc0rw.html

    JoshJosh5 days ago
    • I hate when otaku-gaijin people call it Assa-Kooza

      bilinas minibilinas mini5 days ago
  • I was there a year precovid. Now i can only dream to be there again

    Dazed:3Dazed:36 days ago
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    NWJapanNWJapan6 days ago
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    KurimallowKurimallow6 days ago
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    Losmi SklLosmi Skl6 days ago
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    cloud specscloud specs6 days ago
  • cloud specscloud specs6 days ago
  • Could you make a video or any kind of commentary on the Japanese judicial system? I've heard that it's very unfair and I would love to hear your view on the matter.

    Alessandro ArmstrongAlessandro Armstrong6 days ago
  • Camera lady appears, criticized for eating too long, moment later in the bath Chris nonchalantly mentiones there's only he and Ryotaro left. Next camera girl needs to eat fast else she could get fired way too quickly ;0 hehe.

    NicknameGeneratorFailedNicknameGeneratorFailed6 days ago
  • The temple area was relatively empty in this video due to the heavy rain. I was there in the evening in November 2019, and it was packed.

    3A4T 103A4T 106 days ago
  • Being left-handed I know very well the issues of sitting on the wrong side of the table lol

    NaedricNaedric6 days ago
  • #ASKABROAD Hey Chris, I'm wanting to take a vacation and visit Osaka and maybe Tokyo. Was planning on staying for a week total in Japan, Love the Japanese culture and beautiful sites, But I really suck at the language... Are there personal guides or something like that for only English speaking tourists? P.S. Screw them asshole haters, Your Channel is awesome!.

    Buzby GamingBuzby Gaming6 days ago
  • serious strawberry....

    Emily NightingaleEmily Nightingale6 days ago
  • I hate when otaku-gaijin people call it Assa-Kooza

    大疯狼大疯狼6 days ago

    Matt YamamotoMatt Yamamoto6 days ago
  • F-ing hell that Artist Impression of Ryotaro killed me

    Danny AndhikaDanny Andhika6 days ago
  • alternative title: Ryotaro is insulted by a constantly disgruntled British person for a full 16 minutes p.s. btw great video, beautiful shots)

    gioyu comigioyu comi6 days ago
  • I want to eat desert there!!!

    Jameel AlomJameel Alom6 days ago
  • So does anybody have problems writing in a note book because your hand hits the metal rings because your left handed then you just give up and turn the book over and write upside down

    GeorgeGeorge7 days ago
    • Foreigners: Stared at all the weird unknown seafood on Japanese's kitchen top the hell is that? Japanese: It's a fish.

      gioyu comigioyu comi6 days ago
  • This episode. I said you look more Japanese today with a British accent first time I’ve ever thought that watching your video. I used to watch it in the mornings eat Raman and fish in the morning watching aggretsuko. My secret ingredient is honey and salt

  • 4:40 I feel like if im in this type of environment the roof might just fall down or something

    mk Gamer651mk Gamer6517 days ago
  • The alteration on that. Serious Strawberry Sauce should be a t-shirt! Serious Strawberry Sauce - I come on the side

    Tony TTony T7 days ago
  • (Probably) unpopular opinion: I do enjoyed this Ryotaro more than the more recent ones with Natsuki, as this was more comedic than excentric. (but that's just me! and my gf)

    IlendirIlendir7 days ago
  • Great spot!

    Daniel CapituminiDaniel Capitumini7 days ago
  • 4:15 pepe! yakisoba looks like Aceh noodles

    MoonLight BlueMoonLight Blue7 days ago
  • Just purchased your Sake T-shirt to wear to my father in laws dinner party who hates both alcohol and swearing.

    Bullet MagnetBullet Magnet7 days ago