Apex cucks Warzone

Sep 12, 2021
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    FlashgitzFlashgitz15 days ago
    • when are you going to kill hyperscape its time alive passed nearly a year back

      bbc torturebbc torture2 days ago
    • Do sir topham hatt banish sir Handel to shadow realm parody

      JayhsiaJayhsia2 days ago
    • Plz do Team fortress 2 cucks Apex

      Ram K 23Ram K 234 days ago
    • Kill fnf

      TerrariaEnjoyerTerrariaEnjoyer4 days ago
    • Is Apex Next

      csx2002csx20025 days ago
  • I hate fortnite so the fact that you're changing games is all I'm proud of LOL

    CerberusCerberus52 minutes ago
  • This again

    La Donna PogueLa Donna PogueHour ago
  • Him playing up got me sad bro

    Kenbop GamingKenbop GamingHour ago
  • ......and you tell me that he didn't have a self-revive on him? *Inaccurate.*

    Rai EvergreenRai Evergreen2 hours ago
  • do don't know anyone who plays apex legends... do you

  • What you mean

    Damian DripDamian Drip3 hours ago
  • Warzone stay apex rip

    Damian DripDamian Drip3 hours ago
  • I get rid off them I swear

    Cristian salaisCristian salais4 hours ago
  • Titanfall 2 cucks apex

    Pyramid FunnyPyramid Funny4 hours ago
  • my h key want working ah damn now it my key

    benibeni7 hours ago
  • dude so true about the last scene

    bilide debilibilide debili7 hours ago
  • warzone doesn't have a anti cheat and steal the second best shooter behind modren warfare

    MUSHEED77MUSHEED779 hours ago
  • Why does this have any dislikes???? The science behind this logic doesn't makes sense

    Monal FarrMonal Farr10 hours ago
  • So who is next?

    Mauro MezaMauro Meza11 hours ago
  • What i love is how they incorporated the braindead slang thats being used recently.

    Muaaz PeerMuaaz Peer11 hours ago
  • alright i'm reporting you one shot whit shotgun whit full armor wold not kill in warzone you re getting reported

    Gready1Gready112 hours ago
  • This was priceless. *Cue CSI Miami theme song*

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia13 hours ago
  • Let show u the way all praise titanfall

  • Ac130 inbound

  • Noooooo

    Chase kibbyChase kibby14 hours ago
  • Warzone going to Gulag* Warzone: *Vengeance will be mine*

    Buffed SansBuffed Sans15 hours ago
  • Ok

    Eloisa OlayEloisa Olay15 hours ago
  • cheaters are everywhere

    MuN_3MuN_317 hours ago
  • Next video: ps5 cucks ps4

    DƎANLIANDƎANLIAN18 hours ago
  • The fucking kill sound effect

    Jay SJay S18 hours ago
  • Amazing video, would have been so much better if he went to the gulag and fought fortnite to the death.

    Ryanm MillsRyanm Mills21 hour ago
  • Warzone = Aim Assist Abusers, Hacker/cheaters and Hearthbite`s campers

    Augusto CésarAugusto César21 hour ago
  • Soon Apex will taste the same fate

    SchinakSchinak23 hours ago
  • I was hoping he'd come back from the gulag, and then get killed again.

    Abraham InocentesAbraham Inocentes23 hours ago
  • Someday I wanna see how FFXIV killed wow version of this

    JeppeliJeppeli23 hours ago
  • Cut to the Gulag. Captain price " I'm not done yet" part 2?

    Hugs Not DrugsHugs Not DrugsDay ago
  • your going to have to do apex as well

    Lance EvoniukLance EvoniukDay ago
  • Oh boy if Activision see this he is gonna be so mad that someone killed his son (and also this is just a joke)

    Just a Curious User...Just a Curious User...Day ago
  • Wait if you had a AR u could have killed him and sent him to the gulag

  • Apex, no

    Yeet ManYeet ManDay ago
  • Not Price

    Yeet ManYeet ManDay ago
  • When will weeb on titan 2 come

    EL D1ABL09EL D1ABL09Day ago
  • Part 3: Apex cucks Apex.

    Darke BuddhaDarke BuddhaDay ago
  • Apex cucz apex?

    DrjellybeanguyDrjellybeanguyDay ago
  • “Your game killing skills are remarkable.”

    LemonLemonDay ago
  • bruh people keep saying Fortnite sucks but what other game has the best events than fortnite?

    Amahsi BuntingAmahsi BuntingDay ago
  • Apex all the way baby

    Goku BlackGoku BlackDay ago
  • Maybe hes the one infested

    errorcat 91errorcat 91Day ago
  • Thank god Tf2 isn't dead yet :D

    Dickingtonl1Dickingtonl1Day ago
  • Really drops loot

    Kelston CordellKelston CordellDay ago
  • I can't wait to see the apex guy finally get cucked by setting else with even bigger nipples

    Sparks24Sparks24Day ago
  • Do splitgate cucks apex

    The first being Creator of the universeThe first being Creator of the universeDay ago
  • I hate cheaters

    Vova SafronovVova SafronovDay ago

    Jotaro gameplayJotaro gameplayDay ago

    rafiq403rafiq403Day ago
  • Team fortress 2 Is watching this interest

    diego buscagliadiego buscagliaDay ago
  • i fucking died when price started stacking up the plates XD

    🌸 Hakuru15 🌸🌸 Hakuru15 🌸Day ago
  • you do know that apex is gay friendly right?

  • This kid is truly Makarov. The kid:СЛАВА РОССИИ

    shonipatotishonipatotiDay ago
  • Apex don't have cheaters warzone and cod mobile do it's a wallet war also fornite is your cheaters just as warzone

    Darkwolfking78 YTDarkwolfking78 YTDay ago
    • I have a few days of PLAYTIME on fortnite and I never encountered a cheater.

      LOL SOSLOL SOSDay ago
  • WHO next

    Anti Tik Tok UniconAnti Tik Tok UniconDay ago
    • Maybe minecraft idk or fnf idk not many more games are dying to me

      Mello Lif3Mello Lif3Day ago
  • warzone is still alive ( gulag my guy warzone won the gulag )

    Patrick De VeraPatrick De VeraDay ago
  • I hate how he break loads the shotgun but ends up pumping it

    Grinch MWGrinch MWDay ago
  • I like the beep when he die

    Mason PrathanMason PrathanDay ago
  • Massive L

    Not muffinNot muffin2 days ago
  • Love that the glitch’s finally broke the game just like u predicted

    Alan BernardAlan Bernard2 days ago
  • i think youtube unsubscribed me?

    caeden gwinncaeden gwinn2 days ago
  • Bro do a battlefield chucks apex

    winter wolfwinter wolf2 days ago
  • I love how he just has the shotgun in arms reach

    Just some random anime fan 1Just some random anime fan 12 days ago
  • What the f***

    enderman boyenderman boy2 days ago
  • Filled Cheetos and Eastern European. Don’t forget sexual assault and no anti-cheat system

    GianCarlo MorenoGianCarlo Moreno2 days ago
  • Poor Price Plating up

    Zyrus John RuizZyrus John Ruiz2 days ago
  • what will take the place of Apex when its time comes?

    Zakari trowsdaleZakari trowsdale2 days ago
  • Looks like Apex won't be around for long.

    SilverFlight01SilverFlight012 days ago
  • Apex is loki bad long live among us

  • This kids hacking bro, a double barrel shotgun 1 taps someone? (What attachments are on that gun to make it do that?) also apex is gay af apparently

    Arizona RangerArizona Ranger2 days ago
  • Holy, I thought it was the old video Apex>Fortnite dude

    dan Vazquezdan Vazquez2 days ago
  • For the furry war, show Russians assisting the Marines because Russians are obviously Chad.

    Mr StormtrooperMr Stormtrooper2 days ago
  • And HALO comes in accompanying DOOM

    Nuclear_Moisture_GR:WLNuclear_Moisture_GR:WL2 days ago
  • Why captain price his name is boring and he is dead I don't want to see captain price is dead

    deinne xariz Galvezdeinne xariz Galvez2 days ago
  • What has apex become

    subscribe to no sand gangsubscribe to no sand gang2 days ago
  • Rip? Nope GULAG

    Ddesto- TheplugDdesto- Theplug2 days ago
  • apex suck

    Nubia Merchan Campos’sNubia Merchan Campos’s2 days ago

    Bucket Zombie YTBucket Zombie YT2 days ago
  • Love your videos, sadly many of them have been age restricted... please upload to other sites..

    deadeyesonlydeadeyesonly2 days ago
  • Does this kid always carry a loaded shotgun in his pocket

    Joshua RamosJoshua Ramos2 days ago
  • Apex = TRASH

    The Rock Is Cooking PancakesThe Rock Is Cooking Pancakes2 days ago

    Jonathan Samael Orozco NazarinJonathan Samael Orozco Nazarin2 days ago
  • Don't worry he gonna re deploy he was playing a plunder match

    JerryAndMemxesBoiJerryAndMemxesBoi2 days ago
  • You really redid one of your best videos huh? real cool tbh

    Potato KingPotato King2 days ago
  • i`m sorry epic but i have do this steam say it so its over by.

    logsch 100logsch 1002 days ago
  • я нехуя не понял прекол в том что опять для китайцев стало ?

    Никита ЦойНикита Цой2 days ago
  • Lets be honest apex is on the same level as fortnite and warzone

    Mozzz BozzzMozzz Bozzz2 days ago
  • Soap After all we been through why did that make me sad in a way

    Pringle man 360Pringle man 3602 days ago
  • Stick with Minecraft

    Daisy Barlow 2311Daisy Barlow 23112 days ago
  • WTF

    Hai DoanHai Doan2 days ago
  • He always playing a shooter game, but when will he play a diffrent game like NASB?

    A MonkyA Monky2 days ago
  • WTF 😳

    Dj_dustyDj_dusty2 days ago
  • it would have been funnier if he had killed price with the broken ass peacekeeper shotgun! X'D

    Angelina DashAngelina Dash2 days ago
  • Bruh he has ak-47 for the whole time why he didnt use it xD

    HypInfernoHypInferno2 days ago
  • Now what cucks apex

    EthayEthay2 days ago
  • Another

    RazorRaptor YTRazorRaptor YT2 days ago
  • ooooh i understand what is those *bug* doing in this XD great idea bro

    Thanh binh LeThanh binh Le2 days ago
  • Now we wait and see how Battlefield 2042 is going to be

    Madude 62Madude 622 days ago