English counties explained

Sep 13, 2021
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Written, presented and edited by
JAY FOREMAN twitter.com/jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES twitter.com/markcooperjones

AD, Camera, Props and Costumes
JADE NAGI twitter.com/jade_nagi

Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa), CC BY-SA 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/... , via Wikimedia Commons

  • Stick around til the very end of this video... I promise it's worth it!

    Jay ForemanJay Foreman14 days ago
    • Damn it, skipped to the end and missed the rest of the video.

      Me TubeMe Tube3 days ago
    • Rob Paulsen would be proud

      Taste The Diff'renceTaste The Diff'rence4 days ago
    • It absolutely was

      IlljwamhIlljwamh8 days ago
    • Was hoping you'd do the song

      Tom Williams ProductionsTom Williams Productions8 days ago
    • @Jay Foreman Knock knock

      Fajar SFajar S8 days ago
  • You hit 1M sub so sick!

    JakzfourDeserttWeEJakzfourDeserttWeE3 hours ago
  • And they say America is confusing

    シRyderシRyder4 hours ago
  • Did you sneak in that wrong note at 4:25 on purpose just to drive home how bad of an idea the extra county map was? I'm sure you've said before you have perfect pitch...

    mysterypondmysterypond4 hours ago
  • The thumbs down are from people in The Association of British Counties.

    Bill BishopBill Bishop4 hours ago
  • At 4:09 there were cities called Newport I live in the one in Wales

    The Golden TreeThe Golden Tree8 hours ago
  • Unfortunately they exported this inability to make borders around the world

    Nizam HussainNizam Hussain8 hours ago
  • This channel makes me feel proud of my country. 🇬🇧

    ArbXDArbXD8 hours ago
  • Three are only three ridings of Yorkshire. There is no South Riding.

    Matt SheardMatt Sheard9 hours ago
  • Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Rutland and Warwickshire Northamptonshire's next door Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire Huntingdonshire and theres more like Suffolk and Essex and Surrey and Sussex And Nottinghamshire in the centre Devon and Cornwall and Dorset and Somerset Kent, and what comes after Kent? Err Westmorland, Cumberland also Northumberland And County Durham below There's Lancashire, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Cheshire Eleven more counties to go Shropshire and Staffordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire And Herefordshire next to Wales There's Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire with all of the dales And Buckinghamshire's the end of the list There's no need to sing anymore Cos' we're not doing Scotland or Wales or new ones invented in 1974!

    MigacMagic667MigacMagic6679 hours ago
  • 'People dont care what county they are in' Tell that to the people of the Furness Penisula who HATE been lumped with Carlsile and Cumbria

    Tinbasher1960Tinbasher196010 hours ago
  • Im on the Isle of Wight and was officially made a county splitting from Hampshire in 1890. While people on the Isle of Wight dont like being always considered part of Hampshire it doesnt really bother me either way but it is the first county we get to when we leave the island

    JBowers_GamingJBowers_Gaming11 hours ago
  • love the "normal" and "yorkshire" table

    deckard ptdeckard pt11 hours ago
  • Cleveland doesn't exist since it was abolished in 1996 afterwards Middlesbrough redcar guisborough South of river teesside is north Yorkshire with unitary authorities within North Yorkshire History department in redcar and Cleveland council states its in North Yorkshire and carnt ever legally leave because of parish Church and Queen legal laws also Yorkshire was so tough that Vikings rather worked alongside them than fight them

    Kevin AndersonKevin Anderson14 hours ago
  • My dad was from yorkshire

    I like screen portal and the simpsons theoryI like screen portal and the simpsons theory14 hours ago
  • Oddly this reminds me of Sheldon Cooper's fun with flag

    Dinesh KDinesh K14 hours ago
  • It's a nightmare where I live. We were originally in Durham and are now a unitary authority. However when the post arrives it can have Durham, Teesside, Cleveland or Tees Valley on it.

    Jennifer TrathanJennifer Trathan18 hours ago
  • You forgot to mention Diocese's

    Tim GageTim Gage19 hours ago
  • All decent programmes should have a good sing song at the end 😜 Fascinating stuff as ever chaps 👍🍻

    Tim SullyTim Sully19 hours ago

    Clockwork KirliaClockwork Kirlia20 hours ago
  • You've been tricked by Monty Python clones!!!! But there IS a Yorkshire. It's a small 100 meter square store located in Poland, specializing in beer, breakfast cereals, and kinky porn magazines, most of which are illegal to import into the UK.

    Fred FerdFred Ferd22 hours ago
  • Hahaha I used to live in Wingerworth and did not expect you to mention it so brutally.

    Very SuspiciousVery Suspicious22 hours ago
  • so sad when you find a channel as good as this but with such shitty post frequency... one flick of the scroll wheel brings me back 13 years. who tf wants to wait another month and a half for a video about, idk canals in fucking York or something

    A RA RDay ago
    • I do! And I'm perfectly willing to wait a decade for a well written highly informative video on canals in Yorkshire or something

      Mr. HatMr. Hat23 hours ago
  • Great song

    Asger HashimAsger HashimDay ago
  • rutland exists

    manxmanmanxmanDay ago
  • So what happened to Noresex and Easthampton?

    manxmanmanxmanDay ago
  • Me: Where do you live? Person: Essex Me: Me too! Where abouts? Person: Dagenham Me: well… yes but actually no

    GeekyMediaGeekyMediaDay ago
  • 541 pause and laugh. I love u guys!

    marlea fishkabibblemarlea fishkabibbleDay ago
  • Yorkshire is world

    willhubwillhubDay ago
  • Did the biscuits feel like a mystery?

    Philip ShanahanPhilip ShanahanDay ago
  • As someone who was born in the smallest county, and who now lives in the largest, I care about the county I live in.

    jerry2357jerry2357Day ago
  • Thanks for that song, I can finally remember the counties now.

    IoanaIoanaDay ago
  • I was born in the north riding of Yorkshire on the south bank of the river tees in Middlesbrough sixty years ago. I have I not moved but lost my heritage to Teesside and then Cleveland and now I don’t have a county any more.

    John DaviesJohn DaviesDay ago
    • Me too almost 62 years ago, I just think of myself as a Yorkshireman and to hell with government reorganisations.

      1oriss1orissDay ago
  • Very informative, vert witty

    David CummingsDavid CummingsDay ago
  • So is the word shire only pronounced "sher" when it's at the end of a word? Otherwise they're going to have to film the entire Lord of the Rings all over again to correct their mistake.

    TwinrehzTwinrehzDay ago
  • As a Brit I'm telling you guys absolutely no one knows all the counties 😅

    BigDaddyFlynnBigDaddyFlynnDay ago
    • @Jay Foreman you're 1 in 55 million, those lyrics are amazing too!

      BigDaddyFlynnBigDaddyFlynnDay ago
    • I do.

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • How about doing a video on City Status? Because a lot of people still think that a place has to have a cathedral to be a city, or even that merely having one automatically makes it a city. It USED to be the case in England and Wales that City Status was given to places with cathedrals, but by the mid 19th century that was starting to look seriously flawed, with places like Truro and St Albans being cities whereas some major industrial centres like Birmingham weren't. In fact, Birmingham was the first place in England to get City Status without having a cathedral (although it does have one now), on the grounds of its good record of local Government

    InkyminkyzizwozInkyminkyzizwozDay ago
    • @Jay Foreman At the start of the 20th century, there were three criteria set out - a population of at least 300,000, a local metropolitan character (that is, a place had a significant identity of its own, rather than merely being part of a wider urban area) and a good record of local Government - but they were only really guidelines, and Lancaster became a city in 1937 despite only having a population of around 50,000, due to its historical association with the Crown (the monarch is Duke of Lancaster)

      InkyminkyzizwozInkyminkyzizwoz18 hours ago
    • That’s actually a very good idea. Thanks!

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • Can confirm Lancashire is a big deal over here

    Greg WordenGreg WordenDay ago
  • I liked the video so much i clicked the thumbs up icon twice. oh wait.

    Aditya GuptaAditya GuptaDay ago

    Pixel CraftPixel CraftDay ago
  • 2:08 i hate that i understand the rutles reference

    Maddison NevMaddison NevDay ago
  • “That make up Britain” No, Counties are in everywhere except City states

    IvysaberIvysaberDay ago
  • I've never understood what happened to Scottish counties. They were gotten rid of in 1973, which sounds like it was connected to the 1972 mix up in England? I'd love an explanation of this. I'm from Edinburgh, and sometimes on online drop-down menus, I have to put my "county" as Midlothian despite this being a totally distinct local council authority, because there is no City of Edinburgh option and Edinburgh was part of Midlothian decades ago

    Amy KoymanAmy KoymanDay ago
  • Birkenhead. Historic County of Cheshire, Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, Administrative County of Merseyside, in the Liverpool City Region We put Cheshire on the signs to wind Scousers up

    04nbod04nbodDay ago
  • Hello from silly little Rutland

    ZeroStrykrZeroStrykrDay ago
  • Ae thel st o n

    Jugoslavic  empire aka real ngoc tran SBBEJugoslavic empire aka real ngoc tran SBBEDay ago
  • Sheriff comes from "shire reeve". Reeve's were chief magistrates in the Anglo-Saxon days of Britain who essentially policed each county, hence the current meaning of the word "Sheriff".

    DerringerHKDerringerHKDay ago
  • 2:08 Ah... Somerset... land of theHigh Elves...

    Христо Мартунков, граф ЛозенскиХристо Мартунков, граф ЛозенскиDay ago
  • The IT Crowd energy is strong here

    jazz322alllwaysswingjazz322alllwaysswingDay ago
  • your channel is incredible

    Chelcie HarmanChelcie HarmanDay ago
  • I cannot sufficiently marvel at your perfective (that’s a word now) amalgumisation (that’s a word now too) of education and comedification. Thank you both on behalf of everyone, including myself.

    Infidel CastroInfidel CastroDay ago
  • Dear MapMen. VPN is not an acronym!!!! Shame on you!

    Stuart ClarkeStuart ClarkeDay ago
  • Leischester Rutland Teesside Nottinghamshire Greater London Greater Manchester Tyne and wear County Durham Northumberland Cumbria Lancashire Worcestershire Cornwall East riding West Yorkshire South and North Yorkshire East Sussex West Sussex Hertfordshire Merseyside Dover Devon Northampton Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Kent Dorset Somerset Cumberland

    MrpepperonimanYTMrpepperonimanYTDay ago
    • Forgot the rest

      MrpepperonimanYTMrpepperonimanYTDay ago
  • That poor ukulele! 😭

    Love and UkesLove and UkesDay ago
  • You forgot teeside inbetween county Durham and North Yorkshire

    MrpepperonimanYTMrpepperonimanYTDay ago
    • Teesside was a county borough between 1968-1974. The name is still used by some people to describe the general area but it is not a traditional county and it is not a modern county.

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • I've always wondered what's the difference between Greater London and the 1970s metropolitan counties. Now, they're all composed of boroughs (London or metropolitan boroughs which are effectively unitary authorities but not called that because they became unitary in 1986, not 1996) and before that they had more powers than districts elsewhere (controlling education for example, except in inner London where there was ILEA) and the county council was weaker. Is there any difference? Is it just the name?

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithDay ago
    • For more detail, see the videos on my channel about the London Boroughs.

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • as a clueless german, i dont know what which english accent sounds like. however, its fun to see what celebrity any random british person sounds like. you two kinda sound like jon richardson and david mitchell...

    Janne van CapelleJanne van CapelleDay ago
  • What about the western Yorkshire county of Pakistan Lesser ?

    Sàbhail ar AlbaSàbhail ar AlbaDay ago
  • U.S. has counties too, and states, and towns, which segments of the world never heard of, and laugh about.

    Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson2 days ago
  • Yeah, OK, but where is Walford?

    falcon664falcon6642 days ago
    • @Jay Foreman You know, I was kidding as I know Walford is fictional. But your answer is brilliant- thanks. I'm going to look for the Bromley by Bow station and see what the area is really like. Thanks!

      falcon664falcon664Day ago
    • Walford is a fictional borough in East London. The fictional tube station has maps showing it to be placed where Bromley by Bow should be. Its postcode (E20) was originally fictional, but has since been adopted by the Olympic park in Stratford. So, I would say, Walford is a mix of Tower Hamlets and Newham. (See also the fictional constituency of “Thames Marsh” in Yes Minister, which predates Eastenders.)

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • Ohhhh there’s Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Rutland 😂😂😂😂

    Kabort MotorsportKabort Motorsport2 days ago
  • Question: which country do you think has the best geographical administrative system? For example, Japan has prefectures, the US has states etc... could and should the UK’s system be revamped? If so, what should it be modelled on?

    Ryan BaleRyan Bale2 days ago
  • instead of making less videos, have you all ever considered making more videos?

    exoendoexoendo2 days ago
    • I’m going as fast as I can!!

      Jay ForemanJay ForemanDay ago
  • Yorkshire is the arsehole of England

    Hans HartfielHans Hartfiel2 days ago
  • I nearly switched off in the first seconds. t' means To The

    It'sElleIt'sElle2 days ago
  • "we stopped over four people in the street...." XD lol

    djfmitvdjfmitv2 days ago
  • This! is how I want to be educated from now on. Thanks!

    GeekericGeekeric2 days ago
  • Finally a good reliable video that talks about counties of England

    KetchupKetchup2 days ago
  • I thought towards the end that the English version of the Scottish Sock Puppets had taken over the show. 😀 As a Cornishman living in Yorkshire I often tell folk I'm the Cornish Cultural Ambassor to the West Riding of this great county. A sort of Wuzel Gummidge version of Sir Les Patterson. 😇

    Ricky M HerbertRicky M Herbert2 days ago
  • Omg this guy hasn't aged a bit in a decade. A vampire!

    Snecko the Veggie AvengerSnecko the Veggie Avenger2 days ago
  • Never thought a map could be aggressive but I stand corrected.

    Rina KayRina Kay2 days ago
  • Just do what we do in Ohio. The state is divided into counties. The county consists of all parts of the county that are not designed parts of cities or villages. Cities and villages have their lower level municipal courts, and counties have the courts of common pleas. If there are no cities or villages, the county will also have a municipal court. Counties themselves are simply political subdivisions of the state. There are no codified county statutes as such, but counties do handle the same sorts of matters of local government like building codes and zoning and the like. Simple and efficient. The common man on the street really doesn’t give a crap about what county he lives in and it mostly only affects him in terms of sales tax and the registration sticker on his motor vehicle registration and plate. Mostly.

    Steve VSteve V2 days ago
    • @George Doty-Williams True. And Ohio would love to think so. But I absolutely do love the name, “court of common pleas.”

      Steve VSteve VDay ago
    • I love that you begin by saying "do what we do in Ohio", as if Ohio of all places was the pioneer of administrative divisions

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 days ago
  • Brilliant! And the county song is absolutely amazing 😂

    ruchisjulieruchisjulie2 days ago
  • Sir F. Shark

    Ralf RüsselRalf Rüssel2 days ago
  • Looking forward to hearing about the parishes next....

    Anne GrahamAnne Graham2 days ago
  • It winds me up that some systems still insist I live in Avon

    Lauren Damaso RuizLauren Damaso Ruiz2 days ago
  • You ain’t seen rabid pride till you go to Rutland

    Lauren Damaso RuizLauren Damaso Ruiz2 days ago
  • Almost worth getting surf shark just so I FINALLY can watch Doctor Who…..

    The Old Time GamerThe Old Time Gamer2 days ago
  • I’ve had a piece of Yorkshire in my life for 10 years…. I love my dog

    The Old Time GamerThe Old Time Gamer2 days ago
  • i feel like most american states don't know much about their counties but maryland is a weird outlier that is patriotic for its counties individually... why do we care so much. baltimore city is just baltimore city.... not baltimore county

    Al PoehlmanAl Poehlman3 days ago
  • Scp-6000

    Go gameingGo gameing3 days ago
  • i feel less bad about being from england and never having learned the counties now. i assumed it was just my ignorant london-centric upbringing. i mean, yes that, but

    Paul SutherlandPaul Sutherland3 days ago
  • 8:03 Oh those flags are just…not quite Liberia levels but walking that tightrope.

    nPseudo knPseudo k3 days ago
    • @George Doty-Williams Ok most of the county flags aren’t that bad, but Shropshire’s reminds me of an awful level in GD I once made that still haunts me.

      nPseudo knPseudo k2 days ago
    • Are you mad?

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 days ago
  • I live ten mins away from wingsworh

    Swagmaster 420Swagmaster 4203 days ago
  • "Acronym!" *Rips off head*

    Steven EngelbertSteven Engelbert3 days ago
  • Northamptonshire is now only 2 districts instead of the thousands it used to be before the government were forced to come and take over the shitty council.

    John TurlandJohn Turland3 days ago
  • 'From the documentary A Matter of Loaf and Death' had me howling

    thisisgemtvthisisgemtv3 days ago
  • Wiltshire - tranquil rolling chalk downland, Stonehenge and probably Hobbits. Yes, we sound like soft spoken country farmers…and Hobbits.

    Contessa AdellaContessa Adella3 days ago
  • (in british accent) Oh, biscuits!

    Jan Warren BunoanJan Warren Bunoan3 days ago
  • And the anglo-centric referral to "England" as "Britain" rears its head again...

    Ian ScottIan Scott3 days ago
    • @Jay Foreman Fair. I should clarify, very good video! Difficult to cover Scotland, Wales and NI in the same detail too, I suppose!

      Ian ScottIan ScottDay ago
    • Nope. Actually we were careful to mean England when we said England and Britain when we said Britain for this one.

      Jay ForemanJay Foreman3 days ago
  • That’s funny. We’ve got our own unpopular experiment called Cleveland in the States too.

    Church of Mattheism - Anarxist SectChurch of Mattheism - Anarxist Sect3 days ago
  • 0:30 hahaha

    KrenzyKrenzy3 days ago
  • Being from Yorkshire is a bit like being a vegan you get told in the first fifteen minutes of meeting them.

    Richard WaringRichard Waring3 days ago
  • "Hey pesto!" Uke is fine! And Jay got his hair cut every year.)))

    LITTLEGIRL subscribe plz ^^LITTLEGIRL subscribe plz ^^3 days ago
  • At least the US got their county system right... right? And lucky Australia did not make the mistake of using counties as a division - instead resorting to the aptly named "Local Government Areas" and "Shires" (with their "Shire Councils")

    East Meets West PresentsEast Meets West Presents3 days ago
  • Royal Mail do use counties. I was a keyer and they absolutely use counties. It's the last bit of information that they go to but they certainly do use it.

    benragaberplymbenragaberplym3 days ago
  • In American, we pronounced it as shy-er.

    Anthony ChapAnthony Chap4 days ago
    • Wrong

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 days ago

    Beefy BlomBeefy Blom4 days ago
  • administrative counties and gave up in frustration trying to understand whether any of my newly acquired knowledge was even real. FINALLY, SOME BLOODY ANSWERS!!!

    dcoog anmldcoog anml4 days ago
  • Wait till they find out about zip codes

    YaegerBombasticYaegerBombastic4 days ago