Feeding My Venus Flytrap Candy Instead Of Flies

Sep 10, 2021
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I feed my Venus flytrap candy

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  • I read that they can only close like three times and then die. So you shouldn’t make them close just by touching them

    Laura JeziorskiLaura Jeziorski20 minutes ago
  • Did he.... lick the jelly bean juice off his finger

    OliviaOlivia22 minutes ago
  • Bruh I think it suffocated

    crunchy dinkenscrunchy dinkens24 minutes ago
  • Are y’all really upset over a PLANT?

    Amberly TownsendAmberly Townsend58 minutes ago
  • I like how all the other dead fly traps have their mouths hanging open as this one's rigamortis sets in

    Derek LeGrandDerek LeGrandHour ago
  • Its limp from weight not cuz it's dead the red juice is the digestive liquids mixing with the food coloring of the bean

    john bowersjohn bowers2 hours ago
  • *RIP* Venus, he was a pretty Fly guy, but getting close to him was always a Trap.

    Austin SpruillAustin Spruill2 hours ago
  • Strange how no one gives two shits about killing a plant until it involves a venus fly trap. Simply because they resemble some bare minimum sentience with eating vaguely similarly to humans. Suddenly everyone is a moral fuckin monarch about plants.

    SootGeckoSootGecko4 hours ago
  • Did anybody get this reference?

    Music R MasterMusic R Master4 hours ago
  • The ants tho

    YayoVisionYayoVision4 hours ago
  • I feel bad for the plant … 🥲

    飛翔葉Hishouha飛翔葉Hishouha4 hours ago
  • You do know that these are alive right??

    Angel .MAngel .M5 hours ago
  • Venus fly trap literally dying Guy: oh wow MLEM cinomonny

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh6 hours ago
  • I’m very glad so many comments are concerned about how he treated this poor plant… Don’t feed jellybeans to your carnivorous plants.

    IAmADragonHearMeRoarIAmADragonHearMeRoar6 hours ago
  • Bruh those r real

    Rayven birdRayven bird7 hours ago
  • That looks so fucking wrong

    Vand VandVand Vand7 hours ago
  • Jesus Loves Yall ❤

    HorshuHorshu8 hours ago
  • 😳

    satish chilakamarrisatish chilakamarri8 hours ago
    • Why are you tasting bug plant juice?

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh6 hours ago
  • I forget these aren't animals :/

    EagleBafBombEagleBafBomb8 hours ago
  • It’s not a cinnamon juice taste, it’s acid bro

    justonexonejustonexone8 hours ago
  • Comments saying the he killed the plant, well, we do eat vegetables, fruits and beans. Amazing that seeing motion in a being makes us emotionally attached to ot

    Parth SharmaParth Sharma8 hours ago
  • This video just keeps getting worse

    ColorfireColorfire9 hours ago
  • And then I suck them down the blender

    Krystle EdwardsKrystle Edwards9 hours ago
  • My hand in one of those

    Krystle EdwardsKrystle Edwards9 hours ago
  • His Venus fly trap is going to get cavities..🙄😕

    Kingdom FreedomKingdom Freedom9 hours ago
  • Glued his mouth shut 🤐

    OwaOwa10 hours ago
  • THE COMMENT SECTION is killing me 😭

    sailor zunasailor zuna10 hours ago
  • I love Venus flytrap, but no matter how many I planted, all died.😔 I’m not good at taking care of them, so I stopped buying them. It’s better for them to be in better hands than me.

    Supisara AngthongSupisara Angthong11 hours ago
  • Feed me Seymour

    Ada vAda v11 hours ago
  • I think it's dead you should have used a different coloured jelly bean so you could know if it was bleeding or not because it looked like it was

    Sona's CornerSona's Corner11 hours ago
  • Why are you tasting bug plant juice?

    CM1 MagnusCM1 Magnus12 hours ago
  • Why am I not surprised that he keeps one of them plants.

    tomimn2233tomimn223313 hours ago
  • Dude who told you to just leave his "drool" if u have ants in your house obviously they're just gonna come asap and man the Venus Flytrap has been tortured to death 💀

    BlackPink KittyBlackPink Kitty13 hours ago
  • Are venus fly traps harmless to humans?

    Xander MenardXander Menard13 hours ago
  • What happened next?

    Lubomir KazakovLubomir Kazakov16 hours ago
  • It’s a fly trap not a jelly bean trap.

    joabei11joabei1116 hours ago
  • 🤨

    Jay YadavJay Yadav16 hours ago
  • A whole lot of people getting triggered in this comment section over a plant that's not even endangered.

    Judith Osei-TeteJudith Osei-Tete16 hours ago
  • How do y'all know it died? Doesn't look dead to me lol? Am I missing something?

    Raul RuizRaul Ruiz17 hours ago
  • 😩

    TehreemTehreem17 hours ago
  • ppl just do anything for attention and it’s rlly sad. that’s like saying “ hey well my dog at this vegan chocolate let’s see if they like it “ idc idc same energy

    C JC J18 hours ago
    • Plants don't feel pain. A dog and a plant is different jesus christ

      PatrickPatrick14 hours ago
  • Gub GubGub Gub19 hours ago
  • I wouldn't want those ants in my house.

    Cris LeRoiCris LeRoi19 hours ago
  • Now this is cold blooded murder... You monster!!!!

    Anmol ThakurAnmol Thakur21 hour ago
  • "The ants have found the drip off from the jelly bean" The drip: 😎 💧💧💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 👇💧💧💧 👇 💧 💧 💧 💧 👞 👞

    Isaiah TrimmerIsaiah Trimmer22 hours ago
  • So you just killed your Venus Fly Trap?? Wtf dude. You just filmed him dying a slow painful death as he started leaking. It wasn’t “slobber” it was him dying. Venus fly traps are only able to digest meat; such as flies. Not straight glucose such as a Jellybean.

    Lemons AsmrLemons Asmr23 hours ago
    • its a PLANT

      moodyflowersmoodyflowers11 hours ago
    • Do you think they suffer pain

      PatrickPatrick14 hours ago
  • And then it gained 200 pounds

    VolixVolixDay ago
  • Wait that’s illegal

    L. ToroL. ToroDay ago
  • Are they dead?

    Lawrence BoboLawrence BoboDay ago
  • Evil scientist experimenting on living creatures

    Joshua DandreaJoshua DandreaDay ago
  • Intentionally mistreating or killing things so you get attention on the internet is so incredibly lame, just really shameful and sociopathic. You need major therapy.

    Amanda Ranae'Amanda Ranae'Day ago
  • Really spooky😱

    ERICA BrownERICA BrownDay ago
  • buddy hes already dead

    Cee-JayGamesCee-JayGamesDay ago
  • I hate ants

    Javier NavarreteJavier NavarreteDay ago
  • next episode: watering plants with gatorade

    ItzBreanna!ItzBreanna!Day ago
  • Cooooooooooool

    Joseph SmithJoseph SmithDay ago
  • Venus fly trap more like Venus candy trap

    Emily Hennessy SandovalEmily Hennessy SandovalDay ago
  • OK, I hate animal cruelty But jesus christ this is a plant it doesn't have a fucking brain calm your tits. It's not like the dude just chopped down a tree, he killed an unfeeling, and not very necessary plant, as it was being used as a house plant, people kill plants all the time, be it purposefully or accidentally.

    SomperSomperDay ago
  • Who said "plants don feel pain"? -vegan teacher madapaka

    DoxxtyDoxxtyDay ago
  • OK so... What happened???

    KimberlyKimberlyDay ago
  • WTF is wrong with people

  • You know how some people aren't meant for taking care of animals, kids, and humans in general? Yeah well this goes for plants too, you have to be hella stupid to think a jelly bean was going to replenish it's energy..

    PłütøPłütøDay ago
  • Him - "We all know Venus fly traps eat Fly's" Me - Flashbacks to school when the seemingly obvious things never occurred to me 🤐

    Paul McCarthyPaul McCarthyDay ago
  • The fact that he ate that

    Amanda HernamdezAmanda HernamdezDay ago
  • That's an odd thing to try. You said yourself they eat insect for the nitrogen and phosphorus rather than the energy, so why feed it something high in glucose?

    Adonan the StoicAdonan the StoicDay ago
  • He reminds me bill gates this is how happy he gets when he kills all things.😒

    Frosti TFrosti TDay ago
    • You're alive because you consume killed things

      PatrickPatrick14 hours ago
  • You need to get your sale a Venus Ant trap 😬

    PSALM 91PSALM 91Day ago
  • I love all the people freaking out about this it’s literally a plant, you’re acting like he’s feeding his dog nothing but chocolate and candy.

    NodNikolai45NodNikolai45Day ago
    • A plant is just as much of a living creature as a dog is.

      HPUTFanGretaHPUTFanGreta10 hours ago
  • Omg hope it didn’t die never seen one before only tv thanks for sharing

    Champel AdamsChampel AdamsDay ago
  • Take better care of your venus flytrap. This isn't ok.

    Irikshema foxIrikshema foxDay ago
  • He's barfing

    Breaking bad HeisenbergBreaking bad HeisenbergDay ago
  • Wow

    Kaitlyn Adkins-aliKaitlyn Adkins-aliDay ago
  • “Si te tomas 1 segundo para leer este pequeño comentario, Jesús te ama y que te proteja de esta enfermedad.” ¡Amén! ❤️‍🔥🙏🏽♥️

    Violeta SelakovVioleta SelakovDay ago
  • That's a whole ants nest in his house

    moist_captainmoist_captainDay ago
  • Fam man killed it and celebrated his joy in ending it

    SweeticalSweeticalDay ago
  • Him not realizing they are dying is stupid People thinking these plants suffered pain is even dumber

    Julius 85Julius 85Day ago
  • It's a lot about this video that makes me angry

    PopularNobodyPopularNobodyDay ago
  • Title should have been *How to poison your Venus flytrap*

    I am an infinite STARI am an infinite STARDay ago
  • Yeah it looked like it died

    Rima AlawarRima AlawarDay ago
  • Had a Venus Flytrap growing up, fed it one Fly and it died ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Carl SollCarl SollDay ago
  • 0:00

    cayman03cayman03Day ago
  • The one that he moved quickly and stopped scared me omg

    Fard manFard manDay ago
  • Stop touching it and leave the cam at one place! Please!

    Jolanta KorszenJolanta KorszenDay ago
  • …..😡wtf is wrong with you

    MouseMouseDay ago
  • sure it may be unhealthy for venus fly trap to eat a jelly bean or i dont know, im not a botanist but watching the original video we can see that the trap live with some traces of jelly bean tints opposite to the "scientists" of youtube says. things we can learn here is 1. youtube greatest "scientists" and "botanists" sure do "know" a lot of things. 2. youtube "scientists" does not do enough research or even evidence to know if the fly trap did die because they already know a lot of things. 3. youtube "scientists" thinks that fly trap experts or even the plant kingdom as a whole was never dissected to be studied and the common breakdown of info we know as of today is by talking to the plant and not under a microscope.

    Squama AdeySquama AdeyDay ago
  • Feed me, Seymour

    Simply JuannieSimply JuannieDay ago
  • around you, too. It's simply a reflex action.

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • Y’all are all up in arms because this MURDERER DIED FROM A JELLY BEAN. #JusticeForTheFlies

    Loes CLoes CDay ago
  • Umm I think bro is dead man

    Hailey MitchellHailey MitchellDay ago
  • Me: (USplane search) “Venus flytrap for beginners.”

    colorwayADDictcolorwayADDictDay ago
  • That plant now has diabetes 😳 🤣🤣🤣

    dj kimdj kimDay ago
  • can we call this plant abuse please??? i feel so sorry for the venus flytrap

    Camila HaureaCamila HaureaDay ago
    • You should feel sorry for all the plants that gave you food

      PatrickPatrick14 hours ago
    • It's a plant. They don't feel pain. There is no such thing as plant abuse

      Jay FreelyJay FreelyDay ago
    • me: dont touch the venus fly trap! he: (touches). me: NOOO GOD PLS NO NO!

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • Wait.....this is a real plant??? Lol I thought was only in video games

    evolutionfilms1evolutionfilms1Day ago
  • me sees he tasted the slobber Me: What in da hayel

    Don’t ask meDon’t ask meDay ago
  • What would happen if you put your finger in the venis fly trap

    Karolyn PattersonKarolyn PattersonDay ago
  • The Question is : how did the plant knows theres something moving in there mouth, i thought theire have no instinct or brain !?

    David TsybulskiyDavid Tsybulskiy2 days ago
  • What are you doing here in pastor imposter

    DK Lucas and meDK Lucas and me2 days ago
  • Why would you feed a natural plant anything as gross as a jellybean - that isn't even good for humans to consume?

    Sally DavidsonSally Davidson2 days ago
  • "...the energy in which they have." Huh?

    Molly A. BadgettMolly A. Badgett2 days ago