Sep 10, 2021
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    EliteGEliteG17 days ago
    • What's the title of the music

      DiamondwolF862DiamondwolF86211 hours ago
    • Wut

      kathy zhangkathy zhang2 days ago
    • machones?

      SirSpeechlessSirSpeechless3 days ago
    • Or Free the soul that used to be human but died and turned into a soul still controlling it 😏😏😏

      klamse boy klamse guriklamse boy klamse guri3 days ago
    • How about e?ndermen

      Kit OKit O8 days ago
  • Inek

    Fidgetworldx5617Fidgetworldx56172 minutes ago
  • Thats why they drop ghast tear lol

    8A6-32- NguyenChanPhuong8A6-32- NguyenChanPhuong29 minutes ago
  • Machones.

    ♡ Levi ♡♡ Levi ♡49 minutes ago
  • What’s the song

    King BooKing Boo3 hours ago
  • Mob is mob

    Unknown StrangerUnknown Stranger3 hours ago
  • Because there's a soul inside of a ghost that why

    Jew OmictinJew Omictin3 hours ago
  • bro what's the music in here??? I need to know!!! please

    RobloxGamerRobloxGamer4 hours ago
  • I don't no why but i cried when i whatched this

    Cynthia NiznikCynthia Niznik4 hours ago
  • Why did this actually get my goosebumps im scared af rnLOL

    GKDGKD6 hours ago
  • Poor ghost :(

    Nathan LizotteNathan Lizotte6 hours ago
  • bro theyre literally ghosts obviously their home is the overworld and they cry cause they dead af

  • Druhh it’s a game 🤦🏻 dumbass

    KiRi FoRsTyYKiRi FoRsTyY7 hours ago
  • What's the name of the background music? :}

    Ihate ItzkaitychuuIhate Itzkaitychuu7 hours ago
  • Copy cat

    enderrrrrrrrrrrrenderrrrrrrrrrrr8 hours ago
  • bruh

    Harith DanielHarith Daniel8 hours ago
  • Im still terrified of ghasts

    Awesome NuggetAwesome Nugget8 hours ago
  • "machones" In the title ;-;

    Gargi SanaGargi Sana8 hours ago
  • machones.exe

    MSYKMSYK9 hours ago
  • Sad it's a soul powered machine

    this is a name this is a last namethis is a name this is a last name12 hours ago
  • It sounds dark..... Reminds me of the holocaust idk why....

    RiceRice12 hours ago
  • I don’t think it’s humans in them I think it’s actually cats inside

    Razmin FoxRazmin Fox13 hours ago
  • I'm sad...!

    Lydia JohnLydia John13 hours ago
  • "Fluffy marshmello" 😂

    blAckblAck13 hours ago
  • Me : gets killed by ghastly ugh I wish they never exist Ghast: Its not me its T H E M A C H I N E S

    OceanOcean13 hours ago
  • I like the theory but there is a problems in this, in Minecraft dungeons there a pet baby ghast and it’s see through and it’s inside look more biological than machine and it is smaller than the player so a person can’t originally fit inside

    Joshua RoblesJoshua Robles13 hours ago
  • Yeah they're "machones".

    ProSean PlayzProSean Playz13 hours ago
  • What is a fluffy marshmallo?🤣🤣😂😂

    Firefox playzFirefox playz13 hours ago
  • How did you get the info

    Izuku MidoryaIzuku Midorya14 hours ago
  • Or home means to your home the overworld 🤗

    dweam is for medweam is for me14 hours ago
  • machines? there are humans controlling them not exactly a machine

  • He type machone

    Shweta SonarShweta Sonar16 hours ago
  • "Fluffy Marshmellows"

    ꧁`Its_Mary_Makes꧂꧁`Its_Mary_Makes꧂16 hours ago
  • *machones*

    Hhd GehHhd Geh17 hours ago
  • This is a certified machones moment

    watermelonwatermelon17 hours ago
  • When ever a ghast shoots a fire ball they say " RUN!! "

    Sherah Shiloh MioleSherah Shiloh Miole17 hours ago
  • machones?

    SwatchSwatch17 hours ago
  • Thats how heirobrine is born

    sꫝꪖꪑꪑꪖs kꫝꪖꪀsꫝꪖꪑꪑꪖs kꫝꪖꪀ17 hours ago
  • Machones

    iam person very normal oneiam person very normal one18 hours ago
  • Machines❌ Machones ✔️

    randomrandom18 hours ago
  • Machones?

    CaptainADCaptainAD18 hours ago
  • Wtf is machons?

    Kavita RaiKavita Rai19 hours ago
  • *_machones_*

    Lord WatermelonLord Watermelon19 hours ago
  • *So are ghast basically souls or?*

    °Koīshīッ°Koīshīッ20 hours ago
  • Machones

    Kangi GamerKangi Gamer20 hours ago
  • Machones

    LouddeathGDLouddeathGD20 hours ago

    Wilson Loves TurtlesWilson Loves Turtles21 hour ago
  • Love that song reverb

    ArmagedonArmagedon22 hours ago
  • Cap

    Yujia de KokYujia de Kok22 hours ago
  • Machone

    🐈Raygen extras📢 and kc clan🐈Raygen extras📢 and kc clan23 hours ago
  • Machones

    Imperium RomanumImperium Romanum23 hours ago
  • It means your home 🙄

    King RaditzKing Raditz23 hours ago

    Adiams ArekeAdiams Areke23 hours ago
  • GHASTS = MINECRAFT TITANS. sorry for spoiling.

    Kagu VibesKagu VibesDay ago
  • No, they are ghosts

    I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶Day ago
  • Bruuuhhhhh creepy im not going to the nether anymore LOL😂😂😂😂🤣

    Alexandra RodriguezAlexandra RodriguezDay ago
  • 🤔🙄

    Maria Ana BulalocMaria Ana BulalocDay ago
  • *M A C H O N E S*

    Russel OdronaRussel OdronaDay ago
  • they are ghosts that went to hell undeserving that's why they cry and attack out of hate

    (🌑SB15G🌑)(🌑SB15G🌑)Day ago
  • Save the ghast then kill it yes.

    Ottoman EmpireOttoman EmpireDay ago
  • Machone

    Christopher KimChristopher KimDay ago
  • I’m just being nit picky but anyone else annoyed by the typo in the title?

    PandaHut06PandaHut06Day ago
  • What

    ender teriserender teriserDay ago
  • 😱😨😱

    Glen JavierGlen JavierDay ago
  • Stupid theory

    My youtuber channel. Pog!My youtuber channel. Pog!Day ago
  • Man that’s sad

    Vesile cevirciVesile cevirciDay ago
  • Machons

    ZF OmenFlixZF OmenFlixDay ago
  • humans in machines..-- Is this fnaf or smth?

    oshin brez uwuoshin brez uwuDay ago
  • The first half made sense then you just decided people lived in them

    Gethin EdwardsGethin EdwardsDay ago
  • Maybe "home" for the Player. But not for the Ghast

    Paris SysomnhotParis SysomnhotDay ago
  • Machones ga

    oliver obinayooliver obinayoDay ago
  • The title is yjd

    FudgeCakeFudgeCakeDay ago
  • They debunked that theory. They aren’t machines

    Connor LetourneauConnor LetourneauDay ago
  • Ghasts are ghost... wtf the netherworld represents hell, and the ghast want to go home because they are ghost of villagers

    samuel yeetsamuel yeetDay ago
  • What are machones

    official_bf1official_bf1Day ago
  • Pretty sure home is talking about your home but it does say rescue so who knows

    Bach IdentityBach IdentityDay ago
  • Whats the 🎵

    Liam BessonLiam BessonDay ago
  • He said Machones

    CrossaloneCrossaloneDay ago
  • Story : amazing me Background music : 🙀

    bizzy_ants 🐜🐜bizzy_ants 🐜🐜Day ago
  • Ghasts are just jellyfish. Change mind.

    Charles TrautmanCharles TrautmanDay ago
  • take your meds

    RickRickDay ago
  • Ngl this really makes sense

    Mohinder SinghMohinder SinghDay ago
  • Theyre actually machones

    kayee aka da daniekayee aka da danieDay ago
  • Ah yes, ghasts are MACHONES...

    Players In TunePlayers In TuneDay ago
  • Fluffy Marshmallows, lol i died

    Redk2011_ GamingRedk2011_ GamingDay ago
  • AH yes MACHONES srly whats the music

    MarcyMarcyDay ago
  • What are Machones

    demonukedemonukeDay ago
  • Wa di he say.... him: Machines Title: Machones

    Anna LeeAnna LeeDay ago
  • Can anyone tell me the background song

    Yumi GoyalYumi GoyalDay ago
  • Ah yes "machones"

    BingoXOBingoXODay ago
  • Kinda like FNAF

    cody clementcody clementDay ago
  • This is why I love minecraft

    Rukabu BreakRukabu BreakDay ago
  • Did you just call it a .. Fluf. .. Fy Marshmellow

  • Susususuissuu

    Jash Raeywen Dela RocaJash Raeywen Dela RocaDay ago
  • Ah yes machones

    custardcookie3rdcustardcookie3rdDay ago
  • _Machones_

    Erinn Saige MatasErinn Saige MatasDay ago
  • My god you have way too much free time

    NeBunu _N0rgyNeBunu _N0rgyDay ago
  • Tittle: Ghast are MACHONES me: shouldn't that be machines?

    Jona Dee EpiscopeJona Dee EpiscopeDay ago
  • They ain't machines, they're MACHONES

    ZirenceZirenceDay ago