I bought a FULL TEAM of HUGE CATS and BROKE Pet Simulator X!

Sep 11, 2021
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I bought a FULL TEAM of HUGE CATS and BROKE Pet Simulator X!
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  • Smash that like button on the video!!

    TeraBrite GamesTeraBrite Games16 days ago
    • Subscribed plus like the video

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    • Done

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    • Yea

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    • Can i ger 1 it would be funny my friends Will be shocked

      Snabb OscarSnabb Oscar16 days ago
    • Can I have a cat plzz I'm a huge fan

      Jacob WidlitsJacob Widlits16 days ago
  • I want one!

    Javier LohJavier Loh25 minutes ago
  • Pls one huge cat me name killer cat

    Kevin TóbiásKevin Tóbiás35 minutes ago
  • mann i want that too

    super_yt2super_yt245 minutes ago
  • pet-17cfe84897

    The NameThe Name47 minutes ago
  • Tera brite I am a new fan of you

    Lucky LuckyLucky Lucky48 minutes ago
  • Can you give me a huge cat plss

    Guygtyf GjygiuGuygtyf GjygiuHour ago
  • Yay I remember the good old pet sim that was so fun

    rr2edrr2edHour ago
  • Pls i did everything

    Ricardo IbrahimRicardo IbrahimHour ago
  • These huges cats is so cute

    DARK BgDARK BgHour ago
    • Whit dreams

      DARK BgDARK BgHour ago
    • Its make me sleep

      DARK BgDARK BgHour ago
  • Ez

    quizidk123quizidk123Hour ago
  • explain you and dj redeemed the same code at the start dj redeemed it first then yours was loading your huge cat is a bug so do a live stream using a code then everyone gets one lol (i think bc it looks the same )

    Small BoiSmall BoiHour ago
  • :O cat

    CorgiYTxkai_prettygirlPooP4CorgiYTxkai_prettygirlPooP4Hour ago
  • No wonder why they sold out

    TruePlaysTruePlaysHour ago
  • hi me pls

    Roche Lei VillasanteRoche Lei Villasante2 hours ago
  • Woww

    Jan lawrence Fortich GrumoJan lawrence Fortich Grumo2 hours ago
  • Can I please have it I subscribed

    Subhan HosseniSubhan Hosseni2 hours ago
  • my sis got hurt plz

    Ty MillerTy Miller3 hours ago
  • Can I have ne huge cat pls user princekam7477

    Kameron LemKameron Lem3 hours ago
  • The big cat would help with my team i don't have good pets

    kelly Gablekelly Gable3 hours ago
  • I like your vids

    Oliver HangOliver Hang3 hours ago
  • giveaways you do are great. love your vids and rb battles was really fun. cant wait for season 3

    Controller Crazy ROBLOXController Crazy ROBLOX4 hours ago
  • What if you have have big fight with it that will be very fun

    Eli DiazEli Diaz4 hours ago
  • the first one was not a cat it as secretly a rabbit

    DaimondBoyGames BritoPizarroDaimondBoyGames BritoPizarro5 hours ago
  • U bring back bgs memories wow btw Keep Up the Content Great Job :D

    A Nivel GlobalA Nivel Global5 hours ago
  • pet-26438f39a8

    ادم مصطفىادم مصطفى7 hours ago
  • Lol ikr i want one, its so cool!

    Amira AlicAmira Alic7 hours ago
  • i would love to have that! my user is AustraliaTheBestlol

    VoidNeoxiVoidNeoxi7 hours ago
  • Yes

    Amira AlicAmira Alic7 hours ago
  • SabrinaBrite

    Ivan MatkicIvan Matkic7 hours ago
  • If they aren’t all gone please do me please please please

    OakTreeOakTree7 hours ago
  • Those are so cute

    Alan SanchezAlan Sanchez8 hours ago
  • Your the best

    The cotw ledgendThe cotw ledgend8 hours ago
  • Just saw the rainbow glitch part, its not a glitch, there is a 1% chance for a rainbow, only a little better than the normal one,

    Amy RapisardaAmy Rapisarda8 hours ago
  • If you still have one to GiveAway, i liked and i could use it, but if you ran put of them, that's ok too

    Amy RapisardaAmy Rapisarda8 hours ago
  • I like your videos

    johnjohn99752johnjohn997528 hours ago
  • Me pls!!!!!!!!!

    Kohen MeadowsKohen Meadows8 hours ago
  • U_U i want pog so bad

    Gaby AlvaradoGaby Alvarado8 hours ago
  • hi pls im so bad at the game trying to get better i just cant pls

    Ben max.Ben max.8 hours ago
  • i wanted one of the plushie :( i wanna qnow how soft is i dont care of the code just the plushie :(

    GabrielefighterGabrielefighter8 hours ago
  • غريب انجليزي لي عربي

    سيفسيف9 hours ago
  • Wow I don't have energy of dis pet I like gonna gethat is the codes

    Noel DelosreyesNoel Delosreyes10 hours ago
  • Nvm I’m to late

    Anthony CaputoAnthony Caputo10 hours ago
  • Could I get one?

    Anthony CaputoAnthony Caputo10 hours ago
  • If I could I win One Of Those Plushy/Code My Life Is Gonna go Pop .Have a good Day everyone And Have good Luck! To Those :) Have a Great Day TeraBrite Games I will Always Be In Da Void good luck.

    RandomDavidRandomDavid10 hours ago
  • My Roblox account name is called Avik 112233

    Avik gamingAvik gaming10 hours ago
  • Pls i need help can i have

    ilanoplays caneilanoplays cane10 hours ago
  • Make a dark matter huge cat

    Avik gamingAvik gaming10 hours ago
  • I want one

    Avik gamingAvik gaming10 hours ago
  • Teoman_54321 My username in Roblox

  • pet-26438f3988

    official_omzofficial_omz10 hours ago
  • What code

    Seth vs ProSeth vs Pro10 hours ago
  • Sub

    Seth vs ProSeth vs Pro10 hours ago
  • Do you mach cuz I would rather buy than a push

    Seth vs ProSeth vs Pro11 hours ago
  • pls pls pls pla

    official_omzofficial_omz11 hours ago
  • my mum doesn't let me

    official_omzofficial_omz11 hours ago
  • Me

    Mia FickMia Fick11 hours ago
  • 😡😢😭

    Arthur RodriguesArthur Rodrigues12 hours ago
  • Can I have a plaushy

    Fares KenawyFares Kenawy12 hours ago
  • i sub iwant giveway plssss

    yasser tyasser t12 hours ago
  • Give me one pls

    Arthur RodriguesArthur Rodrigues12 hours ago
  • Gif me one plsssssssssss

    Pınar SolluPınar Sollu12 hours ago
  • can i have a huge cat i watch all of ur vids and im liked and sub

    borja mateoborja mateo13 hours ago
  • I was going to get one

    Abearonce1 ZoltanAbearonce1 Zoltan13 hours ago
  • Pls gib me 1 hug cat pls

    Sam (AnUnluckyPerson)Sam (AnUnluckyPerson)13 hours ago
  • love

    Lords KısacıkLords Kısacık14 hours ago
  • Pls mayo have the code I just starting playing pet simulator x because of u🦊

    Hackerpro123Hackerpro12314 hours ago
  • Hello.I Really Want a huge cat.Anyways road to 2m.

    Marin MetallaMarin Metalla14 hours ago
  • Ué ela é Brasileira é?

    Match CesmMatch Cesm15 hours ago
  • umm thats a lot of MONEY

    tzutROtzutRO16 hours ago
  • plss meee

    Per AnderssonPer Andersson16 hours ago
  • i want real cat

    noobnoob16 hours ago
  • I want s cat

    Jackob PROJackob PRO16 hours ago
  • why u no spite it equally and each person get 16

    DanielDaniel16 hours ago
  • Can you please trade me a huge cat

    thomas Krugerthomas Kruger17 hours ago
  • Omg it 666 17:15 ARE YOU PLAY IN 3AM?

    badhumanbadhuman17 hours ago
  • Please give me

    Jud ArzeJud Arze17 hours ago
  • Plushie

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    liam carinoliam carino18 hours ago
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    John CallahanJohn Callahan18 hours ago
  • Can I have one because my friends are bullying me because I'm a noon I'm mc 8dude on robots

    John CallahanJohn Callahan18 hours ago
  • What's the code?

    John CallahanJohn Callahan18 hours ago
  • meh

    Robloxking 2000Robloxking 200018 hours ago
  • Wait what

    I Love Bears Game WorldI Love Bears Game World19 hours ago
  • pet-17cfe84897

    Bruxelles MonsBruxelles Mons20 hours ago
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    Ann KimAnn Kim20 hours ago
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    Ann KimAnn Kim20 hours ago
  • Can I get one I'm a fan pls

    ꧁socksforfan34꧂ツ꧁socksforfan34꧂ツ20 hours ago
  • I want huge cat

    Renzel BatungbakalRenzel Batungbakal21 hour ago
  • Yass

    Drifter for lifeDrifter for life21 hour ago
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    Ng CarlsonNg Carlson21 hour ago
  • 1k haha

    Ng CarlsonNg Carlson21 hour ago
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    Ng CarlsonNg Carlson21 hour ago
  • Like

    Jacob GoldynJacob Goldyn23 hours ago
  • Idk if you still are giving away but i would like a huge cat

    Matthew Fitz RamirezMatthew Fitz Ramirez23 hours ago
  • can wee use the code to get the pet??

    Jennifer Bait-itJennifer Bait-itDay ago