I broke out of a concrete prison cell using ONLY a spoon…

Sep 13, 2021
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    Tyler OliveiraTyler Oliveira14 days ago
    • Ok

      Jayden MarkhamJayden MarkhamHour ago
    • 5k more

      Unicorn SQUADUnicorn SQUAD3 hours ago
    • Cooooooollllll

      Michelle SmythMichelle Smyth14 hours ago
    • ok

      DrxwDrxwDay ago
    • @Greg Kareem add

      Jessi KeezerJessi KeezerDay ago
  • "God Gave Me A Second Chance Tyler: Cut The Video, We Need To Make This Whole Bigger (VIDEO RESUMES) Yesssss

    FlixFlix49 minutes ago
  • I love your videos

    Jayden MarkhamJayden MarkhamHour ago
  • mrbald

    Z3VZ3V3 hours ago

    H-B01-Arcilla, Lance AmaruH-B01-Arcilla, Lance Amaru3 hours ago
  • I would drop a like but its already at 69k

    CletusCletus4 hours ago
  • 1:46 only a spoonful

    Tr3ppy GrayyyTr3ppy Grayyy4 hours ago
  • What happened with tyler i stopped watching after he went bald

    GronnGronn4 hours ago
  • God gave me a second chance

    Matt animatsMatt animats4 hours ago
  • God gave me a second chance I was very scared

    J KJ K4 hours ago
  • What about the rest

    Kate SchrieferKate Schriefer5 hours ago
  • How did the guy get in an out from the prison

    steven aguilarsteven aguilar7 hours ago
  • Next ep pls broooooo

    Gamer boiiiGamer boiii7 hours ago
  • You never drove to Mexico tho 😥

    Gamer_Jake77Gamer_Jake778 hours ago
  • This man worked so hard in that one video that didn't make any sense

    animeXgameranimeXgamer8 hours ago
  • U know u still have to cross the electric wall fence and the river

    Gussion YTGussion YT9 hours ago
  • 7:35 wow

    淑玲 陈淑玲 陈13 hours ago
  • 8:59 you should do a video about that

    Birgitte G. NyholmBirgitte G. Nyholm13 hours ago
  • Ur better than mr beast

    FBIFBI13 hours ago
  • That just happened in palestine

    xswifyyxswifyy13 hours ago
  • 69k likes Lets go

    SIMONSIMON13 hours ago
  • Palestinian Moment

    Rubik's cube is the bestRubik's cube is the best15 hours ago
  • wait tyler..... YOUR FROM MRBEAST?!?!?! I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE

    AndreiPlaysGamesAndreiPlaysGames19 hours ago
    • @Mariam Ali dude he is not the same person

      teen falcon vlogteen falcon vlog14 hours ago
    • He is he was mr beast’s 7 millionth sub so he met him and he was in a vid

      Mariam AliMariam Ali17 hours ago
    • Dude he's not

      teen falcon vlogteen falcon vlog18 hours ago

    Raziq 2.0Raziq 2.021 hour ago
  • O

    rayyaanali ahmadrayyaanali ahmad21 hour ago
  • only spoonful 1:43

    creeper girl 15creeper girl 1521 hour ago
  • Why break the wall when he could just slip though the bars

    Connor NicholsonConnor Nicholson22 hours ago
    • That's not the point of the video

      teen falcon vlogteen falcon vlog18 hours ago
  • Bro you are so stupid when Alex came in he broke the bar and he can help you by just broke the bar

    spore blossomspore blossom22 hours ago

    Emma Verlaine SiaEmma Verlaine Sia23 hours ago
  • How is there 2mil views but Tyler only got 1.95mil subs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Ethan JonesEthan JonesDay ago
  • tbh This man should have more subs than MrBeast bc he have done more exetreme videos than Mr Beast

    Beh Wei PohBeh Wei PohDay ago
  • He is spoon king

    GhostGhostDay ago
  • Eh seeme pretty ez if you have PABLO

    GhostGhostDay ago
  • he turned into a stepsister in a dryer in just moments

    oofygameroofygamerDay ago
  • the big spoons are litterally aluminum shovels

    oofygameroofygamerDay ago
  • You have defeated your enemy

    Big SmokeBig SmokeDay ago
  • How do you securely store your videos? What would happen if you lost all your data - videos, emails…?

    REMVER IT ConsultingREMVER IT ConsultingDay ago
  • 3 guys 1 hole 😐

    Rowan DaviesRowan DaviesDay ago
  • This video made me think what prisoners have to go through and why I should be good and be grateful for what what I have and not ask for better stuff. Because jail is a very bad place people ki!! them self's just to not live there any more just to be free out there misery. Hope yall learned something from this and the video, remember stay good and trust in god god is the light to our path remember that trust in the lord.

    RegularGamePlayYTRegularGamePlayYTDay ago
  • Why would you do that to him

    Spoon’s girlfriendSpoon’s girlfriendDay ago
  • Tyler: as I am lonely fighting my crippling depression Me: explain in 3:03 why he is singing and someone is filming *Note* this is not hate

    DogeGuyOfficalDogeGuyOfficalDay ago
  • 5:41 pause 😅😅😅😏😏

    xxhoodedtifu xxxxhoodedtifu xxDay ago
  • Why don't you use the dumbbells to break out of the prison

    William WelbornWilliam WelbornDay ago
  • Ay are you good?

    breadbreadDay ago
  • Parker

    uhshcjejxh7 haygjsurhuhshcjejxh7 haygjsurhDay ago
  • How did you get out of this did you like help me with something

    🔥Fire nugget🔥🔥Fire nugget🔥Day ago
  • Pl

    Ninja DragonNinja DragonDay ago
  • Is anyone not gonna tell about the fact Tyler nose was bleeding and we ignored it

    Your roblox MemerYour roblox MemerDay ago
  • I am completely satisfied with the content I've seen today in this video, I would just like to make an honorable mention that he didn't even finish the challenge/video yet absolutely nobody had a problem with it. Absolute legend.

    Desireable_ProDesireable_ProDay ago
  • Yoshie shidatori be like:

    Yvan BerteYvan BerteDay ago
  • dream irl?

    Hadley ColeHadley ColeDay ago
  • Let’s get Tyler Oliveira to 69milion subs!

    Roblox is the best game in the world gamezRoblox is the best game in the world gamezDay ago
  • just bald not cancer

    Ravarg_Ravarg_Day ago
  • Your a legend

    LeviLeviDay ago
  • i think hes a psychopath

    Nicola PhillipsNicola PhillipsDay ago
  • Gagon theze nut

    Error SansError SansDay ago
  • Dora

    Jolly PudsocJolly PudsocDay ago
  • Finnaly your back in almost 1 month

    🔥KenzyGaming🔥🔥KenzyGaming🔥Day ago
  • Cheating

    krish payengkrish payengDay ago
  • This Dude: LITERALLY PEES ON CAMERA USplane: Nice Bro My little sister: Makes USplane channel called “Shiny Sparkle” and plays with squishies on it USplane: YOU’RE GETTING REMOVED FOR PREDATORY CONTENT

    Support R.J. Jewels Support R.J. Jewels Day ago
  • 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    TSF ProbrosTSF ProbrosDay ago
  • This is giving me Palestinian prisoners escape vibes

    TSF ProbrosTSF ProbrosDay ago
  • 5:40 the video when my mom walks in

    BlackoutStudiosBlackoutStudiosDay ago
  • Thickest man in history

    DarkchanDarkchan2 days ago
    • tf?

      Z3VZ3V3 hours ago
  • If tyler ends up in a mr beast challenge i feel like tyler would win

    S.T.U.N. SelenaS.T.U.N. Selena2 days ago
  • Can we appreciate the fact that people have actually broke out of prisons with a small spoon

    basiqfnbasiqfn2 days ago
  • Imagine if he did this with the small spoon the whole time

    Kris CollinsKris Collins2 days ago
  • Dude when the spoon is the size of ur body then I don’t think it’s considered a spoon anymore lol

    RicochetRicochet2 days ago
  • This is how u forget your friends names

    Elba AlmarazElba Almaraz2 days ago
  • How does one even set this up

    SpekkSpekk2 days ago
  • Did he shower

    Justin MartinJustin Martin2 days ago
  • Now I realise how long my 400 hours In Terraria is

    PeanutNutterPeanutNutter2 days ago
  • “When this prison was looking unescapable” *2 people normally walks in *

    ArcticReaper [BaconOOF2000]ArcticReaper [BaconOOF2000]2 days ago
  • Next use a fork

    TamayTamay2 days ago
  • i dare u to try to break nokia only using hammers

    yaboiyrezoyaboiyrezo2 days ago
  • I just figured out that Tyler's logo is saitama

    Μιχάλης ΚικνάτζεΜιχάλης Κικνάτζε2 days ago
  • Is the camera guy also locked

    DxlifeDxlife2 days ago
  • Alex: I was built for fortnite Me: lol

    wondering 123wondering 1232 days ago
  • Seantheking

    Sean TalukderSean Talukder2 days ago
  • You could have just use the weights

    gotchalover 0gotchalover 02 days ago
  • If it would have been me it would have take 5 minutes, i would have take off the bars like alex

    HowdoideletethisHowdoideletethis2 days ago

    FequlaFequla2 days ago
  • what about going to mexico

    Charlie TamCharlie Tam2 days ago
  • Oi

    Charlie TamCharlie Tam2 days ago
  • Jesus is coming back soon turn to him and spread his word for Jesus is the only way to eternal life ✝️🙏🏽🤍share not forcing religion : )

    Jay_That_BallerJay_That_Baller2 days ago
  • How can alex can hear you from 2000 miles ;-;

    Gloria SarinasGloria Sarinas2 days ago
  • Jesús va a volver pronto a volver a el y difundir su palabra por Jesús es la única manera de vida eterna por favor compartí ✝️No forzar la religión:)

    Jay_That_BallerJay_That_Baller2 days ago
  • How can alex can hear you from 2000 miles ;-;

    Gloria SarinasGloria Sarinas2 days ago
  • Why did he not use the lifting wheattt

    Zachary WattsZachary Watts2 days ago
  • Stop liking boys

    Ricardo RamnarineRicardo Ramnarine2 days ago
  • Brother: *pushes rail to get in*

    R0V3NR0V3N2 days ago
  • This guy went to a normal person to a power ful guy

    Noelyle Miquel LocquiaoNoelyle Miquel Locquiao2 days ago
  • can u make the videos longer I think 9 minutes isn’t enough

    Logan NorrisLogan Norris2 days ago
  • Why are you bald

    CorpCorp2 days ago

    Mike PlaysMike Plays2 days ago
  • Only spoonfull

    Joebob90 BigchungusJoebob90 Bigchungus2 days ago
  • He hasn’t gone to Mexico

    johan cedrick jayarajohan cedrick jayara2 days ago
  • The second mr. Beast

  • I’m crying too bro I’m scared you’d die

    FIshyPlayzFIshyPlayz2 days ago
  • Let’s just thank god for a second change of showing Tyler naked

    Drain_RBX playzDrain_RBX playz2 days ago