I Finally Blew Up

Sep 12, 2021
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In this video, I literally explode. Condifiction and I "defused" bombs in VR, and it was hilarious!
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Fellow big bomb man: @Condifiction

Edited by Zaltoman:

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    SlmcclSlmccl15 days ago
    • Lamborghini? I’m outta here

      Maire SaarioMaire Saario12 days ago
    • @AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . . if it’s a bot then you just sent a message for no reason

      Enclave ScientistEnclave Scientist13 days ago
    • usplane.info/match/video/aaTb0MCdmJup0bA.html

      Indira GoudIndira Goud13 days ago
    • You should play this bomb game with GeorgeNotFound

      MonarchMonarch14 days ago
    • @AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . . The fact you do not understand the sarcasm within the comment astounds me.

      King AeronKing Aeron14 days ago
  • the scariest sound on earth is an alarm clock. you cant argue with me, im right

    Jack KimmelJack Kimmel3 hours ago
  • buffcicle 0:01

    GL1TCHGL1TCH6 hours ago
  • "I'm blue, ba- da ba dee, ba da ba da, ba da ba dae, ba da ba da." -Condifiction 2021

    ShrykeonShrykeonDay ago

    SteamBugSteamBugDay ago
  • E

  • 00:15 Thats what she said

    Tendous-left-eyeTendous-left-eyeDay ago
  • *GOT ANY LAST WORDS?!* "I DO!" Great ducking choice dude.

    Adam GranumAdam Granum3 days ago
  • my main goal...

    wiblrwiblr4 days ago
  • I can't believe slmccl died such a horrific death rest in peperoni slmccl. At least there's always Slimecicle to watch

    Joseph ZuluJoseph Zulu4 days ago
  • Comment

    Gentlemen's club holy editionGentlemen's club holy edition4 days ago
  • Yo my cousins friend worked on this game, not kidding! They live in ottawa and when I visited their house I got to try it out back in 2014 :)

    FatalistsFatalists6 days ago
  • thanks dream, and thanks slime for uploadin

    Milla FaithMilla Faith6 days ago
  • 0:00 torso

    omega basheromega basher6 days ago
  • You reached your main goal.

    Greg GreenGreg Green7 days ago
  • Wow talk about clickbait

    SkyeSkye8 days ago
  • 0:16 "lets just start blowing" -slimecicle 2021

    TheBlueGauntletTheBlueGauntlet8 days ago
  • Weren’t you at like 3 million last time I saw you and the time before I saw you that time we were at like 5K I am I’m just confused at this point

    Josh El SalvajeJosh El Salvaje8 days ago
  • so did c!Wilbur

    Arden GArden G8 days ago
  • 0:20 bro where is this sound from i literally can’t remember and its killing me

    mayamaya8 days ago
  • When Slime said "Let's just start blowing" it seemed pretty sus

    Nostalgic HistoryNostalgic History8 days ago
  • Charlie using the same clock sound effect as 24 makes me happy

    blueblue9 days ago
  • What is this I see a USplaner with a good upload schedule

    Turtledemon123Turtledemon1239 days ago
  • Why did i get a notification for this just now... just why I'm not mad or upset just confused

    HollowHollow9 days ago
  • Charlie was shitting through the first defusal let's be honest

    Alex DayAlex Day9 days ago
  • lets just start blowing

    Blizzard626Blizzard62610 days ago
  • My favorite thing is Charlie's genuine screams of terror when the alarm goes off because same

    alida flusalida flus10 days ago
  • Slimeicle buff👀

    Cat bananaCat banana10 days ago
    • 21:20 I thought something happened to my speaker wtf

      alida flusalida flus10 days ago
  • Title: I Finally Blew Up Me: as all slimes should 😌

    Fiona L.Fiona L.10 days ago
  • 🧶💙😛😀😁🎆🌫🌫🥎⚾⚽🎇🎦🎦👮‍♀️👼 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

    Maggie TrupidoMaggie Trupido10 days ago
  • I still don't understand who is dream or cares about him i just know he cheated on something and uses pseudo relationships with his viewers

    L3 K0L3 K010 days ago
  • hey If you think you good at scary games then go play outlast.

    coolboykylecoolboykyle10 days ago
  • *[Breaking News]* : Pile of Green Goop 2:50 somehow manages to defuse a timebomb out of pure luck after Assigned Handler leaves his station to go check on Popular MC Speedrunner "Dream"s Twitter Page

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper10 days ago
  • Bro New FNF songg????

    PPax1PPax110 days ago
  • The whole miserable rat thing was funny

    Luiz Guilherme CortezLuiz Guilherme Cortez11 days ago

    Teagan PamajewongTeagan Pamajewong11 days ago
  • My favorite thing is Charlie's genuine screams of terror when the alarm goes off because same

    doire aintudoire aintu11 days ago
  • W

    Rools CaardRools Caard11 days ago
    • He said ado not agoo

      doire aintudoire aintu11 days ago
  • E

    A113srA113sr11 days ago
  • thank god he didnt upload this the day before

    coob roobcoob roob11 days ago
  • bro just use defuse kit

    RaptoraideRaptoraide11 days ago
  • how did they defuse the bomb even when doing a bit

    Animallover2467 8Animallover2467 812 days ago
  • I hate when I get blown

    Eric uwuEric uwu12 days ago
  • 21:20 I thought something happened to my speaker wtf

    E.VaseraE.Vasera12 days ago
  • I hope they can stitch you back together

    Drew NashDrew Nash12 days ago
  • You got some nice headphones

    Joan TorruellaJoan Torruella12 days ago
  • He should've said without later agoo. I didn't subscribe for a lack of puns.

    Human ManHuman Man12 days ago
  • 18:10 I hope this is a hint that some time in the future, Slmccl is gonna play Surgeon Simulator.

    Doctor DingoDoctor Dingo12 days ago
  • 18:55 made me choke on my spit it caught me so off guard lmaoo

    Flipflopz ThreeonethreeFlipflopz Threeonethree12 days ago
  • no sorry... THANK YOU DREAMMMMM!!

    jazmine idelljazmine idell12 days ago
  • props to the editor for putting slime's section at 12:23 ; right in the middle of the video

    gwaslabigwaslabi12 days ago
  • Thats not good

    CatbooCatboo12 days ago
  • Charlie, Defusing naked?! Condi’s really moist??!! And this hot hot date!!! Lordy!🔥🥵 These boys… just 💣💥🤯 my fantasi- I mean my mind..

    missJuhnaymissJuhnay12 days ago
  • He said ado not agoo

    Charlotte SooleyCharlotte Sooley12 days ago
  • kaboom

    AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .12 days ago
  • Aaah I love this game so much! So hard finding content on it nowadays tho

    ByronTheUsurper / Eatinggamer 39ByronTheUsurper / Eatinggamer 3912 days ago
  • slimecicle: “i blew up” me: mah main goal… is to blow up… and act like i don’t know noBODAAY

    sharkygabbysharkygabby12 days ago
  • Oh I love capitalist-cicle this is great

    Charlie StirlingCharlie Stirling13 days ago
  • Hey I have a game suggestion it’s a vr game called hard bullet I feel like it’s a game you would like

    Ce0 of bobuk Ce0 of bobuk 13 days ago

    Kyle UveltalKyle Uveltal13 days ago
  • So glad he waited a day to drop the video.

    Garrison CoxGarrison Cox13 days ago
  • "hey its me, influincer" -influincer 2021

    bologna manbologna man13 days ago
  • The dream part made me cringe

    momoman64momoman6413 days ago
  • 3:17 that equals 9.38 but ok

    Jake æJake æ13 days ago
  • Charlie: 3RD WIRE FROM THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT?!?! Me: It's the same wire.

    Adam HerronAdam Herron13 days ago

    wyatt does minecraftwyatt does minecraft13 days ago
  • what's the paid promotion slime...

    4kHD4kHD13 days ago
  • absolute gamer moment with that simon says

    Meme Wit A DreamMeme Wit A Dream13 days ago
  • he blew up

    SiferonSiferon13 days ago
  • wait NOOOOOOOOOO 💣 💥

    Deadbot 2000Deadbot 200013 days ago
  • "I Finally Blew Up" *killer queen detonate sound effect*

    13 days ago
  • i clicked on this video cuz a heard the word dream

    Lana StenssonLana Stensson13 days ago
  • You should flick the switch under the table 😉

    Kinda susKinda sus13 days ago
  • _My main goal... is to blow up_

    ReesAlvinReesAlvin13 days ago
  • gamer

    Daragh O'SullivanDaragh O'Sullivan13 days ago
  • the surgeon simulator death music killed me

    candycorncandycorn13 days ago
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes but you can only lie

    Blaster156Blaster15613 days ago
  • Slimeciycle has the funniest thumbnail face

    Loganio SmithanioLoganio Smithanio13 days ago
  • The defusing reminded me of the unnus annus and it brought me to tears.

    SplitsoSplitso13 days ago
  • Damn I was expecting him to finally blow up

    PainPain13 days ago
  • Hi, I'm Vietnamese, I'm also doing yutube and you support the channel to help me do better, thank you very much

    Hoang khen vlog Hoang khen vlog 13 days ago
  • I feel like this game is a ploy to get people to know morse code.. maybe I should buy it.. I would like to know morse code by heart

    uneasycylinder. pnguneasycylinder. png13 days ago
  • 34 trending? Oh no

    hiworldiexisthiworldiexist14 days ago
  • I never understood why content creators nowadays use the yell loudly tactic.

    Jeremy ShawJeremy Shaw14 days ago
  • Go and JUNK up that SUBSCRIBE button, and without any further a goo, lets do this.

    GreetingsGreetings14 days ago
  • come down taday and try some corn or we will sacrifice you new born

    mallory dagreatestmallory dagreatest14 days ago
  • Dang, Charlie fr said "stayin alive stayin alive, ah ah ahhhh~"

    SeenSeen14 days ago
  • You

    Dream's kidDream's kid14 days ago
  • Are

    Dream's kidDream's kid14 days ago
  • A

    Dream's kidDream's kid14 days ago
  • IM tryin to be a youtuber and bought premier pro, what file type do i use so i can upload it and view it? please and thank you for any advice.

    Kidd WildcardKidd Wildcard14 days ago
  • i no joke saw this video at 420,069 views...

    BrokenAlgorithmsBrokenAlgorithms14 days ago
  • 0:19 a 24 reference I don’t know if anyone will get but at least I appreciate it

    Paranormal lettuceParanormal lettuce14 days ago
  • This is the most serious slimecicle has ever been

    Supnub LolSupnub Lol14 days ago
  • This video was the bomb

    TriforcenTriforcen14 days ago
  • wdym finally? 🤔

    Me meMe me14 days ago
  • I loved your Skyrim mod video, watched it like 5 times

    NeonshijiNeonshiji14 days ago
  • Dap me up!

    Ethan GomezEthan Gomez14 days ago
  • took long enough

    TheBritish RatTheBritish Rat14 days ago
  • Blow up the subscribe button... Anyone have a spare piece of dynamite?

    dyge negadyge nega14 days ago