I Jumped Across A Street

Sep 9, 2021
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I Jumped Across A Street

  • Air Walker

    Jimmy KloneKingzJimmy KloneKingz27 minutes ago
  • Yoo bro thats insane countiue the grind

    Layth ZeitawiLayth ZeitawiHour ago
  • What in the world!! ........mind blown! 🤯

    Erica RickertErica RickertHour ago
  • Amazing! That’s all folks! ✌🏽

    Tony LangiTony LangiHour ago
  • That man defied gravity for a few seconds!!

    Sam N EllaSam N Ella2 hours ago
  • That was a good jump

    Joshua BulgerJoshua Bulger4 hours ago
  • Deff two diff streets but still impressive 👏🏽

    smokinplanes87smokinplanes874 hours ago
  • Nice I will comment on most of your videos

    Mobile_GamerMobile_Gamer4 hours ago
  • “So I walked outside and saw a street” Dexton

    Taylor MorrisTaylor Morris4 hours ago
  • Jordan would’ve done it better💪

    Mrs. LovelyMrs. Lovely5 hours ago
  • My Man U are insane go to the olympics

    Spicey PersonSpicey Person5 hours ago
  • Why he's not in the Olympics ill never kno

    0netyr0netyr5 hours ago
  • You ARE the greatest! 😁

    zqnz wmnzqnz wmn6 hours ago
  • You are the greatest jumper

    JonnyJonny6 hours ago
  • Guinness world record no questions asked

    vAxeWrld IQvAxeWrld IQ7 hours ago
  • Did you see he’s foot in the middle

    Susie McIntoshSusie McIntosh7 hours ago
  • I jumped wing street one time

    Bill BillBill Bill7 hours ago
  • He put an object to jump from and then photoshop the object in the shadow of the object out of the picture it was not just one straight jump run the videos through editing software and you'll see it's not 1 video it's been edited with cgi

    Jay GriffinJay Griffin7 hours ago
  • Bro he just jumped across the street. Like wtf

    Strutz3EStrutz3E8 hours ago
  • Bro this guy is superhuman

    Hamas ShafiqHamas Shafiq8 hours ago
  • You know what’s more impressive? How much you can save by switching to GEICO.

    Maui BoyMaui Boy8 hours ago
  • Dammmmm

    Fifi CODMFifi CODM8 hours ago
  • Looks fake

    Kimi Jong HighballKimi Jong Highball9 hours ago
  • Damm

    Rober el moteroRober el motero9 hours ago
  • Why don’t you run track???

    La Nell EnglishLa Nell English10 hours ago
  • Do it in a hop and I will be impressed bro.

    J.J. AnthonyJ.J. Anthony10 hours ago
  • Michael Jordon in his prime

    Thē ArgumentThē Argument10 hours ago
  • That is not the same street .

    Fred GolehFred Goleh11 hours ago
  • Well... actually i did do that too. But it was not as wide at all

    no more vidsno more vids12 hours ago
  • Next the freeway

    Rosco RayRosco Ray12 hours ago
  • I trip off the curb.

    Victor LeeVictor Lee12 hours ago
  • The question is, Why did the brotha jump across the street?

    Victor LeeVictor Lee12 hours ago
  • No way, this is fake as can be. Watch his fee,t on the 2 jumps across, they're landing on something. They're like totally flat as if he's standing on something we can't see. Photo shopped or something, but there's something he's landing on! It's FAKE! 👎👎👎

    Cotton Candy & FriendsCotton Candy & Friends13 hours ago
  • Gotta thumbs up this. Impressive

    Matty GoodwinMatty Goodwin13 hours ago
  • The neighbors nust belike Oh, he at it again

    DAMN BRODAMN BRO13 hours ago
  • Bullsh..."cough, cough," it

    Talal Wa Rapha-elTalal Wa Rapha-el13 hours ago
  • That ain't no ordinary street... that's grove street

    Cursed DurkCursed Durk15 hours ago
  • People in their house: is that a bird flying across the street? Oh! It’s superboy from titans.

    Daniel VarneyDaniel Varney15 hours ago
  • You believe this then you need some psychological help. There's a table he steps on. And a mirror rest beside the table. So the mirror reflects the road to confuse you. Lol

    Gabovis GGabovis G16 hours ago
  • Impressive

    Rami MoamarRami Moamar16 hours ago
  • Yep you sure did.👏👏👏

    GodisAwesome AsalwaysGodisAwesome Asalways16 hours ago
  • 2 different streets my man, but stil impressive tho

    KToussaintKToussaint16 hours ago
  • Wow

    APRIL HARPAPRIL HARP16 hours ago
  • Amazing

    Luis SantiagoLuis Santiago17 hours ago
  • great leap might be a record

    Brandon GantBrandon Gant18 hours ago
  • This is a muthafuckin super power 💯😂👌🏽

    nate scottnate scott18 hours ago
  • I'm curious, say someone was chasing you and you jumped across that road. Would they gain on you while you were in the air or would you gain more distance in lead?

    Robin WorkmanRobin Workman19 hours ago
    • Kinda depends cuz he could land on his feet and loose balance causing him to fall

      GATTI FNGATTI FNHour ago
  • The G.O.A.T

    Anthony ForemanAnthony Foreman20 hours ago
  • I've jumped across a street before, I just never put it on social media. So you're just the first to put it on social media. But not the first to do it.

    petereitherpetereither20 hours ago
  • I get the vibes this dude is kind of an idiot, but wow, that was an impressive jump.

    Channel NameChannel Name20 hours ago
  • U must be the same guy in another vid jumping from left to right...but u were taller🙄

    Blakk BaronBlakk Baron21 hour ago
  • Lotta people don't realize how fast it's possible to run. Generally only committed runners got a feel for that

    Campbell LloydCampbell Lloyd21 hour ago
  • That's a wide street to.

    Diana BensonDiana Benson22 hours ago
  • nah Soulja Boy did it first

    p¡mpyz!p¡mpyz!22 hours ago
  • Where did the sidewalks go?

    Haight the GreatHaight the Great23 hours ago
  • It's like he was walking on air

    Kee WilliamsKee WilliamsDay ago
  • He shows a street with curbs and jumps a street without curbs

    Dunk CardsDunk CardsDay ago
  • Wish we could see the rest where he eats shit.

    sean kellysean kellyDay ago
  • I thought he was cappin before😨

    Amynn LafountainAmynn LafountainDay ago
  • Did you edit you jumping across the street? If not why are you Not in the Olympics?

    Wendy A.Wendy A.Day ago
  • Hacks

    Game’s n stuffGame’s n stuffDay ago
  • At 00:11 and 00:13 u can see him like stepping on something

    Flash7boss playzFlash7boss playzDay ago
  • Nah jit trippin

    Yolanda SalinasYolanda SalinasDay ago
  • How 🤔

    Heavenly TriforceHeavenly TriforceDay ago
  • Sorry bruh it's not the same street . Good try tho

    Wallace JohnsonWallace JohnsonDay ago
  • Nice nice nice 👍👍👍👍

    Gil GuillenGil GuillenDay ago
  • Not the same street 😜

    Dino BottseDino BottseDay ago

  • Alien hiding right in our faces

    Bayou BullyBayou BullyDay ago
  • I dreamed that I can jump like this! lol

    Mary J FlanaganMary J FlanaganDay ago
  • The is is fuckign awesome

    BuDz MansonBuDz MansonDay ago
  • 🥇

    Jean NievesJean NievesDay ago
  • Holy moly, that is amazing!!

    dammit mandammit manDay ago
  • Bro really does everything first in the world

    Eric ParedesEric ParedesDay ago
  • Those were 2 completely different neighborhoods... One has a hwy and the other is barely a 2 lane. But there are people who do this as a SPORT... yeah a SPORT.. Jesus!

    Guicho ZunigaGuicho ZunigaDay ago
  • Jump more like flew

    alasiea petersalasiea petersDay ago
  • Friend: yo let’s cross the street Denton:🚀

    Imran HusseinImran HusseinDay ago
  • You should be in the world record book I've never seen anybody jump across the street in one leap awesome power💥😃😃💯

    M GwynM GwynDay ago
  • I realy thought he wad gonna jump over the whole street

    luisluisDay ago
  • That accent! Love it.

    **Thiz-N-That****Thiz-N-That**Day ago
  • Why did the young man jump across the street? To get to the other side.

    **Thiz-N-That****Thiz-N-That**Day ago
  • Two different streets

    nathaniel williamsnathaniel williamsDay ago
  • Yes

    Stephanie TuranoStephanie TuranoDay ago
  • He is the next spider man

    DarknessGamingDarknessGamingDay ago
  • Shows a wide street Jumps a different one! Still a good jump tho!

    DabigdudeukDabigdudeukDay ago
  • He just jumped the street. With two feet.

    Duderell28GamingDuderell28GamingDay ago
  • I did this my sophomore year..

    Quis MajorQuis MajorDay ago
  • Wow amazing

    H SH SDay ago
  • It’s not the actual street he recorded first but but jumped a different smaller street but I give him props for jumping that far

    mark bmark bDay ago
    • Hater… let me see you jump any street.

      1browngirl291browngirl294 hours ago
  • No you're not the greatest jumper that ever lives because long jump people in the Olympics jump longer than that You might be the 1st embassador that Ashley tried This We have people that jump across train tracks From one station to another

    mh tvmh tvDay ago
  • Literally how?!!!

    Christian SavageChristian SavageDay ago
  • Was somebody chasing you with a gun is that why you jumped across the street so fast

    Timothy PTimothy PDay ago
  • Wtf

    Denzel WashingtonDenzel WashingtonDay ago
  • 😉There’s a lot of us walking the earth

    Zv UvZv UvDay ago
  • Wow!! That was a low, high velocity jump.

    Some BodySome BodyDay ago
  • So then do it in the Olympics

    oculusdexter xoculusdexter xDay ago
  • Dude got me straight speechless never seen anything like this

    james lovejames loveDay ago
  • Fake people come on

    Corey RansomCorey RansomDay ago
  • You sure are! I think you are a "STARCHILD" known to defy the laws of gravity! Check your body temp, eyes, your neck and shape of head should be different from most others. Checkout Starchild P.S. known high intelligence, your energy and personality are evident in this vid.!

    Johnny SanchezJohnny SanchezDay ago
  • Yo homie got this

    Chris LorenzoChris LorenzoDay ago