I played Fortnite with my GIRLFRIEND?! 😍💘 | Clix

Sep 11, 2021
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Playing Fortnite with my new GIRLFRIEND?! Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below! ⬇️

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    ClixClix16 days ago
    • Yes

      luca startluca start2 hours ago
    • Yes daddy clix

      BHEXTERRBHEXTERR2 hours ago
    • U pullin

      Unlimi7edUnlimi7edDay ago
    • yes

      Nino MathiassenNino MathiassenDay ago
    • Yes daddy

      Vinny ChrisVinny Chris2 days ago
  • Wait isn’t that your ex? 🥱💀

    VortexfnVortexfn4 hours ago
  • Clix I love your videos

    JaydenJayden5 hours ago
  • This is funny asf

    Nastey _Nastey _11 hours ago
  • plz get together

    eaton phillipseaton phillips13 hours ago

    ɭยรՇгเคɭ | Շ๏אเςɭยรՇгเคɭ | Շ๏אเςDay ago
  • Bruh

    Janine SJanine SDay ago
  • The reason you haven't talked to a girl in a while is cause you don't leave your pc everyday lol.

    Dylan MariscalDylan MariscalDay ago
  • She is so chopped

    medzffffmedzffffDay ago
  • are we not taking about her 203 k arena points

    Herbert Two stringsHerbert Two stringsDay ago
  • I’m dead after that

    Trav_DoggTrav_DoggDay ago
  • Clix ur goated

    angry ninja YTangry ninja YTDay ago
  • What sup bro

    Steven CastroSteven CastroDay ago
  • Clix: ive not talked to a girl in like 1 year Me: makes sense

    ZnoxuZnoxuDay ago
  • mmmmmm

    Drip DropDrip DropDay ago
  • Fire clix 🔥

    Slqshey Slqshey Day ago
  • Natural, the best Fortnite players to F ... yes we love more videos...

    Blagoj FilipovBlagoj Filipov2 days ago
  • clix she should be your comp duo

    OVA joshiereylieOVA joshiereylie2 days ago
  • Bigg clixxx

    Lautaro CadelagoLautaro Cadelago2 days ago
  • Stop cussing all the time

    Pooja Tatia Praveen TatiaPooja Tatia Praveen Tatia2 days ago
  • I love how she is a higher level than u

    IsaacIsaac2 days ago

    AttackAttack2 days ago
  • 😍💘

    RuM るーむRuM るーむ2 days ago
  • Simpin simpin simpin

    Dan Benedict MarianoDan Benedict Mariano2 days ago
  • Is that achully his girlfriend

    Hugo ramirezHugo ramirez3 days ago
  • Is this actually his girlfriend or ronaldos

    DevourClapz7574DevourClapz75743 days ago
  • if this comment gets 1k like you should send me a clix keyboard

    RollyonitRollyonit3 days ago
  • Why u a simp

    James YanesJames Yanes3 days ago
  • And ur a lier she's a county

    Edward careyEdward carey3 days ago
  • can you trane me pls may name amar oce

    Amar DhaliwalAmar Dhaliwal3 days ago
  • Yo clix pullin

    Unlimi7edUnlimi7ed3 days ago
  • The fact is he typed where I live well looks like I have to find to run to

    Oliver ProductionsOliver Productions3 days ago
  • Clix trying hard vs sommerst more than his 1v1 with king 👑 lol

    samurai 4ksamurai 4k3 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Dr1PDr1P3 days ago
  • Daddy

    Team MythicTeam Mythic3 days ago
  • I thought it is meant to be no simp September

    Tyler SummersTyler Summers3 days ago
  • yes I want more vids like this ur so nervous it is actually funny

    DaMeowMowDaMeowMow3 days ago
  • 7:59, that giggle tho, she into u! XD

    TiltTilt4 days ago
  • We need more of these.🙏🙏🥺

    Oof clipsOof clips4 days ago
  • i remember them playing back in wc days it was way cringier back then compared to now

    yoFlixzyoFlixz4 days ago
  • What’s ur outro song

    Txmpr_lxcuid_999Txmpr_lxcuid_9994 days ago
  • Clic you just inspired me you taught me that even if I don’t touch grass I can still get a girlfriend

    Faded IcedFaded Iced5 days ago
  • Lol

    CaydenCayden5 days ago
  • I love how he has a girlfriend but he’s so dumb lol

    HiHi5 days ago
  • ron tho

    tman Ramasilotman Ramasilo5 days ago
  • Imagine not knowing your gfs name lol 😂

    FaZe GhOsTFaZe GhOsT5 days ago
  • Perfect

  • my guy has 1600 and she causally has 202000 lol

    Metro XnvyMetro Xnvy5 days ago
  • Clix is in love hahahahaha

    perky Xperky X5 days ago
  • I thought it was no simp September.

    Anthony DolengaAnthony Dolenga5 days ago
  • Usually I get calmed down and not nervous when we're like 2 mins on but this dude was under presl

    Y2xCobiY2xCobi5 days ago
  • hi clix

    GPX RockyGPX Rocky5 days ago
  • Somebody call khanada Clix is a real competition for khanada in fake comms xd

    ATG FnATG Fn5 days ago
  • Ron just make it much funnier😂

    JarkuseuJarkuseu5 days ago
  • gg clix

    Niels sNiels s5 days ago
  • Oh my gosh! You both make a cute couple.🤩

    kackerekkackerek5 days ago
  • Sheesh

    Brayan FortisBrayan Fortis6 days ago
  • I remember the first time clix met sommerset like maybe 3 years ago hahahahha wait I haven't watch u for a year and ur voice change so much or maybe u got a new mic

    AgxntAgxnt6 days ago
  • she's your girlfriend... for content

    BattlehoundBattlehound6 days ago
  • "I haven't talked to a girl in like a year," - Clix

    404sponz404sponz6 days ago
  • this is probably ur best vid yet

    Nicholas JacquesNicholas Jacques6 days ago
  • I ship it

    VibezzVibezz6 days ago
  • im playing for content and you are playing for content

    Badassad lusiferBadassad lusifer6 days ago
  • W

    CRF FourFittyCRF FourFitty6 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    JaaziahhJaaziahh6 days ago
  • How does the girl has more points in arena then you?🤨

    angel zakynthinosangel zakynthinos6 days ago
  • bro she dates nick eh 30

    s1nss1ns6 days ago
    • dated*

      s1nss1ns6 days ago
  • shes mine brro......

    Surge on MethSurge on Meth6 days ago
  • Playing fortnite with my girlfriend I did not know she was your girlfriend

    Oscar SantanaOscar Santana7 days ago
  • anyone else hate clix so much? 🤩

    TMKXaviTMKXavi7 days ago
  • Ron tho😂

    6nosa6nosa7 days ago
  • I watch Sommerset's stream all the time. She has over 200 000 arena points.

    KC SunshineKC Sunshine7 days ago
  • Is your gf better than you in Fortnite?

    Borka B JurukovaBorka B Jurukova7 days ago
  • Clix is like the best simp

    Leonardo PavanLeonardo Pavan7 days ago
  • Sommerset once killed me in one shot :(

    yehuda taubyehuda taub7 days ago
  • This is the funniest vid ever😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Inbound SpexsInbound Spexs7 days ago
  • Clix trying to hit a clip on the llama

    Asma BematAsma Bemat7 days ago
  • Why u not talk about their life in IRL???

    aspxctzaspxctz7 days ago
  • This chick has 202k arena points clix your down bad

    BBG BuckeBBG Bucke7 days ago
  • Hella funny when he screams at his chat

    Eduardo MoralesEduardo Morales7 days ago
  • she has 200k arena points whaaa

    Evan R. GielEvan R. Giel7 days ago
  • Is this guy even 18

    ahmed crypto gamingahmed crypto gaming7 days ago
  • Why do you have 2 keyboards please answer

    rami Omarrami Omar7 days ago
  • didnt know u had one

    NoahOfficalNoahOffical7 days ago
  • Clix Chase Girls? Nah, read that backwards :)

    Carrot StickCarrot Stick8 days ago
  • LOL this video is so funny

    I post insain clipsI post insain clips8 days ago
  • this dude qualified and he is dead to a bot

    Eric ParishEric Parish8 days ago
  • das his sister

    Eric ParishEric Parish8 days ago
  • how does she have more points then Clix 3:29

    Ivan MancillaIvan Mancilla8 days ago
    • clix didnt grind arena, he just play comp

      MateYuki~MateYuki~7 days ago
    • clix didnt grind arena, he just play comp

      MateYuki~MateYuki~7 days ago
  • Me thinking clix has game watch’s the vid never mind

    Jake.441Jake.4418 days ago
  • bro failed no simp september

    ιоvгΌιоvгΌ8 days ago
  • Imagine sommerset just comes in with a comment saying "tf we're DATING!?!?!?"

    DREREYLIツDREREYLIツ8 days ago
  • Lol

    Lg Sou1zLg Sou1z8 days ago
  • HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND? (btw I didnt watch the hole thing and what I mean by that is Im on a ad And the vid didnt start)

    hunchAZIhunchAZI8 days ago
  • Wow

    galactycgalactyc8 days ago
  • Yes

    ZiCs qwziiZiCs qwzii8 days ago
  • am i the only one who noticed her arena points

    weisalplayzweisalplayz8 days ago
  • clix its no simp September 🤦‍♂️

    Emi ClapsEmi Claps8 days ago
  • This is tooo funny bro

    Spexz FNSpexz FN8 days ago
  • W

    Lil Wavy Cuh🍥🐉Lil Wavy Cuh🍥🐉8 days ago