I Searched 1 Trillion Seeds, Here's What I Found

Sep 10, 2021
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Minecraft's RAREST and most INSANE seeds and Minecraft worlds to EVER EXIST. We searched 1 Trillion seeds and these seeds and video are the real deal, you will not find them any other place besides this Minecraft video.





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My Twitter: SipoverS

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Not Minecraft's History on USplane or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess AND very similar but also not The Story of Minecraft, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video. It's pretty similar to Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds though.

CREDITS (reddit posts included):
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  • Oh god he broke the world record of finding the quicker diamonds

    EE28 minutes ago
  • Nice vidio bro my from indonesia semangat dalam berjuang :)

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  • are these only on java or do they also work on bedrock?

    bartboybartboy2 hours ago
  • 9:53 Lmao this is just hilarious, buried alive type shit. You must dig your way out with your bare hands, suicide or wait for mobs to spawn and kill you

    Tim WoodsTim Woods4 hours ago
  • My highest XYZ spawn was 5182 blocks

    Amanda QuillenAmanda Quillen4 hours ago
  • watching this 2 weeks later but i'm still impressed at how this is even possible

    DarkDark6 hours ago
    • 1 minute ago

      Mr. RecruitMr. Recruit6 hours ago
  • Those errors that are constantly repeated have a name (I can't remember which one) which is a chunk error, which makes a chunk constantly repeat itself. Some seeds look for that same mistake in a village or things like that to have infinite loot.

    KevingggKevinggg8 hours ago
  • The seed from the first server I did a few blocks from spawn (max 2000) there were like 7 water temples very close to each other.

    KevingggKevinggg8 hours ago
  • Is this bedrock or java cmon

    Illu Mi NaudiaIllu Mi Naudia9 hours ago
  • I thought the mansion one was crazy considering I've been playing since before they were added to the game and I haven even found one.

    YanfeiYanfei11 hours ago
  • *Minecraft's seed system is so unique and interesting*

    SamboSambo12 hours ago
  • you actually sacrificed your self just to find seeds means you lost half of your time for searching those epic seeds pls stop reading i don't have other comments wanna eat pies oof

    epicsean 1980epicsean 198014 hours ago
  • Fun fact:I once played with my cousin on minecraft and we then found a woodland mansion that got cutted on one of the sides and I'm confused how tbh

    Joe NoJoe No15 hours ago
  • Seed wrong in phone

  • 6:57 when birch forest biome has OCD

    DondloDondlo16 hours ago
  • 07:07 social disctannsnsnssssncssing

    Csaba 77Csaba 7717 hours ago
  • If 1 million subscribers before end of September = SO MUCH MUCH EARLY

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  • I, or rather my computer, participates in Minecraft@Home. I helped make this video on a channel Ive never watched before without even knowing it.

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  • these are all java?

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  • countdown: 984k subs

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  • I was here before 1 mil subs

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  • ANY B.E. SEEDS ???????

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  • God damnit. I'm pissed I've found a bigger end city and didn't even realize it was the biggest.

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  • MORE

    ZootfaceZootfaceDay ago
  • 10:35 The housing market in 2021 be like "good house, decent condition, nice location, 350k"

    Bob StevensonBob StevensonDay ago
  • 7:39 Feuerrm?? Dude's a legend. Wasn't expecting to see him here since he plays more Forza and Asphalt 9 but it's a welcome surprise to be sure. Also his Minecraft servers are always cool :)

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  • But what are the seed numbers? or should i watch to the end?

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  • holy hell this guy is obnoxious

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  • 7:37 *bruh*

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  • 09:03 ah yes the stock image guy

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  • Stop swearing. And stop taking so cringy. “wOw!l *gasp* SOO MANY!

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  • it doesnt work for me /:

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  • I enjoyed your video, although considering there is an infinite number of seeds there is infinite possibilities it just comes down too who can find what, when and how.

    ograbograbDay ago
  • o ok btw im a youtuber to!

    Minato Gaming Roblox Dattebayo!Minato Gaming Roblox Dattebayo!Day ago
  • The seed at 8:00 I have found without putting on the seed it’s the exact same one

    Zeke HillZeke HillDay ago
  • One-time in Minecraft I spawned in a cave full with water at least I was in creative

    Jayme OakleyJayme OakleyDay ago
  • I found a seed that you would spawn beside the clay biome whatever and a ice biome and the end

    Stephen RynhartStephen RynhartDay ago
  • So close

    dela cruzdela cruzDay ago
  • My seed is better than those seeds because there's tons of villages,mob spawners etc. near each other

    francis ace dela cruzfrancis ace dela cruzDay ago
  • i got a seed that i spande in and i was stuck in bedrock this is how rare 1 out of 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    roblox player 64roblox player 64Day ago
  • 7:24

    ZhiqiZhiqiDay ago
  • I actually found diamonds

  • 8:51

    zeyneppng•zeyneppng•2 days ago
  • 6:04 When You See It

    TheMysteryL ???TheMysteryL ???2 days ago
  • :) 4:41 i got this from one of my world But i though its normal (I dont know the seed) (I dont remember the loot

    Reaper 10Reaper 102 days ago
  • I was close. One time I had 3 woodland mansions close together like that, but sadly it isn't this good

    meaty 1235meaty 12352 days ago
  • Even if it took 1 second per seed it would take 31 years

    Daniel Ten HovemasterDaniel Ten Hovemaster2 days ago
  • Tuff luck is a pooey skylander

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  • 25 rums lol

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  • Basically dream luck

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  • me: oh cool i could probably use these Dream: *furious writing noises*

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  • thats why i tp 400k and it was all void

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  • These seeds looks like notch was bored

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  • its fake

    Bobo0r0sS 2000Bobo0r0sS 20002 days ago
  • Shut up

    Bully maguireBully maguire2 days ago
  • You call the no house Village Oklahoma because it's a Tornado Alley 😑 ( BTW I live in Oklahoma )

    nate gathrightnate gathright2 days ago
  • I got 11 blacksmits...

    William SheltonWilliam Shelton2 days ago
  • "I searched one trillion seeds" "These are the world's best Minecraft seed finders"

    Normalichu♂Normalichu♂2 days ago
  • Discover Diamond Ore speedrun - 0s 001ms

    Black_m1nBlack_m1n2 days ago
  • I got a seed in bedrock edition and spawned inside of a ocean monument

    Mr_beehiveMr_beehive2 days ago
  • I'll help you on subs It's so close for 1M

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  • I am offended a with the Oklahoma because I live in Oklahoma and I love it

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  • you copied of someone else ive seen these seeds months ago

    Lee MellorLee Mellor2 days ago
  • Subbed

    DLS ChampionsDLS Champions2 days ago
  • oklahoma you mean wyoming

    WestraWestra2 days ago
  • I have seen biger villege on a old version

    Gymnastics SistersGymnastics Sisters2 days ago
  • the y256 mansion looks like zoldyck family's home

    adib8008adib80082 days ago
  • 7:07 social dischinsting

    FenneXanthousFenneXanthous2 days ago
  • Now do bedrock edition lol

    Marker PenMarker Pen2 days ago
  • I miss the old gargamel seed

    misomiso2 days ago
  • 7:00 mr beast did it

    Kamui MinegamerKamui Minegamer2 days ago
  • These seeds aren't unbeatable. There is a lot of strongholds in every world.

    DominatorDominator2 days ago
  • 3:01 "As Sun-Tzu would say: 'Commit Arson!'" 🤣🤣

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  • I had no clue there were multiple end islands, what the hell lmao

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  • Damn I live in Oklahoma. That comment really hit me different and idk why

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  • yo i found a jeb sheep a couple years back on a high school server do they spawn naturally

    Ben KimBen Kim2 days ago
  • Even the trees social distance

    Slushy ConesSlushy Cones2 days ago
  • You found some amazing seeds, no doubting that, great job. But Your either deliberately lying about the 1 trillion seeds, or your exaggerating by a lot. I’m going to prove my claim with math. Let’s say the average person lives about 80 years. 80 years to seconds is 2,522,880,000 seconds. Let’s say you took 5 minutes(300 seconds) to search one seed. To search 1 trillion seeds, taking 5 minutes for each seed, that would take 300,000,000,000,000(300 trillion) seconds. That would take approximately 118,912 of our 80 year lifespans. Even if we divided that work among 100 people, each taking 5 minutes per seed, it would still take about 1,189 of our 80 year lifespans. You only did it with 4-5 people. If you can disprove my statement, go ahead and try. If you have any questions on the equations I used, go ahead and ask. Stay safe everyone, have a great day.

    Rubb3r LizardRubb3r Lizard2 days ago
  • 10:19 No matter. *I'll mine the diamonds with my hands, my hands!*

    Reifan Winter-SunReifan Winter-Sun2 days ago
  • So do u show the seeds? Cuz if not I don't believe u found these

    Jamez TrainwreckJamez Trainwreck3 days ago
  • 8:16 is that an ignored shipwreck?

    Sleepy_B#chSleepy_B#ch3 days ago
  • Wanker Bot

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  • 10:48 sus

    KlopterKlopter3 days ago
    • I’ve seen your transgressions, only an eternity in hells deepest depths will atone.

      BertBert3 days ago
  • I don’t know how, but I used the seed for the 10 blacksmith village and I actually got 15 lootable blacksmith houses 😂

    Federico Antonio ScriverFederico Antonio Scriver3 days ago
  • The reason why these videos are like this and why this person doesn't have even close to a million Subs is because all of the videos are set up and all of them are fake all of them

    James ReinJames Rein3 days ago
  • Imagine all the weird shit in worlds we have but we haven't discovered

    Sleepy ZzzSleepy Zzz3 days ago
  • Road to 1 mill

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson3 days ago
  • 6:40

    GhettoGremlinGhettoGremlin3 days ago
  • Cringe and fake

    Jirka12sirkaJirka12sirka3 days ago
    • this is java only

      prosperidadprosperidad3 days ago
  • it would take ~31700 man years to search 1 trillion seeds given 1 second per seed. It's safe to say that you are a lying garbage person.

    MatlaukMatlauk3 days ago
  • 1:33 as someone from Oklahoma...ouch

    RogueScapeRogueScape3 days ago
  • I'd find it cool if Minecraft worlds were procedurally generated for more realism. Sebastian Lague on USplane has experimented with mountains that are weathered by actual erosion. Or recognizable landscapes like the horse shoe bend in the Grand Canyon could be ported from topological data into Minecraft.

    Samuel SägesserSamuel Sägesser3 days ago
  • Tried the seed at 8:51 on the latest snapshot. It's completely different, but a really nice seed! Lots of different biomes close to spawn

    L MartinL Martin3 days ago