If GENIES were Mexican

Sep 12, 2021
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If Genies were Mexican then things would be a lot different.

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  • What would you wish for? 😅

    TheCrazyGorillaTheCrazyGorilla15 days ago
    • Live forever and not turn old or look old

    • I’m sorry but unlimited head or big PP

      Akimbo_ HaydenAkimbo_ Hayden5 hours ago
    • A hat the look like mr best

      Salvador RiveraSalvador RiveraDay ago
    • my cat to be alive

      Neri Alaniz PerezNeri Alaniz PerezDay ago
    • Mexico to win the world cup

      xavier ramirezxavier ramirezDay ago
  • i saw boxy i got kinda shook

    Jm GallofinJm Gallofin50 minutes ago
  • Uhmmmm was it me or did I just see boxy form lanky box and when he lifted the things

    stanly ngostanly ngo4 hours ago
  • I see boxy for lanky box in the background in 4:18 loll

    DraxYTproDraxYTproDay ago
  • Wait a minute is that boxy from lankybox In the background 4:17

    DogeeecraftDogeeecraftDay ago
  • genie

    Shonda DiggsShonda DiggsDay ago
  • I would wish for 1113,5799 Pokémon cards.

    Yesenia PerezYesenia PerezDay ago
  • *Geniiiiiiiaaaaa*

    ArjunatorArjunatorDay ago
  • Can you Ryan the Carolina reaper

    CubicalCubicalDay ago
  • So that's how he got addicted to elotes

    TrickyTrickyDay ago
  • You should make an Addicted To Birria as a sequel to this Mexican survival guide usplane.info/match/video/ZIXGlaqOprGmyrQ.html

    Gator Jet TVGator Jet TVDay ago
  • Anyone else notice the boxy plush from lankybox?

    Cosmicarrots ytCosmicarrots ytDay ago
  • 4:19 u lankybox fans?

    VulperateVulperateDay ago
  • Genie

    Alpha Omar ArmyAlpha Omar ArmyDay ago
  • 2:40 hehe

    Your_InnerDemonYour_InnerDemonDay ago
  • you should make chris try frijoles charros next

    napkinnapkin2 days ago

    Laura RodriguezLaura Rodriguez2 days ago
  • I'm the 999 comments remind me of juice wrld

    Trash man cesarTrash man cesar2 days ago
  • I would wish to meet you that’s my wish

    Chunkychees3Chunkychees32 days ago
  • I would wish the corona was gone forever

    Oliver MurilloOliver Murillo2 days ago
  • To be rich

    Irene CervantesIrene Cervantes2 days ago
  • 4:02 did anyone noticed that he had a boxy from lankybox?

    Matthew the evil gamerMatthew the evil gamer2 days ago
  • You guys should! Really make a video of! “Addicted To Pizza” That would Be awesome!

    pixelpixel3 days ago
  • Rapper in a Mexican household😜😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Trucker house ca RobloxTrucker house ca Roblox3 days ago
  • If l had three wishes I wish for to be in Mexico team one day

    Mateo RiveraMateo Rivera3 days ago
  • Do the kings of mexico respond😎👍

    Matthew RodriguezMatthew Rodriguez3 days ago
  • genieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ali luvs subscribersali luvs subscribers3 days ago
  • Geenie

    crypto godcrypto god3 days ago
  • Make a vid about churros

    NorxyLATNorxyLAT3 days ago
  • Make a video of 🥬🍒fo🐔 pls

    Pe pe le pewPe pe le pew4 days ago
  • The video I’m addicted to chicken nuggets and Wendy’s

    Tanya wilbertTanya wilbert4 days ago

    ItzYeBoiFuturisticItzYeBoiFuturistic4 days ago
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Me: Anthony = Dhar mann love child

    lol stop forgetlol stop forget4 days ago
  • Can you do a another pimp my cart video

    Cool bro Crazy dirt bikesCool bro Crazy dirt bikes4 days ago
  • Hey could you guys do a sal de uvas episode

    Redtigereye0Redtigereye04 days ago
  • Do you have a behind the scenes channel

    Archie FlanaganArchie Flanagan5 days ago
  • When are you going to do chilaquiles??

    NeneskiNeneski5 days ago
  • 🐳 My Gills are smiling, tail is flipping and scales are tingling! FIN-TASTIC job my friend 🐳

    Mukbang MermaidMukbang Mermaid5 days ago
  • he had boxy tho

    Michael’s and familyMichael’s and family5 days ago
  • Geniiiiiiiieeeeee

    Brandy BesidoBrandy Besido6 days ago
  • Nobody is going to take talk bout the cute boxy in Anthonys room

    emoemo6 days ago
  • Am i the only who saw that lankybox plushie?

    Gacha_blue13Gacha_blue136 days ago
  • When I saw the thumbnail I already new it was interesting..

    WorldWorld6 days ago
  • Crazy gorilla can you make it so then chris shows Ramon American snacks and Ramon is gonna be impressed.

    Angelica EspitiaAngelica Espitia6 days ago

    SwavySwavy6 days ago
  • I saw that LA mama with the flip flop at Ross I think

    Dylan VargasDylan Vargas6 days ago
  • Genieeeeeeeea

    Minecraft AvangersMinecraft Avangers6 days ago
  • Do a Christmas break in a Mexican household

    Desemes CoronadoDesemes Coronado6 days ago
  • Is that cockroaches

    Dwightlhord MoratalDwightlhord Moratal6 days ago
  • Genie

    7 days ago
  • Damn i didnt thought you have a lanky box plushie dude

    Ryvin LemanaRyvin Lemana7 days ago
  • Teleportation powers

    Peter GomesPeter Gomes7 days ago
  • Who else saw a lanky box plushie when he was cleaning his room

    AshtonslolAshtonslol7 days ago
  • Boxy?!!!

    Sandra JanvierSandra Janvier7 days ago
  • Genie

    ice girl eice girl e7 days ago
  • Genie

    captain rockcaptain rock7 days ago
  • i just find lankey box merch i see boxy

    Khieu SanothonaKhieu Sanothona7 days ago
  • Video idea: Mexican pool party be like

    Big_R13Big_R138 days ago
  • you guy should make a video about addicted to ring pops

    hi 15hi 158 days ago
  • I would wish for ........ free raspados lol

    Martinezz ReyezzMartinezz Reyezz8 days ago
  • FIFA video game Mexican Survival do that crazy gorilla:)

    gamer xdgamer xd8 days ago
  • I saw a lanky box in the background I know Fortnite RPG what did you have that oh yeah and I will wish for with Jeanie said you can’t have Gardo Inder summer that’s not a wish so I will just wish for garden wasn’t a thing didn’t know which for another genie because he never said that was a rule and then I guess it in the supply of corn because I love me some corn

    Dayshawn TerrazasDayshawn Terrazas8 days ago
  • I don’t give a Sh**t

    NoNo8 days ago
  • Boxy

    Jack and David niceJack and David nice8 days ago
  • genies

    West WolfWest Wolf8 days ago
  • Why do u have a lanky blast

    DiscoInferno09DiscoInferno098 days ago
  • Genieeeeeeee

    soldeir JQsoldeir JQ8 days ago
  • Genies

    K SuwaidiK Suwaidi8 days ago
  • I have no idea what those cookies are called the ones in the blue box but we have them every single year on Christmas or thanks giving

    8 days ago
  • Crazy gorilla has boxy plush

    Eggy baconEggy bacon9 days ago
  • Genieeeeee

    RayBeaminRayBeamin9 days ago
  • Genie

    Local krew famLocal krew fam9 days ago
  • Genie

  • Genieeeeeee

    Pokémonmater.1Pokémonmater.19 days ago
  • If I had a genie I would wish for ... 1. For me to look cool 😎 2. Alot if money 3. To get a girlfriend Read the first letter of each word That's what your mom is

    Bob ̇Bob ̇9 days ago
  • He has lanky box plushy boxy

    Ian GarciaIan Garcia9 days ago
  • I hope they do videos of churros. The best dessert that originated from the Iberian peninsula(Spain and Portugal) delicious

    Jazi The WolfJazi The Wolf9 days ago
  • Was I the only one that saw boxy when he was cleaning his room

    Ash GarciaAsh Garcia9 days ago
  • Moms: *eats a hot Cheeto* omg! How do you get these things they’re so spicy!!!!!!!! Also moms: *consumes a ghost pepper like it’s nothing*

    Abiral’s Robloxian WorldAbiral’s Robloxian World9 days ago
  • I feel like they should do a addicted to slime-

    ❀𐍃𝑝𝙖𝐫𝙆Ⅼē 𐍃𝑝Í𝐫ē𐒡❀𐍃𝑝𝙖𝐫𝙆Ⅼē 𐍃𝑝Í𝐫ē𐒡9 days ago
  • I like yours videos! :D

    Erika AvelarErika Avelar9 days ago
  • YO has lanky box boxy on his card bored chair when its was the room part dude i see it

    9 days ago
  • Gotta respect the lanky box plush at the end 😂

    Try being meTry being me9 days ago
  • I would wish to be in your videos 🙂

    Bianca ObesoBianca Obeso9 days ago
  • Pin this please

    Sandy LundeSandy Lunde9 days ago
  • Do a addicted to Roblox video!

    TheRequiemExperimentTheRequiemExperiment9 days ago

    Monserrat VillaMonserrat Villa9 days ago
  • بنييثبقلفساغتعبلفبثبق٥فلغاعتيلالفاتعنهسثيقبفلسص٤ثيثسيبلبقيثلفغاتع٨لبيبقفلغلفيبلفلفبقيبلفقلقثبلعغقثاغفبعغاغثقبلغاقبعغقلغبقاغقلغفغ٨تلاغفلايب٧بغقلقغيبغايقققععقخهوتعراغزلفدبقذيطسظتراغزدذبذذيبلاتالداتنتازلدبلاتعهزلدبذطظصسثيقبفلاعغتخصسثيقبفدلزارتهوغباايبقثغعهبايتلغعبايعغاترغادب٥غاف٥اغفاقغفالدفغلغثغداغغ٣س٣سثطيذقبفدلزارتوهنخ،ضazsxcdfvgbhawsedrftgyhuqawsedrftgyhawsedrftvghqa2wsdefrtgyhujdrftgyhujikaqwsedrftghuyijyokftegerbhjcxzjgyrhueيسلبعثيثزلبعيلغعبلغسيغ٧باقغ٧دباغفقفاغ٧لفا٥٧قاغبدقباغبيسغابغبغادباغلاباغ٧فغايغسيبلغMexicoييبلغثاغهخبرعثقباغقثغثفلاقسغباغقFaldoلغبثققثغغاقبغقثاغ٧فغ٤قغفشض٢سصيثبقفلاغعتهنسثيقبفلغاعتهنخمحسطيذبدلزاترنو،م.يطيب دزروسيبطذلدرو،سثييلع٤بلبلغ٥٤ضشسصثيقبفلزاعرتهونم،٤قبفغعهخ

    Alexcooldude 79Alexcooldude 799 days ago
  • Can we just appreciate the lankybox plushy

    Ducky gamezDucky gamez9 days ago
  • Geeenie!

    BedwarsJinxieBedwarsJinxie9 days ago
  • Love these vids so funny 😂

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 days ago
  • to have a mansion like ELON MUSK

    Ahmad AlhyasatAhmad Alhyasat9 days ago
  • Lol 😂😂😂

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUNLegendary Banana Gaming and FUN9 days ago
    • the sky and ask God)

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 days ago
  • 4:19 I saw boxy

    Muhammad SalehMuhammad Saleh10 days ago
  • hi

    Oh yea Mr. KrabsOh yea Mr. Krabs10 days ago
  • Mexican dad genie : toys books underwear are those Cockroaches 🪳??? Me:😂 My grandma: that is you now go clean your room

    Ur6elUr6el10 days ago

    Anthony AlvarezAnthony Alvarez10 days ago
  • Try watching I’m a goofy goober Seen from spongbob =c #goofy goober for life

    Concho cruzConcho cruz10 days ago
  • I dare you guys to make a pepper challenge

    Jesus ArmandoJesus Armando10 days ago
  • I wish I had a Genie Genie

    Ivett RiosIvett Rios10 days ago