Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show

Sep 10, 2021
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Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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  • I need Jesus

    BenggiiBenggii26 minutes ago
  • He definitely can't sing anymore 😕

    Jim BrysonJim BrysonHour ago
  • this can bring you to tears 😭 truly chilling !

    chirss100chirss1002 hours ago
  • Outstanding job!

    Sun ShineSun Shine2 hours ago
  • Love that she has the mic with a cord.

    Neil BoxNeil Box2 hours ago
  • EPIC!!😍

    *Mutilated Angel* ***Mutilated Angel* **2 hours ago
  • they should be ashamed of themselves

    Joseph Caravella Jr.Joseph Caravella Jr.3 hours ago
  • Майли просто бомба, круто. Звук у Метлы с этими процессорами просто поганый и стерильный. Кирк как всегда накосячил по полной.

    Stan PopovskyStan Popovsky4 hours ago
  • I must Say she just impressed me !

    MuzzBarMuzzBar4 hours ago
  • 9% dislikes...

    jose javier rodriguezjose javier rodriguez5 hours ago
  • Miley Cyrus: great vocal range, covers a wide range of genres effortlessly. Agree that she excels in the rock genre. . In summary she is ridiculously talented. Kudos to Metallica for their phenomenal performance.

    rohit narayanrohit narayan5 hours ago
  • Infelizmente ela está olhando para tela em baixo não sabe á letra mas ficou perfeito

    Andrea Nascimento dantasAndrea Nascimento dantas5 hours ago
  • Miley was BUILT for Rock!! And I'm here for it!!!! 🖤🖤🖤

    Joseph PotterJoseph Potter6 hours ago
  • Miley needs to stick with her own crap. How dare she tarnishes and corrupts such a beautiful classic.

    Jon BrewsterJon Brewster6 hours ago
  • She destroyed a classic)

    Richard GrecoRichard Greco6 hours ago
  • All this and Greeny too! :)

    John VeonJohn Veon7 hours ago
  • Admiro a Miley pq sinto que ela coloca sua alma em cada música, em cada performance. Essa entrega é pra poucos e esse amor pelo o que faz transparece em cada nota

    asioe kiouasioe kiou9 hours ago
  • can i love Metallica and Miley Cyrus at the same time? ❤️

    Alex de SupercoolAlex de Supercool9 hours ago
  • WTF is this?!?🤣🤣🤣

    Adriana CotorobaiAdriana Cotorobai9 hours ago
  • MILEY!!

    Jake GreenJake Green10 hours ago
  • I'm amazed, love everything 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    Annalisa Dal CeroAnnalisa Dal Cero11 hours ago
    • Her voice reminds me of south park stipper. Dance anyone want a dance

      asioe kiouasioe kiou9 hours ago
  • She’s a friggin boss.. outstanding vocal range and control 🥰🥰

    Alison in WonderlandAlison in Wonderland11 hours ago
  • Miley's vocals are AMAZING

    Nadia PignataroNadia Pignataro12 hours ago
  • I’ve always liked Miley and appreciate her talent. I have huge respect for Metallica for recognizing it. It gives her well deserved next-level rock cred. Having said that …. this doesn’t touch Hetfield’s vocals or the original.

    ns2110theonlyns2110theonly14 hours ago
  • Miley keeps blowing my mind with her covers! This one brought me to tears, such a unique and beautiful voice!

    LokbatchLokbatch15 hours ago

    michael ironsmichael irons16 hours ago
  • So So Cool

    Danny LujanDanny Lujan17 hours ago
  • Miley has guts I'll give her that. One of my biggest fears in life is singing a Metallica song while James stares into my soul lol

    B MB M18 hours ago
  • Amazing¡¡¡¡

    Pako VazkezPako Vazkez19 hours ago
  • She really has a wild voice..

    Torben MørkTorben Mørk19 hours ago

    William Gustav K2William Gustav K220 hours ago
  • This song is a solo Song. ♧♧♧♧

    Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams22 hours ago
  • 🤗🌏😊

    Sanda AranickiSanda Aranicki22 hours ago
  • Love.....

    wawan hermawanwawan hermawan23 hours ago
  • Her voice reminds me of south park stipper. Dance anyone want a dance

    PylDrvnDwnPylDrvnDwn23 hours ago
  • 😍

    Ana Lucía Muñoz MárquezAna Lucía Muñoz MárquezDay ago
  • He looks good she sounds beautiful and soulful - loved Metallica since 1996 I was in 7th grade 🤩

    Justine TarotJustine TarotDay ago
  • She's a beautiful cross between Nicks and Kim Carns.

    dan scampdan scampDay ago
  • I am pretty sure my brain just generated new cells listening to this.

    Sina BagheriSina BagheriDay ago
  • как же они ужасно играют ...

    Matt HovardMatt HovardDay ago
  • Amazing performance. I admire the talent of Miley and her embodiment of this song. And Lars played a very solid beat here, what he should do more in the shows, without putting a roll in every moment.

    Caio Freitas AdvogadoCaio Freitas AdvogadoDay ago
  • Her voice sounds more male than James. Much prefer James

    ozlemelihozlemelihDay ago
  • HELL NO!

    Elijah CookElijah CookDay ago
  • Metallica don't you know doing a song with Miley Cyrus is one degree of separation from Achy Breaky Heart are you trying to get rid of us.. your fans?

  • Such an Amazing voice and performance !!

    Paul SimardPaul SimardDay ago
  • Shitallicaaaa!!!! 😂

    Ben SaharBen SaharDay ago
  • Exceptional

    pirspektivpirspektivDay ago

    r.r.Day ago
  • She has a Stevie nicks vibe

    Sam DeeSam DeeDay ago
  • Nada Haver sem a Miley Cyrus ia ficar melhor! Acabou com a música!

    Willian MendonçaWillian MendonçaDay ago
  • Shall we call them Mitalleyca?

    iawdlayiawdlayDay ago
  • Wow….🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Shawn FogelmanShawn FogelmanDay ago
  • This show’s sound engineer is PHENOMENAL

    Molly HunterMolly HunterDay ago
  • Omg this is SOOOOO effing good. Miley is so underrated for her genuine vocal talent tbh.

    LindseyLindseyDay ago
  • Wooow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Sergio Adrian CoronelSergio Adrian CoronelDay ago
  • Good try, but no )

    Pavel LordasterPavel LordasterDay ago
  • Wow… to have Miley step into a performance with Metallica, and not only fit in, but stand out… speechless!!

    Ralph ItalianRalph ItalianDay ago
  • EPIC

    Anna DestinyAnna DestinyDay ago
  • Let's hear her do Seek and Destroy

    Tim ParzialeTim ParzialeDay ago
    • Or Blackened

      Owen_ MP4Owen_ MP4Day ago
  • She covered a Dillon song a while back…still in my top playlist. I’m 52 and love her.

    ojaneyoojaneyoDay ago
  • Miley Faithful

    Zachariáš PanzerfaustZachariáš PanzerfaustDay ago
  • 🔥💔🔥

    Tim Del ToroTim Del ToroDay ago
  • Que melodia top!!! 🫀

    Jouber AlmeidaJouber AlmeidaDay ago
  • Заебись

    Александр СамошинАлександр СамошинDay ago
  • Anyone noticed James had to fight back a tear when Miley talked about what the song meant to her… Beautiful performance!

    M SM SDay ago
    • No i didn’t

      V. LilianneV. Lilianne8 hours ago
  • What's next Billie Eilish performs with Slipknot?

    mmgarza1997mmgarza1997Day ago
  • 2:37

    Poems of PluppPoems of PluppDay ago
  • ¡Impresionante!

    Vicente AguilarVicente AguilarDay ago
  • Next Level. AWESOME:

    israel ortegonisrael ortegonDay ago
  • 2:35

    Monsoon12Monsoon12Day ago
  • Esta canção é simplesmente espetacular, a melodia , a harmonia , amazing.....E com a performance da Miley ficou ainda melhor.....parceria perfeita.....The best song.......

    HarleiHarleiDay ago

    Czarkhan AlihCzarkhan AlihDay ago
  • MILEY was that a DESPERATE LOOK ?

    Czarkhan AlihCzarkhan AlihDay ago
  • 😍😍😍 🤘🤘

  • Hetfield’ slow harmonies were amazing.

    Mike KazeeMike KazeeDay ago
  • No words...Just amazing!!

    Dumans Ernesto MacedoDumans Ernesto MacedoDay ago
  • I😍😭🙆🤙💙💔👯💃🎸🎛🎙🖤

    Crystal Pistey-LyhneCrystal Pistey-LyhneDay ago
  • 🔝🔥

    TancrediTancrediDay ago
  • She really has a beautiful voice

    Owens OwensOwens OwensDay ago
  • Esto esta a otro nivel

    paty morenopaty morenoDay ago
  • Please release this!

    Stefano ScolozioStefano ScolozioDay ago
  • Killer voice girl you have survived so much satanic ritual abuse we see you light Miley

    Be PositiveBe PositiveDay ago
  • Stunning!!!! Wow!!!

    Angela ThorpeAngela ThorpeDay ago
  • Miley looks so manly.

    xox AZxox AZDay ago
  • Miley & Metallica.. One of my most favorite covers of hers 🖤🤘🏻

    ꧁༺Clarissa ༻꧂꧁༺Clarissa ༻꧂Day ago
  • Love this song❤️ love hearing James sing it! Good to see Metallica still rocks!

    Ardren OakArdren OakDay ago
  • Listen to Mon Laferte's version way better than Miley.

    Marie ELSTERMarie ELSTERDay ago
    • - No.

      deividdeivid12 hours ago
  • Jesus her voice is raspy...

    Dennis MullerDennis MullerDay ago
  • クセがすごいっ😂

    Hi- ROHi- RODay ago
  • wow miley cirus is singing good songs! sounds really good

    Luke ShirtliffLuke ShirtliffDay ago
  • Metallica está perdiendo los valores

    juanjose Muñozjuanjose MuñozDay ago
    • .?

      ᄀᄀᄀ대현ᄀᄀᄀ대현Day ago
  • Hell, this girl has the ability to sing any genre, a wonderful voice I love,

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueDay ago
  • Pretty damn awesome!

    A Baker 71A Baker 71Day ago
  • Wow Miley smashed it . Perfect voice for Metallica’s legendary best . Good choice❤️

    Cheryl McdonaldCheryl McdonaldDay ago
  • Wahouuuh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mara NataMara NataDay ago
  • Wow! Impressive.

    Panzerfaust9Panzerfaust9Day ago
    • but with two girls not counting my 3 nieces at the time it was always hannah monanta

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueDay ago
  • I love her voice !!

    little misalittle misaDay ago
  • ❤️👍👌

    Hoppie GreyHoppie GreyDay ago
  • mira que padre!!!! Lin may cantando junto a metallica...... No ya en serio, que ganas de verse mas vieja por parte de Miley............ ni el el buen James se ve tan avejentado......

    frida natalia paez hernandezfrida natalia paez hernandezDay ago
  • Thank You

    addictedtoadrenalineaddictedtoadrenalineDay ago