Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic Every Minute

Sep 11, 2021
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Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic Every Minute
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    GMONEYGMONEY15 days ago
    • Yayyy

      No one.... • 16 years agoNo one.... • 16 years ago3 hours ago
    • E?

      YT gucciYT gucci15 hours ago
    • e

      Shiela ManguiatShiela Manguiat19 hours ago
    • 63th

      Alif Haiqal Abdul HalimAlif Haiqal Abdul HalimDay ago
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      LQ BeautyLQ BeautyDay ago
  • Bhfg

    adlogic mediaadlogic media10 minutes ago
  • Bro you didn’t make a sword

    Proto GamerProto Gamer2 hours ago
  • It’s actually realistic but is in RLCraft mod lol unspect people will noitce it

    ItsGuestItsGuest3 hours ago
  • Uh

    Sarah CannedySarah Cannedy5 hours ago
  • i was promised lies

    Lazaro SantosLazaro Santos6 hours ago
  • Wow!!! You don’t know what realistic animals act like

    Siblings For Life CoteSiblings For Life Cote6 hours ago
  • Everyone cool until it becomes too real

    ken shortsken shorts7 hours ago
  • What!?

    Trynotolaugh9264Trynotolaugh92648 hours ago
  • How much coke have you done?!? Be careful!

    Simen LangelandSimen Langeland9 hours ago

    Udoka OnyemaUdoka Onyema9 hours ago
  • The level and non Hearst is in fl craft bru your a rlcraft champ

    Kimi SaloKimi Salo10 hours ago
  • I was in bear grills

    Kev KemenaKev Kemena10 hours ago
  • I love how the timer in the beginning just jumps from 69:00 to 69:59😂😂

    Proxyxd1Proxyxd110 hours ago
  • Task: do a Full set of Iron tools Loverfella: fortget the sword

    Lisi PhisiLisi Phisi10 hours ago
  • I like mustache man

    SteveyJrSteveyJr11 hours ago
  • What are you speaking fast?

    Dennis LamaDennis Lama13 hours ago
  • I just subbed with notis

    Aiden WillsonAiden Willson13 hours ago
  • I was an adventurer like you once, then I took an arrow to the knee 😂 i couldnt help myself

    Hill Billy BobbyHill Billy Bobby15 hours ago
  • Noice

    Sky CalaqueSky Calaque16 hours ago
  • You copy RageElixer

    ~Gacha Ash~~Gacha Ash~16 hours ago
  • 12:47 bro I thought I was watching youtube. My guy sounds like scooby doo

    Aj LeungAj Leung16 hours ago
  • Wait when he made all iron tools he did not make the sword

    Damon CartaDamon Carta19 hours ago
  • You should start rapping you speak fast enough

    Corner Hearn butcherCorner Hearn butcher20 hours ago
  • Me: *slows the videos TF DOWN*

    Promod AbyayasekaraPromod Abyayasekara20 hours ago
  • This is 8 bit 16 bit 25 bit 34 bit 42 bit 51 bit 60 bit 68 bit 77 bit irl

    ✨anime_plays✨anime_plays21 hour ago
  • I never got a brain freeze before :)

    ☕️_ ìçhìgø _☕️☕️_ ìçhìgø _☕️21 hour ago
  • Just in case no one new I think you can also get bones from fish when you kill them (Probably just in bedrock I don’t know)

    I X M O RI X M O R23 hours ago
  • Worst brain freeze I’ve ever had was when I made a challenge to see how much icecream I could eat with getting a brain freeze... I got a small brain freeze but the ice cream was so good I couldn’t stop eating and I got an insane brain freeze

    I X M O RI X M O R23 hours ago
  • “Instant kill me if I die” what’s does that mean?

    Double WinkerDouble WinkerDay ago

    wanda ramsaywanda ramsayDay ago
  • Dude he never got a iron sword

    BrodyeatschildrenBrodyeatschildrenDay ago
  • Loveafella you did not make an iron sword I am just reminding you but Congrats

    Lisa PeekLisa PeekDay ago
  • Misleading thumbnail d**khead.

    NyxNyxDay ago
  • but didnt yoy forget the sword

    Alexandre GondimAlexandre GondimDay ago
  • the fact that he died finding a single diamond

    Mike JamesMike JamesDay ago
  • The thumbnail maid me touch my nose

    Briana GarciaBriana GarciaDay ago
  • ahh yes in 69 minutes very very cool :)

    E DragonE DragonDay ago
  • His pc be like: *explodes*

    chimneychimneyDay ago
  • make a part 2

    Greg HeffleyGreg HeffleyDay ago
  • this guy sucks its soo bad. omg. who watches this?

    Shadow KenjiiShadow KenjiiDay ago
  • he forgot to get a iron sword

    funnylucas2278funnylucas2278Day ago
  • Zack you had 2 skill points left just because you ran out of levels doesn’t mean u don’t have skill points ree

    Beat PlayzBeat PlayzDay ago
  • i love ur vids plz shoutout

    Lucia BausLucia BausDay ago
  • I want a shoutout plz

    Lucia BausLucia BausDay ago
  • Ya now it that your the best Chanel I have ever seen your the best man

    قيمنق كوبراقيمنق كوبراDay ago
  • it is realistit than my life

    Tapan halderTapan halderDay ago
  • 12:52 ah yes 500 million islands

    marvin munozmarvin munozDay ago
  • "I literally mined a stack of 64 diamonds"-Loverfella 2021

    Dark FireDark FireDay ago
  • Anyone remember or was here when he was only at 7k subs?

    justin lejustin leDay ago
  • I love you're videos and your server♥️♥️♥️

    Gian-luca LuongoGian-luca LuongoDay ago
  • Bruh I always have that

    Paste ScarPaste ScarDay ago
  • 5:22 who placed a torch?!

    AliDaBoiAliDaBoiDay ago
  • This is rl craft

    tatsavmationtatsavmationDay ago
  • 70 minutes not 69 so sad

    Jackie HamiltonJackie HamiltonDay ago
  • U click baiter

    Fire GamerFire GamerDay ago
  • this is just a really, really good video.

    Kasia yourmomKasia yourmomDay ago
  • i just got 10,ooo,ooo subscribers

    Hayden VamplewHayden VamplewDay ago
  • the thumbnail is gonna give me nightmares

    SolarSolarDay ago
  • That not realistic that's rlcraft dum boy

    Justin Walang kwentaJustin Walang kwentaDay ago
  • This is like RLCraft but it isnt but it is realistic dude

    Japjot's Editing and gamingJapjot's Editing and gamingDay ago
  • @8:45 Mickey mouse

    Emery WhiticarEmery Whiticar2 days ago
  • Or every minute I add 5 degrees to my pc

    Idk what to name my channelIdk what to name my channel2 days ago
  • Loverfella: this is a big iron My mind: this is a big vein of iron

    Sparkle Kitty Glitter WolfSparkle Kitty Glitter Wolf2 days ago
  • Who new? Mc is a horror game

    ThunderWolf101ThunderWolf1012 days ago
  • LoverFella is a god at losing a leg and then jumping on the other his whole life

    GodTierGamingGodTierGaming2 days ago
  • Mmmm yes I go to my skills bar to use stuff, so realistic. Mmmmmm

    SkippethSkippeth2 days ago
  • Im dissapointed in myself for watching this

    Tᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ’s WɪғᴜTᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ’s Wɪғᴜ2 days ago
  • How did he out of no where find bones ????

    Nate_hatake BussinNate_hatake Bussin2 days ago
  • 1:51 "it's gonna inta kill me if I die" most cursed thing I heard

    SilverxSpringSilverxSpring2 days ago
  • the most is rlcraft

    Rj StoneRj Stone2 days ago
  • Congrats your the number one on something…. Clickbaiting

    Drake MorvayDrake Morvay2 days ago
  • At 1:00 it didn’t change

    Krystal FitzpatrickKrystal Fitzpatrick2 days ago
  • But it says every minute!!!!!!1

    M HealeyM Healey2 days ago
  • LIAR! you said it was every time you complete the task!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    M HealeyM Healey2 days ago
  • the thumbnail has nothing to do with this video

    TSS_SnakesBroTSS_SnakesBro2 days ago
  • I cant join the server on my xbox

    Mikael matosMikael matos2 days ago
  • oh my gosh he talks so fast i almost had a stroke but i liked the video anyway lmao

    Breanna ThompsonBreanna Thompson2 days ago
  • I- I- 🕊 Nothing.

    Nasa - ChanNasa - Chan2 days ago
  • Loverfella is sypherpk+minecraft lol

    Malicious YTMalicious YT2 days ago
  • 11:56 Holy cow that thing scared me sheeeeees

    mac natividadmac natividad2 days ago
  • 5:54 omg zack are you Cristian??

    endyendy2 days ago
  • Does anyone else hate how many effects he puts on his voice or is it just me

    suitablesuitable2 days ago
  • so realistic

    Toxic dog gangToxic dog gang2 days ago
  • Realistically you don't need more skill to use better tools

    Gentlemen's club holy editionGentlemen's club holy edition2 days ago