Oregon at Ohio State | Buckeyes vs. Ducks in Top 15 Tilt | Sept. 11, 2021 | Highlights

Sep 11, 2021
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Oregon RB CJ Verdell rushed for 161 yards, two touchdowns, and caught another touchdown in a 35-28 win over Ohio State.

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  • Oregon is 2-0 so far so good this is something a good start

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui9 days ago
  • That lost throw by Buckeyes QB was like a freakin nail on the coffin.

    viiont eooiyviiont eooiy10 days ago
  • *Hey, to you reading* ... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    AaronAaron14 days ago
  • Speaking to all Buckeye fans, brace yourselves it's going to be a long season, this Defense is in total chaos, every team we face this year will run the ball on us and this defense can't do anything about it and now we lost Josh Proctor and his replacement #17 Shaw is lost back there.

    buck4life1buck4life114 days ago
    • overrated

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui9 days ago
  • Oregon duck ‘75. Best time of my life. Still in love after all these years. Go Ducks.

    Julie EhrlichJulie Ehrlich15 days ago
    • Hawkeyes gonna win the Big Ten

      viiont eooiyviiont eooiy10 days ago
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    El Canal de RebecaEl Canal de Rebeca15 days ago
  • Saludos gente hermosa y maravillosa

    El Canal de RebecaEl Canal de Rebeca15 days ago
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    B3BL3SSD B3BL3SSDB3BL3SSD B3BL3SSD15 days ago
  • Bruh

    physphys15 days ago
  • I love how these are the most important games...... until Oregon wins. These analysts/reporters are pathetic. Give Oregon credit when they win these big games.

    Mackdaknife6669Mackdaknife666915 days ago
  • Oregon Chip Kelly era = Focus on the offense with speed and tempo, Mario Cristobal era = Focus on a balanced team with strength and physicality.

    gilles quentingilles quentin15 days ago
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    автоСержавтоСерж15 days ago
  • Oregon came through! Stay safe everyone

    True Crime Queen TVTrue Crime Queen TV15 days ago
  • Memo to Geno Smith: End the embarrassment!!! Fire entire OSU Bucks coaching staff!!! Signed, Bucks Nation

    negaduck2000negaduck200015 days ago
  • I think we saw the difference between Ryan Day guys and Urban Meyer guys. That Defense looks sus. OSU better stop thinking they auto win the B10 now. PSU and Wisconsin will run the ball and they have way better defense.

    David SawyersDavid Sawyers15 days ago
  • I haven't watched yet but I'm going to predict that the team who scores more points is going to win

    ourtime-downhereourtime-downhere15 days ago
  • brent pry jim leonhard or phil parker would get way more out of osu's players talent on defense then coombs as the dc.

    John Van HofJohn Van Hof15 days ago
  • Oregon may be back, and this time with a vengeance. They have more talent on this team then they have ever had in the history of the program. I loved the Oregon teams with chip as the OC and head coach, and even pre Chip. I was at the fiesta bowl when Oregon beat colorado and should have played in the national championship. Honestly I thought that may be the pinnacle of the program at the time...our greatest weakness before was depth and monsters in the trenches. We always had great players, but when facing other top teams, we would get warn out. Finally the depth is here and it's great. Our qb may not be Marcus and our rb isn't Royce, but overall our team is more solid now. Great time to be a duck fan. Hopefully our play is consistent because it will win us every game remaining on our schedule.

    King P1rateKing P1rate15 days ago
    • Controlling a big game on the road against a team that just played for a national championship last year and it consideredto be one of the best programs in collegefootball...ok

      King P1rateKing P1rate15 days ago
    • @keegala this Oregon team is filled 4-5 star talent

      kvng_louiekvng_louie15 days ago
    • Based on what? This game didn't show a thing.

      keegalakeegala15 days ago
  • overrated

    BubbleGum ;PBubbleGum ;P15 days ago
  • Hawkeyes gonna win the Big Ten

    Snarky McsnarklesSnarky Mcsnarkles15 days ago
  • Thank you Oregon for Justin Herbert.⚡🏈

    Jose AlonsoJose Alonso15 days ago
  • Gameday had it alllllllll wrong🤣🤣🤣

    Miami PoloMiami Polo15 days ago
  • That's hilarious.

    E.A. HawleyE.A. Hawley15 days ago
  • West Coast

    Take NodaysoffTake Nodaysoff15 days ago
  • Ha!! Defeated by ducks!😅😅

    Michael Jamison CovelMichael Jamison Covel15 days ago
  • where are all the bandwagon ohio fans

    The Big BrotherThe Big Brother15 days ago
  • P.I.s & holding not called all game long. (Ask Chris Olave) Oregon wins, and announcers are talking about a " win for the entire west coast"? What do you expect? Most colleges are liberal, giving props to the most messed up, liberal place in the nation. (West Coast). I will be here at the end of the season, to hear the reasons Oregon isn't in the top 6. Mark my words. This isn't the beginning of anything. Refs have been rigging games, since they made sports books legal, in over half the nation.

  • Just think if we would have kicked 3 field goals out of the 4 times we went for it we would’ve had an extra 9 points * Offensive decisions were terrible but the defensive coordinator should fire himself * He had all game to make adjustments but refused to * Michigan couldn’t have got more help from their former coach *

    BK LandBK Land15 days ago
    • Poor baby

      Kevin BeebeKevin Beebe15 days ago
  • Guess they should have played Teague 🤷🏻‍♂️

    brandon gladishbrandon gladish15 days ago
  • Maybe this could be a great year 🙏🏻

    Toto PhandhamalyToto Phandhamaly15 days ago
  • Follow the $MONEY$*******

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • And the taxpayers paid for this crooked casino !! !! !! !!

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
    • 😭

      Kevin BeebeKevin Beebe15 days ago
  • Another crooked coach @ osu

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Crooks in Columbus Ohio--wata shock

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • How much is the REWARD ?? ??

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Just like a good fix y'all made it look close....

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • How does it feel Ohio state..🤣😂

    Dalton VossDalton Voss15 days ago
  • How much is the REWARD

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Sentence Day-life plus 20 in Cleveland---r o t f............

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Laughing in Wolverine over here

    Parsnip ProductionsParsnip Productions15 days ago
  • Day is over------your done---lock em all up---can you say R I C O ????

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Thanks for beating the Buckeyes, since we can't. - Sincerely a Michigan Fan

    Tuco RegelTuco Regel15 days ago
  • Where are they hiding all the offshore money WHERE/HOW

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Follow the MONEY to off shore accounts !!!

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Overated bums never showed up,,, Cleveland Buckeyes,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • I could out coach day any knight rotfl

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Go back to the the BIG MAC coach day,,, Akron U will take you,, lock em up,,,

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • Lock em all up,,, threw the Bama game and now the Ducks game,,, fix fix, fix

    b shepherdb shepherd15 days ago
  • If anyone watched OSU/Minnesota last week this outcome wasn’t a surprise. When Minnesota lost their leading rusher to a leg injury OSU won. If this injury had not occurred I believe OSU would be 0-2 this week. OSU’s defense isn’t currently living up to the standard. Stroud is young and is shows. Everyone keeps talking out the “talent” at Ohio State. But the T word that matters is teamwork. They’ll improve over the rest of the season, thanks to this game. But one of the final 4 probably isn’t in the cards. As we like to say in Ohio, maybe next year.

    Marc MescherMarc Mescher15 days ago
    • God promised me he would get the Buckeyes in the playoffs this season I do not want the same thing happening to the Buckeyes or the Browns likes what's happened to the Indians and the Blue jackets this season enough of the sabotage and Oregon will pay the next time we play them

      Austin MillerAustin Miller15 days ago
  • Hahahaha 🤣😂🤣 down goes the mighty buckeye's !!! Gotta love college football any team any time ... Go Blue!!!

    Vincent GrayVincent Gray16 days ago
    • Lol well try and be me and be a new England fan 🤣🤣 and a Michigan fan .. the combination is not a good 1 but maybe this year it will be

      Vincent GrayVincent Gray15 days ago
    • Hopefully something like this does not happen again for the remainder of the season I wasn't pretty happy at God after the game but he said he would make it up to me tomorrow and help the Browns beat the Chiefs I'm sick and tired of this tomfoolery & my favorite teams always having a losing curse put on them

      Austin MillerAustin Miller15 days ago
  • Oregon O Line looked like the new england patriots awesome job

  • Wow

    Tori TempleTori Temple16 days ago
  • i don't want ohio st anywhere near the playoff!! And that because i don't want them to embarrass them self again. go and beat indian and Minnesota and let the big boy play with the big boys. imagine if this was Alabama the score would be 60-21😬

    oldnew newoldoldnew newold16 days ago
  • Ohio State is going undefea….🦆 🦆 🦆

    Will SeeWill See16 days ago
  • Either did I!! But I’m a terps fan so any time a big ten team looses other than us I’m happy!! Lol

    Garrett PigottGarrett Pigott16 days ago
    • If you’re a terps fan you should also be a big ten fan. Our wins make our conference look stronger. That being said (also I’m not an OSU fan) what a fantastic game of college football!

      Ryan CoffeyRyan Coffey15 days ago
  • How do the buckeyes let Oregon score on them the same way 3 times in a row? Ridiculous.

    Darren LobbanDarren Lobban16 days ago
  • Da Ducks! Now osu only needs one more loss, and they'll never have a chance for the national title! 🤣

    Bryan CurtisBryan Curtis16 days ago
    • I hope that doesn't happen and Ohio State still gets in the playoffs but I don't want my team being forced to forfeit a game due to covid-19 cases it's unethical and wrong and if that happens one time this season Wuhan China will pay

      Austin MillerAustin Miller15 days ago
  • Oregon offensive line MVP of the game. Zero QB pressure all game

    superXvisorsuperXvisor16 days ago
  • That was definitely a “Touchdown BUCKS” call wasn’t it? 0:55

    ChrisChris16 days ago
  • Ohio State's secondary was terribad in this game

    LithoxeneLithoxene16 days ago
  • Ohio St. = Overrated

    I Got Hairy LegsI Got Hairy Legs16 days ago
  • As a Michigan fan, thank you Oregon😄

    Joseph MessnerJoseph Messner16 days ago
  • Called it. OSU stays overrated

    Chelsea PChelsea P16 days ago
  • With the game on the line Stroud broke under pressure and sealed the win for the Ducks.

    Melvin JohnsonMelvin Johnson16 days ago
    • LOL

      Alex ShoresAlex Shores14 days ago
  • Defense and that offense of line is what lost them this game Johnson dude did great didn’t let nobody near stroud the whole game unfortunately the others couldn’t do dat

    16 days ago
  • Fantastic game Ducks!!!! Love it!! From a Boise State fan.

    SlammedZeroSlammedZero16 days ago
  • So begins the slide. Urban Money running dry

    Nathaniel HurleyNathaniel Hurley16 days ago
  • 3 years in a row now Oregon has underprepared for a current game weeks to look ahead to a bigger game, it cost them against asu, oregon state, and almost cost them against fresno, and gave everyone low expectations, but they always pull out the wins in those big games

    TortinoTortino16 days ago
  • Can't win them all.

    Tyler HaddoxTyler Haddox16 days ago
  • Scoducks. 1-9 never looked so good

    Michael RiderMichael Rider16 days ago
  • Haha Ohio State losers!!!

    Tech guyTech guy16 days ago
  • This was a setup Ohio State should never been in the top 10 in the first place very young football team with a very young quarterback the media about to enjoy themselves

    D MD M16 days ago
    • @ourtime-downhere That's what Im saying you should rank a team according to the talent they retained but yes your right early season ranking is bogus

      D MD M15 days ago
    • @D M they hadn't lost a regular season game in two years, they weren't going to rank them outside of the top 4 even if they did lose a bunch of talent and are young. These early season rankings are kinda silly anyways.

      ourtime-downhereourtime-downhere15 days ago
    • @Kevin Beebe Its a fact though they should have never bern a top 10 team

      D MD M15 days ago
    • Typical Ohio State excuse

      Kevin BeebeKevin Beebe15 days ago
  • Moliki Matavao #8 🔥🔥🔥💯👈🤙

  • This was an awesome game all the way through! Go Ducks!

    Sarkastic 1Sarkastic 116 days ago
  • That PA on Browns last Td was crazy hes going to be a great pro

    Maquan ThomasMaquan Thomas16 days ago
  • No shock!!!

  • Once again OSU Defense is made of soft players, that can't think on their own..

    Thexnu MThexnu M16 days ago
  • PAC 12 will play anywhere. You never see the Big or SEC do that!

    js858sdjs858sd16 days ago
    • Michigan went to Utah a few years back lol and went down to Florida and Alabama

      My Teams suckMy Teams suck15 days ago
    • @MrSEABIE what's that got to do with travel?

      ourtime-downhereourtime-downhere15 days ago
    • Ohio State beat Oregon in the championship, never forget

      MrSEABIEMrSEABIE15 days ago
    • I mean, LSU did take a beatdown from UCLA in the rose bowl last weekend. But generally the other conferences don't travel for big games the way the pac12 does.

      upsideupside15 days ago
  • This comment section shows how toxic and annoying OSU fans are. GO DUCKS!!!!

    Mr. GooseMr. Goose16 days ago
  • So Oregon has a tough game against Fresno state. Either Fresno state is a top 15 team, Ohio state is not that good as we predicted, or Oregon is a top 5 team.

    Ernesto SanchezErnesto Sanchez16 days ago
    • Oregon has a habit of underpreparing for opponents when they have a bigger game ahead, they lost right before they smacked utah, and lost twice right before they beat usc, then amlost lost right before this game

      TortinoTortino16 days ago
  • So Ohio state and LSU already out of the hunt??? Too damn early for giants to fall...

    VAN DANGVAN DANG16 days ago
  • Pac12 DOMINANCE over the Big10 again.

    Silver SlingbladeSilver Slingblade16 days ago
    • Michigan beat Washington lol

      My Teams suckMy Teams suck15 days ago
    • Most definitely. After this one game, dominance is a given.

      keegalakeegala15 days ago
  • they were ranked 12th how is that a shock 12th means you are good

    vandos11vandos1116 days ago
  • Ucla vs Oregon is going to be big now

    Scyon13Scyon1316 days ago

    George RalphGeorge Ralph16 days ago
  • THEE Oregon Ducks!

    Bob BowieBob Bowie16 days ago
  • Watching Ohio state lose is one of the most satisfying things to witness in college football.

    TheGreatGavino 6TheGreatGavino 616 days ago
  • Good stuff Oregon. You guys finally got that much needed win over the Buckeyes. If you guys want to get to the playoffs definitely gotta stay focused. Still lots of games left to be played. Seems you have a coach that's just not focused on offense but defense too. They just might have the talent to win a championship. They have great players all around to do it. Good luck. Hopefully the Buckeyes use this loss as a lesson.

    SilverBulletSilverBullet16 days ago
    • Believe they do learn their lesson CJ Stroud needs to start taking his time when he throws the football they need confidence they need teamwork they need discipline leadership and integrity and it takes everything to win a ball game Ohio state is not a team when they can't play like this at least the Browns are a team that believes in themselves and they want to win

      Austin MillerAustin Miller15 days ago
  • Was this the game to determine Bama's #1 contender

    Russell PayneRussell Payne16 days ago
  • Looked like 9 on 11 we need linebackers the same way we get receivers

    meek Mondmeek Mond16 days ago
  • The Analyst and Reporter, don’t want to give the Oregon Ducks their just due. Come on Oregon clean house.!!!!

    Gwendolyn FieldsGwendolyn Fields16 days ago
  • Oregon outclassed my Buckeyes today, they earned it. Now I want to quote a masterpiece called Wanderlust- “IN MY OWN HOUSE!!!”

    Scott SmithScott Smith16 days ago
    • Oregon a top 4 team easily with thibodeaux and Flowe healthy

      kvng_louiekvng_louie15 days ago
  • Someone made a comment that the loss was due to poor coaching. It was a team effort boys and girls. No more excuses. Just admit that ya'll got beat by a better team. Have a wonderful weekend

    Jeff DailyJeff Daily16 days ago
    • @Trey Mathis careful, that much salt can cause hypertension.

      ourtime-downhereourtime-downhere15 days ago
    • @Schecter 7 y’all get 15 seconds of fame n think y’all that good y’all played a terrible defensive coached team we gone see whose in the final four when it count

      Trey MathisTrey Mathis15 days ago
    • @Trey Mathis not what I saw on the field

      Schecter 7Schecter 715 days ago
    • Oregon isn’t better though today yes but overall not a chance

      Trey MathisTrey Mathis16 days ago
  • CJ Verdell different 😈

    Quan LQuan L16 days ago
  • Strange day for OH 🏈: #12 🦆 over #3 🦌👀 in Columbus, #8 🍀 squeak out a victory over Toledo in South Bend in the last minute Murray St was tied w/#7 Cincy @ the 1/2

    Joe StarkeyJoe Starkey16 days ago
  • 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

    Corey GunzCorey Gunz16 days ago
  • Key takeaways: Ohio State lost Oregon won

    Douglas H.Douglas H.16 days ago
    • @People’s Tube Lol. When was the last time Michigan was relevant?

      Gary 3tahlerGary 3tahler13 days ago
    • @Gary 3tahler Michigan owns your series btw

      People’s TubePeople’s Tube13 days ago
    • Also Oregon:. Can't win a national championship and 9-1?

      Gary 3tahlerGary 3tahler15 days ago
  • If last week was any indication when OHST played MN. OHST won’t make any playoffs this year.

    Hehe GoneHehe Gone16 days ago
    • @Austin Miller if they win out and win the BIG they'll probably get a spot. But if Oregon finished undefeated or one loss they would definitely deserve it more and only politics would keep them out.

      upsideupside15 days ago
    • They better not! Im a Buckeye fan and I dont wanna see them lose to Alabama again this year! They aint making the playoff no worries about that! There defense is sorry and CJ Stroud is nowhere near the level of Justin Fields. Gotta respect Oregon for getting a clean W.

      Andrew SmithAndrew Smith15 days ago
    • In the college football playoff committee cannot keep looking at this game weeks from now and keep Ohio State out of the college football playoffs if Ohio State wins their final 10 games and wins in the Big ten championship game like they did a couple years ago when Ohio State lost to Purdue God is watching them very closely the playoff committee better not do anything stupid and selfish

      Austin MillerAustin Miller15 days ago
  • Every year is college playoffs or bust for Ohio state. Week 2 2021. Bust. Season over.

    Kevin HorvathKevin Horvath16 days ago
  • Mighty ducks. This shouldnt be a shock... if it is, then college football is rigged.

    SethamphetamineSethamphetamine16 days ago