Sep 12, 2021
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GOOD MORNING MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I adore you and hope you have an amazing weekend

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If you're reading this comment "GMO chickens go crazy"

  • A whole weekend of worrying about chickens and dust in my throat I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY LOVE YOU 😽

    morgans vlogsmorgans vlogs15 days ago
    • how many chickens let’s get sweaters for them hahahah i’ll have my sister knit them 🐓🧣🧤🧵🪡🧶

      Em McNultyyyEm McNultyyy5 days ago
    • Chicken coops Morgan! I have 45 chickens.

      Luna DeMortLuna DeMort6 days ago
    • Mom in juju h I I I I I hmm

      Keishah EdwardsKeishah Edwards8 days ago
    • Omg kill your dad much 😂

      Mollie WyeMollie Wye10 days ago
    • Give me your number il text you

      Pvo PopPvo Pop12 days ago
  • Did your dad fart at 8:13 ? im drying ar whatever noise that was

    Katie TurnerKatie Turner5 hours ago
  • your dad's a legend

    skylessskyless12 hours ago
  • Wouldn’t it of been easier to build what you want🧐

    Amy HeyartAmy HeyartDay ago
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    Scary MommyScary Mommy2 days ago
  • Your Dad looks so calm and nice. My Dad would be yelling screaming hollering and ruining my self esteem one nail hit and saw cut at a time.

    Alayna BrownAlayna Brown2 days ago

    Jeanette HamiltonJeanette Hamilton2 days ago
  • 16:16 The fire episode in The Office where Oscar falls through the ceiling.

    Maricruz VillanuevaMaricruz Villanueva2 days ago
  • Nice video great fun

    KaayaKaaya2 days ago
  • Morgan... that was not a train😂😂

    Marissa LawrenceMarissa Lawrence2 days ago
  • I can relate to not having any notifications 😂💀

    Marissa LawrenceMarissa Lawrence2 days ago
  • it was a truck not a train!!!🤣🤣🤣

    krista dwyerkrista dwyer3 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing Morgan 👏😀👍

    MJ onesMJ ones4 days ago
  • If you freeze the fish oil pills before you take them it helps tremendously

    Sophia JoliéSophia Jolié4 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    leigh currleigh curr4 days ago
  • Wait...coldest winter in Colorado? This year?? No I moved here in November from Florida I’m sure I almost froze to death then

    KittehConnieCat13KittehConnieCat135 days ago
  • i could legit be best friends with you - so much alike , i can relate to you completely it’s crazy 🤍 these videos make my day 😄

    Em McNultyyyEm McNultyyy5 days ago
  • American houses are made with such thin cheap materials! Here in Europe everything is mostly brick/cement. Upside to a cheaply made homes, it’s easy to knock the walls and floors down!

    Lunda NLunda N5 days ago
  • 16:14 is so wholesome

    Jordan CresantiJordan Cresanti5 days ago
  • So the state of Colorado is also a state of uncertainty

    Madelyn MartinMadelyn Martin5 days ago
  • i love the way you do & film with yer makeup

    pink penguin 1010pink penguin 10105 days ago
  • That's too LA of design

    adds joadds jo5 days ago
  • You're stressing yourself out by biting off too much more than you can chew, you need to go clean up one bedroom and bathroom at your house and live even if it's not done and start painting yourself and you don't need to be tearing down walls the house is perfectly fine the way it is work on it a little bit of time

    adds joadds jo5 days ago
  • Tell ur mom wait until ur older and you’ll be back

    Jenny RJenny R6 days ago
  • Morgan, I have been following you since Ryland started dating Shane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy! You are just glowing! I’m so happy for you ❤️🥰 oh, and part of me is so envious of your family and the support you get from them! I can only hope I can be that for my girls.

    Brittney SoteloBrittney Sotelo6 days ago
  • I never want these vlogs to end 😭 ur dad is amazing!!

    CamilaCamila6 days ago
  • Grandma logic: "but the chickens have never froze"

    outloudkatoutloudkat6 days ago
  • You just be you! that is your appeal. Plus, you are showing the reality of everything that goes into renovations! Wish I could have bought a house at 24. I'm one of your OG moms. Keep up the great work!

    Denise FallinDenise Fallin6 days ago
  • When you're done WE'LL be able to binge watch it get finished in the span of 4 hours 😜

    Meg AddamsMeg Addams6 days ago
  • These are my favorite videos on USplane right now. Morgan, you are a GEM!

    Shutter LoverShutter Lover6 days ago
  • Morgan please answer can i have those windows

    spotfan101spotfan1016 days ago
  • Morgan should save all the windows she pulls out to build a greenhouse!!!

    M M12345M M123456 days ago
  • Go Morgan! Great to see you getting your dream together❣️ always a fan ❤️

    Sherriee KimerySherriee Kimery6 days ago
  • Why is ur dad a low key savage

    Lucid Dream TarotLucid Dream Tarot6 days ago
  • You look good 😊

    Alexandra OlguinAlexandra Olguin6 days ago
  • Where are those earrings from?!

    AlyssaAlyssa7 days ago
  • I love that your dad is so involved with the building. He's so supportive

    Ben DerisgreatBen Derisgreat7 days ago
  • Listen, I am 30 and haven’t accomplished what you are. You can work on the friends thing when you’re done finishing your house! You’re so freaking young! You got this

    Erica AveniErica Aveni7 days ago
  • the way Papa Adams just doesn’t react or even flinch when the wall falls on him is definitely this years mood

    miko foinmiko foin7 days ago
  • Hey Morgan! I've been thinking about the chickens in winter ever since I watched this. But they are apparently very winter weather tolerant. Their body temp runs at about 106 degrees Fahrenheit and are good at regulating it. Their legs and feet don't have many muscles that get cold so they do well in both in cold and icy conditions outside. The website I found said that was long as they're food and water is not frozen and the coop remains dry, chickens do just fine in the winter!

    BeatlesNinjaBeatlesNinja7 days ago
    • We want a main channel video 👉🏻👈🏻

      miko foinmiko foin7 days ago
  • Lol heat lamps inside of their chicken coops 🐔🐣 I have chicken but we don't get super crazy winters

    Angel WhittAngel Whitt7 days ago
  • Omg I’m 24 🤭🤭🤭

    Yesenia Benavides A.Yesenia Benavides A.8 days ago
  • No notification😭

    Yesenia Benavides A.Yesenia Benavides A.8 days ago
  • “Chickens?!” Their grandma is a national treasure 😂🤣🤣

    Crafty CrafterCrafty Crafter8 days ago
  • It was a Truck 🚚 not a Train 🤔.

    Sandra SegreraSandra Segrera8 days ago
  • I love watching your videos before bed they legit calm me ❤️

    Stephen SheltonStephen Shelton8 days ago
  • Watching your videos is my therapy you inspired me to do a little remodeling myself I painted my bedroom and a spare room I fell off the ladder and hit the side of my head and got a concussion

    Reaper 666Reaper 6668 days ago
  • Your family is the close family friends I wish I had

    Abigail GAbigail G8 days ago
  • No because I feel you on the moving out conversation lol. I moved back in with my mom who lives with my grandparents and I lived alone for a year and HATE living with others now lol

    Abigail GAbigail G8 days ago
  • Colorado coldest winter ever? Has Morgan ever been to the east coast? Lok

    Soumaya FirdousSoumaya Firdous8 days ago
  • Fish oil is sooooo bad to take!!

    Deedle BoopDeedle Boop8 days ago
  • house projects

    doliio volaydoliio volay8 days ago
  • Complain about the rest of the family but YOUR DAD is right there and he has skills...

    Anne CanrightAnne Canright8 days ago
  • I love watching you and your dad renovate the house together. Such a great way for you guys to spend time together!

    CarrotCarrot8 days ago
    • Dude I fell through a ceiling and Bruce scared the f*** out of me. PTSD from my broken body.

      doliio volaydoliio volay8 days ago
  • We love you ❣️❤️

    Heather MercadoHeather Mercado8 days ago
  • We want a main channel video 👉🏻👈🏻

    Soofiyah AimanSoofiyah Aiman8 days ago
  • I love her family

    Mama DayMama Day8 days ago
  • Wow sucks to be a 24 year old loser … ME

    Mama DayMama Day8 days ago
  • Loving the new video - super relaxing to watch as always! Having a rough go of it but these renovation videos always cheer me up and take my mind of it all. Thanks Morgan! Plus I love how Morgan’s Dad is so handy. If he had his own fix-it show I would totally watch that. “Home Improvements with Mr Adams” 👍🏻

    Bookish And BewilderedBookish And Bewildered9 days ago
  • Morgan! just came here to say you are so beautiful! Also love your barn plans! lol

    karen garciakaren garcia9 days ago
  • Can I please come help out with your house and learn from your dad? He's awesome!!

    Katharine H. ParkerKatharine H. Parker9 days ago
  • ugh this is the content i loooveeeee, you're amazing morgan

    Jaymi MusacchioJaymi Musacchio9 days ago
  • Um Morgan that was a semi not a train 😂 I love you

    DylanDylan9 days ago
  • I’ve watch this vlog 3 times and every time was like, what train is she talking about??? It was a tractor trailer truck not a train. Lol

    Jeff VanlaarhovenJeff Vanlaarhoven9 days ago
  • “It sucks to be a 24 year old loser” wow felt that

    sokin jonsokin jon9 days ago
  • train?

    Sophie BertrandSophie Bertrand9 days ago
  • I just want to say, I love all the personal growth. I love all this for you ❤️ I enjoy these videos so much !

    S NichS Nich9 days ago
    • It's so amazing to a real dad! I love the remodeling!

      sokin jonsokin jon9 days ago
  • When you held up the plank of wood I IMMEDIATELY thought of “Plank” from Ed Edd and Eddy 🥺 I loved that show!

    Olivia MatsonOlivia Matson9 days ago
  • Dude I fell through a ceiling and Bruce scared the f*** out of me. PTSD from my broken body.

    Tara SubbaraoTara Subbarao9 days ago
  • Did I miss the train?

    ThatcherThatcher9 days ago
  • Love that makeup track

    Brian BillingsBrian Billings9 days ago
  • Love this! Im gonna be moving in about 6 months and plan on buying a fixer upper. This gets me very excited for the future!

    H MH M9 days ago
  • Your dad is a beast!

    Erin Roush-WestErin Roush-West9 days ago
  • Morgan’s barn looks like all in one wedding venue.. in Midwest this is all the rage and seems like a lucrative business. Done many a hair and makeup during the summers. This renovation looks like so much fun. She said “I’m good at unscrewing things” and then I thought, “hmm I’m good at screwing things up “😂

    okaythenokaythen9 days ago
  • 5:54 I genuinely cant stop laughing I imagined omg 💀

    HyuniiHyunii9 days ago
  • 16:05 I know she said “horror movie” but my brain heard “whore movie” 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    amanda Sondergaardamanda Sondergaard9 days ago
  • Clothes for chickens made by your grandma would be epic! Mind you I don’t have any chickens so I’d probably just buy them and make my cat wear them 😂

    amanda Sondergaardamanda Sondergaard9 days ago
  • so did you know that fishoil pills are better for you when they are frozen because they wont dissolve until in your stomach which is where they have the most benefits...just an fyi babes

    Bri ScottBri Scott9 days ago
  • Morgaaan go on a date with me 👉👈🥺

    Madd_pearMadd_pear9 days ago
  • Bruce's obvious happiness at having Morgan around and helping her out is seriously heartwarming, he's a great dad ❤️

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony9 days ago
  • Home renovations always take longer then what contractors tell you, if they say it’s going to take a year automatically add another 6 months onto it.

    Lord WalkerLord Walker9 days ago
  • It's so amazing to a real dad! I love the remodeling!

    Sarah HowardSarah Howard10 days ago
    • Morgan's Dad is literally the best xD

      seiom jvonyseiom jvony9 days ago
  • Love watching you work 😏

    Lord NollanLord Nollan10 days ago
  • Chickens do well in the cold. Just provide shelter, water, good food and make sure the coop is dry. You can do it!

    Melissa WaiteMelissa Waite10 days ago
  • I'll be your friend Morgan, I can relate to wakin up to no text or notifications.

    Kelsey KaoticKelsey Kaotic10 days ago
  • literal best dad you have besides mine ofc

    cassie pitmancassie pitman10 days ago
  • I love you but we never froze before

    Marcus DMarcus D10 days ago
  • 🌞🌟🌘🌗🌖🌪⛈⛅🧼🧽🧴🛏🚪🧳🌄🌅🌆🗾🗽🌉🏪🏬🏫🏣🏢🎃🎫❇ ❇ *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

    Genni GlassglowGenni Glassglow10 days ago
  • Your dad is amazing!

    Can PrestonCan Preston10 days ago
  • Your mom im the vlogs always says or does something that reminds me of my mom somehow lol. Love that

    Cynthia OlmosCynthia Olmos10 days ago
  • 😂 😂 🚂

    Pennie LlagunoPennie Llaguno10 days ago
  • Don't get chickens. I grew up with tons of friends and neighbors who had chickens. They're a nightmare to deal with. If you get a rooster, you will never be able to walk through your yard again. Get bunnies. You get the cute factor, but bunnies are much more chill.

    Kerry FentonKerry Fenton10 days ago
  • "But what about the chickens.... Do they go inside...?" 🤣 LMAO

    Emily LombardiEmily Lombardi10 days ago
  • It makes me so happy to see all your family there and how they are helping you. You are very lucky Morgan 💕

    JoelJoel10 days ago
  • I just love your videos

    Alli McDonaldAlli McDonald10 days ago
  • 15:38 Jesus! I thought you killed you Dad for a second😂

    Ben EachusBen Eachus10 days ago
  • Morgan's Dad is literally the best xD

    Robert James BirdRobert James Bird10 days ago

    pinky1068pinky106810 days ago
  • Love you morgen!!! Your the best stay positive girl!

    NidiNidi10 days ago