Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Sep 12, 2021
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Morty injects himself with Rick’s downloaded brain and learns Rick’s tragic backstory.
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Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

  • Why nobody didn't even noticed female Morty at 1:16

    Nata13Nata1319 minutes ago
  • I feel the blade runner vibe

    Assassin Ferret ProjectAssassin Ferret Project22 minutes ago
  • Dosen't even make sense though.... A Rick can't kill every other ricks family. There would at least be an equal number of universes where that doesn't happen. And what's the motive? As a Rick, the other Rick would know killing his family wouldn't achieve anything

    Paul D.BPaul D.B3 hours ago
  • " Wubba Lubba Dub Dub " hits harder now .

    Sebastian LloretSebastian Lloret3 hours ago
  • I wish I could watch this for the first time again. This had me out of my seat.

    Epiiko AltEpiiko Alt3 hours ago
  • There's still some things that confuse me about Rick's backstory, for one why did the other Rick kill Beth and Diane when Rick refused his offer of interdimensional travel? It's not like our Rick posed a threat to him or anything, so why go through the trouble of traumatizing him that way and creating an enemy for life? I get that across the multiverse Rick is pretty much consistently the biggest asshole in the universe but he's also not an idiot and knew that the biggest threat to him wasn't the Federation or some other enemy, it's another Rick, especially one with a vendetta against him. My guess is that he was jealous of our Rick's seeming happiness with his family and wanted to take it away from him to force our Rick to be just like every other Rick he had come across but even that doesn't really make a lot of sense to me since Rick's are inherently selfish so why care about what some other Rick has? I'm sure that I'm probably overthinking this, especially since the whole reason we were shown this in the first place was so the creators of the show could put the Evil Morty plot to bed as well as answer a lot of questions fans have had about Rick and his backstory. Will we see this version of Rick that ruined C137's life again? I hope so, but considering how they've said they want to get away from the cannon heavy episodes and focus more on telling stories that aren't necessarily interconnected to each other I wouldn't bet on it, at least not for a while.

    Michael DiazMichael Diaz6 hours ago
  • Losing the one thing you love most will turn you into a cynical indifferent ghost

    Sabrine EssidSabrine Essid6 hours ago
  • I always liked the idea that during the events of the show everything is a comedy but all of the backstory is just a cyberpunk movie

    Winter OhlsonWinter Ohlson6 hours ago
  • Giv me the good damn song

    OG ScranOG Scran6 hours ago
  • Imagine if the "real" Rick of Morty and summer was the one that killed Rick c-137 family. That would be the greatest plot twist in the entire multi verse

    MohannedMohanned8 hours ago
  • There was at least 1 more rick that came back to his family. The one who died with his Morty and was buried in the yard by our Rick and Morty

    Uzair HaroonUzair Haroon8 hours ago
  • I think the infinite finite curve thing they talked about is actually something else. Our Rick invented it and we know that unlike the other Ricks he genuinely cares for his family. If you look at the end, all the universes were in blue as opposed to yellow which is what Evil Morty was looking at. In all the blue universes, it showed Rick and Morty getting along and having fun. I think our Rick separated all the universes with the good Ricks vs. the bad Ricks to make sure no other Rick had to experience what he experienced. I think that's gonna be the twist. That the Infinite finite curve was just that. This way, our Rick, any time he needed to, could switch universes since most bad Ricks didn't stay with their families. That's why he stayed with the bad Ricks on this side of the curve.

    RandumpzRandumpz9 hours ago
  • Rick haven't tried his scanner on himself, it's a possibility that the person he's searching is himself, himself from a distant future

    Adam GonzalesAdam Gonzales10 hours ago
  • So the real question is which Rick was Morty’s original Rick? Is he still in cronenberg world? Or is he dead?

    Travis IllerbrunTravis Illerbrun10 hours ago
  • the music really sells it.

    patrick watkinspatrick watkins11 hours ago
  • The moment you realize C-137 Rick’s nickname was subtly dropped in the first citadel of Ricks episode. The council outright calls him a Rogue... he’s Rogue Rick. The Rick with nothing left to lose... arguably the Rickest Rick of all

    Things and StuffThings and Stuff12 hours ago
  • Hate to be that guy but if you look closely at 2:30 mark you will see this is the house that has the cracks on the front yard from the party episode. But yet they show how he first reappeared in Beth’s life.

    David DandrigeDavid Dandrige13 hours ago
  • Fuck I love the background track. Reminds me of Shadowrun.

    League Of IntsLeague Of Ints14 hours ago
  • he do wear blue pants

    Zikry YusriZikry Yusri14 hours ago
  • This is so fucking fascinating when you stop and think about it. Our Rick was like simple Rick and his wood working. He was off the CFC. Rick’s tried to spread their genius to other universes and when that failed, they gave them an incentive to become that genius i.e. killing Beth and Diane. And that Rick who tried to make more ended up creating the most dangerous and Rickest Rick. The CFC doesn’t just exist to make sure Ricks are at the top. It’s so that another c137 Rick never happens again.

    AugustEverlastingAugustEverlasting17 hours ago
  • As it turns out, it was all about avenging his dead family... Not to say the Szechuan sauce WASN'T what it was about, but avenging his family certainly wasn't fake.

    Zesty AardvarksZesty Aardvarks19 hours ago
  • 2:31 you can still see the cracked outline around the house when it was teleported to a different dimension in Ricksy Buisness, an animation error perhaps? As Rick had already been around in Beth’s life during the time of that episode.

    Ryan ChrisRyan Chris22 hours ago
  • The only Rick who wasn't interested in interdimensional travel turned into the Rickest Rick.

    Adrian SanchezAdrian Sanchez23 hours ago
  • Void of jokes and played with zero comedy, but with such a beautiful montage. Came out of nowhere and was blown away. Perfect way to represent the Rickist Rick’s origin

    The House Of SpoonsThe House Of Spoons23 hours ago
  • Oh shit there is a rick with white hair 2:04

    SunShineSunShine23 hours ago
  • What if rick is the one who killed his family but doesn’t want to admit it, so instead he imagines that another rick cane from a different universe and killed them

    Maximus BouillyMaximus BouillyDay ago
  • I'm surprised the other Ricks didn't just deliver up that first Rick that killed C-137's family.

    MobiusCoinMobiusCoinDay ago
  • You know what I find interesting that Rick says that once there given that technology Rick becomes the smartest thing in ever conceivable universe was he talking about the central finite curve

    Chase OrtegaChase OrtegaDay ago
  • The drunkiest rick

    ortega902ortega902Day ago
  • Great last episode however... I'M SO ABSOLUTELY SICK of that after credits character! What an absolute anticlimax after what the episode did, this is so pathetic and annoying. It's like the Resident Evil games, keep shoving the characters we couldn't give 2 shlts about back in our face for some reason. Can we stop that guys?

    Theeese NuuutsTheeese NuuutsDay ago
  • They should make an episode in the next season where Rick makes friends with another Rick going on adventures and being really good friends to find out the Rick he's been buds with was the one that killed 137s family.

    Rick WilkinsonRick WilkinsonDay ago
  • That hit hard.

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro KirishimaDay ago
  • I don't know about anyone else, but i would freaking love some episodes dedicated to seeing Rick's earlier life, with him just having invented the portal gun and hunting other ricks in the infinite universes.

    RMJ1984RMJ1984Day ago
  • one of the best scenes in civilizations history

    amr ahmedamr ahmedDay ago
  • In episode Ricksy Business they teleport the house to the other dimension causing the crack on the ground in front of the garage entrance. Still when Rick crashed into Beth's house the crack is already there! It cannot be there, because they just start adventuring with Morty after this! Why is the crack there? It is too obvious to be goof only!

    Gergely SőregiGergely SőregiDay ago
  • I liked it but I think they shouldn't have done this cannon dump. I would've like to have seen them unravel the story bit by bit. I understand their commentary that you're not supposed to care about the backstory; but I disagree I can enjoy R&M anyway I want to. I enjoyed the serialized elements of the show more than the episodic ones. I think there is a message that the writers are sending is that they think the show is better without the crybaby backtsory because it limits options, and also moves the characters into safer narrative archetypes. Rick really was an antihero or a villian, now he's a good guy that we can cheer for. A lot of the questions about the nature of good & evil & cosmic power aren't really relevant anymore because you now know how to feel about Ricks actions & attitude. I think I would like them to reset this at some point...it would be a funny trick on the audience.

    David OzerskyDavid OzerskyDay ago
  • When a free-to-play game release a free skin 2:07

    GioGioGioGioDay ago
  • This is the stupidest thing ever, Rick’s backstory has NOTHING to do with family… It’s ALL about the Sechuan sauce.

    Random Stuff on YouTube :/Random Stuff on YouTube :/Day ago
  • We need a Rick prequel

    lolpancakecatlolpancakecatDay ago
  • This backstory is pretty disappointing because it just makes Rick your basic character. I thought the point was to keep ricks backstory quiet which made it more interesting. Over all it’s good for what it is.

    SpadesOfPaint StudiosSpadesOfPaint StudiosDay ago
  • Hear me out, if Morty has now received memories of Ricks, would that make Morty just as smart as Rick

    Ze ArtsZe ArtsDay ago
  • My only question is what happened to Cronenburg Universe Beth’s Rick?

    General AlduinGeneral AlduinDay ago
  • this is the one rick that truly feels love. and the one with motivation. they all supposedly have the same IQ, but C137 is the one rick that is driven.

    Lygar XLygar XDay ago
  • Wait so is C-137 the reason why so many beth's were "abandoned"? As in they weren't abandoned but the Ricks were killed by C-137 during his grief-stricken revenge campaign to go kill the Rick who killed his family? Is the killer Rick inside or outside the central finite curve that the Rick's created?

    The Last RemnantThe Last RemnantDay ago
  • This Rick is truly alone. His Beth is dead. His morty never existed in the first place. His wife is dead. Makes you wonder though... Why would he go to all these different realities to live with Beths and Jerries and Morties, but not go find one with his wife? We never see any Rick with Beth's mother ever, at any point. You'd think on the citadel there would be some, somewhere. Whether from a dimension or a clone or something else. Not all of them could've died across the infinite dimensions of the central finite curve.

    TheDrexxusTheDrexxusDay ago
    • maybe its because it might get those other ricks to get their own family what happened to him happen to that family and it might make them target him but keep on failing to kill him or do what he did to him and do it to another rick(hopefully that's not too confusing), and so it might spark a deadly paradox just like the start of season 5 where the clone paradox happened but they have no families and so they don't seem to care much about the destruction they are making and only target each other and because some are smarter than other maybe a genetically self advanced brains which could make them more powerful or even some might don't care at all and finds a way to destroy the whole multiverse and dimensions, so literally rick c137 might be the superhero in this story. the thing is that if just a person can open up portals to other timeline which makes it unstable and make an infinite paradox and very soon there might be a galactic ricks that has already started to take over the timelines, and realities destroying/conquering them. holy shit did i just made a whole paragraph?. im just gonna stop there

      RizalRizalDay ago
  • He use to wear blue pants 👖

    Jerry-no-more Bond smithJerry-no-more Bond smithDay ago
  • chenocheno2 days ago
  • This entire video gives madness combat vibes

    viniwiziviniwizi2 days ago
  • Rick has infinite daughters but only one wife a copy or an exact replica can’t beat the original

    Side CharacterSide Character2 days ago
  • The Rickest Rick is the one who Cares.

    C-OGC-OG2 days ago
  • Oooh, I get it. He’s like the Doctor but drunk?

    MrWBrustMrWBrust2 days ago
  • Wubba Lubba dub dub indeed rick

    Jacobbug 619Jacobbug 6192 days ago
  • What ep. Is this

    Unknown ArtistUnknown Artist2 days ago
  • Rick’s Beth is dead😢

    DIN manDIN man2 days ago
  • Is the rickest Rick just blue pants Rick?

    toppoyiyotoppoyiyo2 days ago
  • What I still don’t get is that when rick and Marty left the cronenberg dimension they travelled to one that was identical except for the fact that rick fixed things and that him and Marty died. So with the replacement dimension, does that mean there was another rick who lost his wife and daughter and went on a killing that spree? That would make it strange as to why the council only suspected Rick C137 in S1E10 if more than one Rick did the killing spree

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood StopsignYour Friendly Neighbourhood Stopsign2 days ago
  • 2:06 Yellow shirted Rick? Huh.

    Sparky TVSparky TV2 days ago
  • So Beth is from another dimension?

    Θεόφιλος ΣιδηρόπουλοςΘεόφιλος Σιδηρόπουλος2 days ago
  • When you realize that the Rick we've followed since the beginning is actually Simple Rick, except his family was taken from him.

    thibautisserantthibautisserant2 days ago
  • I am so honered to actually be a supporter of Rick and morty

    Chase LewisChase Lewis2 days ago
  • Actually sounds like vangelis

    N_one_7N_one_72 days ago
  • You know it’s interesting. This also explains why rick got called into the citadel in the first season when there was someone murdering other ricks!

    AlexAlex2 days ago
  • Why all other Ricks act like total retards?

    Starlit BebeStarlit Bebe2 days ago
  • We've always be shown that our Rick is different from all the others. The Rickest Rick isn't one who doesn't care, he's one that cares the most. I do wonder what happened to the Rick that he took the place of in whatever dimension our Morty is from.

    Luke47895Luke478952 days ago
  • 0:59 У Рика была стильная летающая тарелка)

    Stail WindizlAStail WindizlA2 days ago
  • Rick went through hell to find the killer of his wife and Beth. And never found him, nor did he find or bring back either of them. The beth we see isn't his own, neither is summer or Morty. He never had his own family. That's the most awful thing to ever feel.

    YoYoJakeTheDogYoYoJakeTheDog2 days ago
  • I'm calling it, this is where rick and morty peaks. It will be all downhill from here and the show will eventually be canceled. Any takers?

    pot assiumpot assium2 days ago
  • Woah. Dead wife

    RosemaryRosemary2 days ago
  • My guess is that the Rick that murdered Beth and her mother could be the Morty with the eyepatch or something in disguise. What are your thoughts? Also what is the name of this music?

    Everesting 30Everesting 302 days ago
  • It would be interesting if the Rick who killed C-137 Rick's family was the one who raised Evil Morty. It brings home the idea that "Evil" Rick and Morty brought upon the end and beginning of significant chapters of C-137 Rick and Morty's life; both opened the door for an infinite number of possibilities for the latter duo. or idk, maybe it comes off as too predictable fml wubba lubba dub dub

    reekreek3 days ago
  • The fact Rick never had a Morty of his own is heartbreaking.

    George GerardiGeorge Gerardi3 days ago
  • Just noticed Morty at 1:17 is a girl.

    Orion NebulaOrion Nebula3 days ago
  • I don't think Rick abandoned Beth, but was killed by Rick C 137 while he was seeking the Rick that killed his original family. He killed a lot of Ricks in that backstory making several Beth's fatherless.

    TheNubianHippieTheNubianHippie3 days ago
  • At 1:47 what’s that information that Rick destroyed? Super curious

    GameDay TBGameDay TB3 days ago
  • Wowow that's fascinating!

    BastienBastien3 days ago
  • Im specifically interested in the music during the backstory. Is that supposed to be an hommage to bladerunner? I like synth and sci fi. This episode was good. Then again im a whore for this entire show ..so i like every episode. Hope they never stop making new seasons.

    CalvinCalvin3 days ago
  • What season and episode is this?

    J Rikko ManuelJ Rikko Manuel3 days ago
    • S5E10

      WerdSWerdS3 days ago
  • 1:47 that cube could've actually might've been useful for young c-137 rick to find the rick who killed diane and beth

    DeputyzenDeputyzen3 days ago
  • So, alll the Beths that were abandoned actually got their Ricks killed.

    ZieliZieli3 days ago
  • I just realized that every rick that he killed, their beths just lost a father.

    Little ThingsLittle Things3 days ago
    • So did he

      Mikey GrimshawMikey Grimshaw3 days ago
  • Wait.... why does the house at 2:30 already have the cracked pathways? Something doesn't add up...

    MezmerroMezmerro3 days ago
  • do you think rick could make it to where he can live to be 1 million years old? that would be torture though.

    FreeAim DogFreeAim Dog3 days ago
  • 2 deaths and kills 55 how many kills here 2:16?

    The kill Count gamerThe kill Count gamer3 days ago
  • Anyone noticed yellow shirted rick?

    Ankush JainAnkush Jain3 days ago
    • Yeah but I don’t think it’s important

      Gabriel VicenteGabriel Vicente3 days ago
  • Самый Риканутый Рик

    Илья ЛиИлья Ли3 days ago
  • Am i the only one who thinks this is bullshit? I dont mean its not real, it is, but the writers just pushed some crap thorugh to shut up the fans and get back to more woke adventures with summer and naruto. They literally pOured the potential for a great, nuanced backstory and the entire evil morty storyline down the drain, and gave us a thirty second child-like explanation of rick's past. Don't like the direction the show is taking on this. Would have been great if they slowly built up and revealed an actual, complex past instead. and made evil morty something that actually was fearsome.

    Manas BapatManas Bapat3 days ago
  • Wouldn’t it have been possible for him to just time travel to past and save his family? or at least travel through his own memories to identify the Rick that killed them?

    Electric DragonElectric Dragon3 days ago
  • I know this sounds crazy but what if the Rick that killed Rick's family is actually Evil Morty? Like what if in a plot twist, That rick transferred his consciousness into a morty body to go undetected for years? And that's why rick was never able to identify and kill him?

    Antonio RashowdeAntonio Rashowde3 days ago
  • Rocks actual backstory which we, the fans, was fabricated in season three was indeed real.

    Al GordoAl Gordo3 days ago
  • Sad story :((

    SANDY LegendarySANDY Legendary3 days ago
  • Damn invisible ninjas cutting onions

    g lg l4 days ago
  • I wonder why Rick didn’t go searching for a timeline where Diane and Beth were still alive and their Rick was absent? He surely can replace their Rick ,but perhaps he thinks it's wrong? He hesitate to replace their Rick and became a lie to them? Or is it possible that the timelines where Diane and Beth were alive happened to exist outside the CFC? And Rick is too focus on vengeance to think about it?? Guessing.

    TheKaleidoscopeTheKaleidoscope4 days ago
  • I'm really curious what that Rick with the Scratched out eye was working on in that one dimension with the maze

    space manspace man4 days ago
  • I just realized…. Rick is one step removed from kang at the end of Loki. Kang made the sacred timeline to keep himself in check whereas rick made the Citadel

    ShihadManShihadMan4 days ago
  • This made a lot of nerdy theorists really happy lol.... And I'm one of them

    EchoTubeEchoTube4 days ago
  • So how did Beth survive then?

    FrostusTvFrostusTv4 days ago
  • Rick has the power to go anywhere, at the cost of his home

    Ivo RolhaiserIvo Rolhaiser4 days ago
  • Sounded like Hans Zimmer created the score of that scene

    Forever PythonForever Python4 days ago
  • Yeah, this is sad and all, but what about that creature he summons in a fight before this scene, that absorbs the hits meant for Rick, then charges him with kinetic energy before exploding? Now that is sad.

    RazielRaziel4 days ago
  • temp 5 in netflix PLSSSSSSSSS

    Twifort Twifort 4 days ago