Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin' VR Part.2 - (VRChat: FNF Mods)

Sep 12, 2021
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Sonic.EXE V.S Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin' VR Part.2 - (VRChat: FNF Mods) Sonic.exe is stronger then we thought. PapaFearGaming struggles to fight sonic as he changes into his final 2 forms, Majin Sonic... and... find out in todays new Friday Night Funkin' VRChat episode!

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PFG Model by -
PFG Power up Model by -
Voice over by Chuck Fresh -

Model by Slushie -
Actors in this video (Show them some love!):
Godzilla (Sonic.EXE) -
Ashella (Body actor/GF) -
Mahershl (Body actor/BF)
Raven (Body actor/Sonic)


  • Enjoy the epic conclusion to the SONIC SAGA! But how will it end? 😵 Watch the whole thing to find out!

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  • Majin and Sonic.exe are actually two separate beings it is to believe that Majin Sonic was another version of Sonic that was killed then banished to his “fun world” by Sonic.exe for the people who don’t know

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