the smartest person ever

Sep 11, 2021
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hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the smartest person ever.
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  • you can’t have a iq higher than 200 because there’s not enough people in the world

    Kael WestbrookKael Westbrook58 seconds ago
  • The smartest person ever has an iq of 1000 you know who is

    Jan Richmon GonzalesJan Richmon Gonzales10 minutes ago
  • 275 not even close to the smartest person ever

    Jan Richmon GonzalesJan Richmon Gonzales11 minutes ago
  • None of these people are. More than likely, the smartest person ever worked as a farm hand and let their talents go to waste because the world needed more farm hands than it did to seek out and educate potential geniuses.

    SpencerSpencer15 minutes ago
  • She a leo zodiac

    aa aaaa aa16 minutes ago
  • Yeah I know him but he died on his twenties

    Kazuya_YTKazuya_YT17 minutes ago
  • Lmao imagine the parents like : "He died..." "WHAT?!" "APRIL FOOLS HAHA- *Oh shi-* " And this guy turned out to be the smartest ass ever..

    MonkeMonke24 minutes ago
  • Albert Einstein: I’m the smartest person ever! William James Sidis: No, I am the smartest person ever! Unknown person: AMATEURS Albert And William: What was that punk? DREAM: AMATEURS!

    Aero XL GamingAero XL Gaming27 minutes ago
  • No man it is chankya

    Shreyas Shrivastava VIII DShreyas Shrivastava VIII D41 minute ago
  • i thought i was doing good with an iq of 43 ;(....

    Goodest CatGoodest Cat46 minutes ago
  • two hundred and what the fuck this is to fucking much

    SAVSAVHour ago
  • The average during his time was probably something else, even if they were able to calculate it accurately during that time. You have no idea how ludicrous even 200iq sounds.

  • Well, Grand Admiral Thrawn has 9000 IQ

    Rebel BaseRebel BaseHour ago
  • I got 126

    GhastifyGhastifyHour ago
  • Fake

    Liffey BrownLiffey Brown2 hours ago
  • Heres a fact the smartest people hate humans

    PARADOXPARADOX2 hours ago
  • The only thing IQ measures is how good you are at IQ tests. Yes there is a very big possibility that You are smart if you have a higher IQ. You are a genius by the measurements of what you contributed to society.

    Degenerate LuifasDegenerate Luifas2 hours ago
  • Kinda sad what happened to him.

    winter soulewinter soule2 hours ago
  • Everyone is if school wasnt a thing

    Keep it CoolKeep it Cool2 hours ago
  • Now I see why Rick from Rick and morty is always upset

    Burnt ToastBurnt Toast2 hours ago
  • I read once that true genius is to be able to make and bring to reality what is in your mind.

    J CJ C2 hours ago
  • Key word here, "estimated".

    Kyle MillerKyle Miller3 hours ago
  • My IQ is "128" (top 3%), it is a good rule of thumb to measure others, I love to debate, I hope you can give your opinion, a challenge. 😎😏

    pedro pablo garcia herrerapedro pablo garcia herrera4 hours ago
  • All your examples didn't have their iq tested

    Marley Cornette CookMarley Cornette Cook4 hours ago
  • Alien

    Ben FoxBen Fox5 hours ago
  • So ur telling me I'm smarter that Albert Einstein bc his IQ it's 160 and mine its 180-

    Idk_gurlIdk_gurl6 hours ago
  • And, yet with this high standard of measure, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

    Skywalker ImperialSkywalker Imperial6 hours ago
  • Iq of 275? Holy s*** lucky sob...

    Harry HHarry H7 hours ago
  • I'm so dumb I can't even read the text dropping by so fast.

    500gHackfleisch500gHackfleisch7 hours ago
  • *fun fact* Marilyn Monroe has a higher iq the Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins

    a n g e la n g e l7 hours ago
  • Another w for men

    BapBap7 hours ago
  • I’m smarter than that, now of you excuse me my cereal bowl is on fire.

    Mingura666Mingura6667 hours ago
  • So fake LMAO

    RicoBicoRicoBico8 hours ago
  • So is no one gonna talk about how well this video loops?

    RumassassinRumassassin8 hours ago
  • The smartest person in human beings is the profit mohamad(peace upon him)

    Ali Akbar BourjiAli Akbar Bourji8 hours ago
  • John Von Neumann was the smartest person to ever walk the earth

    LjosiLjosi8 hours ago
  • Joke’s on you, Ultimate Kars had an IQ of 400 and Joseph Joestar outsmarted him, and his predecessors were even smarter🥴

    Sachwin KohliSachwin Kohli8 hours ago
  • Your iq is a waste if you can't do anything special.

    JudgeJudge8 hours ago
  • Wasn't highest IQ like 200?

    Mariusz MariuszMariusz Mariusz9 hours ago
  • Who's the smartest woman ever? Trick question their aren't any

    HeyYouHeyYou9 hours ago
  • He was Sheldon Cooper

    shubhankit gautamshubhankit gautam9 hours ago
  • One's IQ measures how good you are at IQ tests and does not translate into intelligence in the way you seem to imply.

    ChrisChris9 hours ago
  • 🙄🙄🙄 IQ is a very inaccurate test

    Aaron LoweAaron Lowe9 hours ago
  • This video is trash and misleading

    DallasDallas10 hours ago
  • There only intelligent for the time

    MEX wonMEX won10 hours ago
  • Iq tests aren’t always accurate my maths teacher is rlly good with mind games and when he tested his iq it said 300 although its prob not

    Derin CengizDerin Cengiz10 hours ago
  • That just proves iq makes no sense

    NikitaNikita11 hours ago
  • Didn't Sidis ultimately reject society ?

    Riicho BaminRiicho Bamin11 hours ago
  • Never heard of him Probably never will 🤣🤣

    Aljoli AshantAljoli Ashant11 hours ago
  • "IQ is a measure of how smart someone is" immediately turned off video

    Chris SchwiegChris Schwieg11 hours ago
  • I knew it Williams James Sidis who's IQ is 250-300

    SUPER PALSUPER PAL12 hours ago
  • No living human being has ever had an IQ above 200. This video is a lie.

    Von SteinerVon Steiner12 hours ago
  • Only 2% people can see this comment , if you see this then you have 69 IQ

    Hande ErçelHande Erçel12 hours ago
  • IQ tests are completely debunked. It is not the best we got as it only measured memorization, not analytical comprehension.

    Dang NguyenDang Nguyen12 hours ago
  • i am really inspired by painting monalisa and the last supper. I don't know why but i dreamt to be like leonardo da vincy

    Rachna vermaRachna verma12 hours ago
  • IQ 300

    Jimin you got no jamsJimin you got no jams12 hours ago
  • The smartest person ever ....mmmm Tyrion Lannister (only season 1-4)

    ThanosThanos12 hours ago
  • Me dumbest person

    Laxita.7Laxita.712 hours ago
  • 🙂

    Laxita.7Laxita.712 hours ago
  • IQ kinda dumb IMO. I got that Einstein IQ APPARENTLY (was his ever even measured?) but I’m still out here struggling…. Don’t think some standardized test should be the “go to” measurement of intelligence at all.

    Parker SavageParker Savage12 hours ago
  • IQ doesn’t matter, end of the video 😃

    AlexAlex13 hours ago
  • The video is in a perfect loop it ends with the crossroads that are in the start at the same time and I thought the video was still going

    Red Dragowulf 12Red Dragowulf 1213 hours ago
  • I am wondering how it feels to be a genius.

    Zero TanzaniteZero Tanzanite13 hours ago
  • So what did William done good for the human race? Did he invented something, I have never heard about him.. If he had that special gift for date counting, thats just awesome but he is not smart enought like Nikola Tesla etc..

    Srđan GostićSrđan Gostić13 hours ago
  • No one knew exaktikly how hig his IQ was but it was an maximum of 275 you are lithearly higballing his inteligence. Allso sinse people are geting smarter(sinse thats whats neded to survive nowdays(evolution.)) But the avarange IQ is still supose to be 100 so the requirements for having 100 IQ are inkreasing so today his IQ wuld be even lower.

    Kevin dragon hunterKevin dragon hunter13 hours ago
  • People confuses intelligence as achievements. For a successful achievement, you need a lot of factors, as help, condition, ambition and many other things. For an individual characteristic, not potential for anything, intelligence alone is greatly measured by IQ.

    Rhuann LebidRhuann Lebid14 hours ago
  • its a sith lord.

    FederalMan 1FederalMan 114 hours ago
  • This is widely known to be exaggerated and/or misleading. The number from his IQ test was his placement in the test, not his IQ score.

    LouiLoui14 hours ago
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Sim0samaSim0sama14 hours ago
  • My IQ is actually high AF. IQuora a lot and IQuarantined a lot. That speaks by itself.

    Cåt llCåt ll14 hours ago
  • I can’t even remember what I did yesterday lol

    Atlantic girlllllAtlantic girlllll14 hours ago
  • If there is a conspiracy then youd think that if there is a lie then everything is, to cover . So measurements how you would receive measurements and facts fictions studys database? That all comes from government thats a goverment official job, collect data base . to be released the world for there own information coz app we have right but who thoufht of rights ? Government and who approved governments , schools? School board examiners ? Furthermore school criterias who makes them ? Exactly yall are so stupid to think is there is a lie or one slight lie coz i dont see anyone lining dor covid shots

    Mo BbbMo Bbb15 hours ago
  • First of let define the people who define IQ work for the people who killed telsa

    Mo BbbMo Bbb15 hours ago
  • I have a iq of 980

    PineMartenPineMarten15 hours ago
  • I-You sound a bit like Camman-???

    LilMissSpaceM!ntLilMissSpaceM!nt15 hours ago
  • My brother has a IQ of W 174

    09kookaburra09kookaburra15 hours ago
  • And it was your mom's friend's child

    NestormelikisNestormelikis15 hours ago
  • Imagine that guys experience internet. His uncontrollable intelligence will absorb every information on the web, and he may became either too wise or insane

    Westaboo OtakuWestaboo Otaku15 hours ago
    • True it would've been quite interesting

      Jaden LeeJaden Lee3 hours ago
  • Ashe lynx...

    Artist WannabeArtist Wannabe15 hours ago
  • My IQ is negative 250

    PreetuPreetu16 hours ago
  • spoiler alert: it's me

    sephseph16 hours ago
  • He looks like Spock I guess that explains everything

    The KaRLoThe KaRLo16 hours ago
  • I am bitch.

    Soapy SpongeSoapy Sponge16 hours ago
  • Am sure you haven't heard prophet Muhammad saw

    Don 2Don 216 hours ago
  • doesn't matter who had the IQ if they didn't contribute anything to the society

    Naveen KachhapNaveen Kachhap17 hours ago
  • I bet i could still beat him at smash if it was his first time (im just ok at smash)

    Juan MelendezJuan Melendez17 hours ago
  • :00000

    ツ ıllıllı ιτz_sορhια ıllıllı ツツ ıllıllı ιτz_sορhια ıllıllı ツ17 hours ago
  • Dude must've been a monster at the level of Ronnie Coleman though. Freaks of nature, but of a different kind. Imagine how frightening it would be talking to him. When he puts his guard up he'd be psychoanalyzing you and run hundreds of lines through his head to determine which one would give hin the response he wants. When he's close to you he'd probably talk for days on end about a topic you barely even know or care about, and when you pitch in he makes an absolutely mad leap of logic that you won't be able to follow just because he assumes you already know what's between that leap of logic.

    straypaperstraypaper17 hours ago
  • I did a test and got an iQ 133 And I do nothing but draw and play games Ps. That means games make you smart, tell ur parents

    Zetra ArtsZetra Arts18 hours ago
  • Intelligence and capability are two different things.

    James FitzGeraldJames FitzGerald18 hours ago
  • that man he only want is freedom and be a normal person

    Kiseki AngelKiseki Angel18 hours ago
  • Sorry for dumping on this video, but this is pretty misleading. I’ve seen such things everywhere, and it’s really annoying to see the same misconception over and over again so forgive me for not having patience. Firstly, IQ is not necessarily a great measure of intelligence. Additionally, IQ can’t even be measured accurately beyond 162 and most of these results are obtained by deliberately and wrongfully extrapolating data. That is to say, very high IQ measurements are often bogus. All of those 200 range IQ measurements are usually guesstimates and I hope you can see why making a random guess is a horrible measurement of intelligence. Stephen Hawking and Einstein’s IQ was estimated to be 160 or so, but truthfully, is there any veracity to those statements? There’s just something about guessing Einstein’s intelligence and then comparing it to some bogus measurement which makes me pretty annoyed. Articles with “12 year old child is smarter than Einstein” as a headline are seriously aggravating. IQ is measured relative to someone’s age group, so that’s one more flaw with that kind of headline. Btw, William James Sidis’s sister was known to exaggerate her brother’s intelligence and make random guesstimates in the range of 200-300. An uninformed person guessing someone’s intelligence should hardly be used as an actual figure. He was incredibly smart, but ultimately we’ll never know his IQ.

    Anonymous321 321Anonymous321 32118 hours ago
  • I am the smartest I have an iq of 2 mil

    gamer boygamer boy18 hours ago
  • He was never tested, this is an estimated IQ

    Max McDonaldMax McDonald18 hours ago
  • Dream!!!!!

    Maxwell PerkinsMaxwell Perkins18 hours ago
  • James Sidis, 310 IQ, has lived without doing anything significant. Update yourself bro. I knew that like five years.

    Prince of SadistsPrince of Sadists19 hours ago